Paranormal Organizations

A listing of various supernatural organizations in the paranormal community. These includes investigative crime fighting firms, magic schools, dark cults, and evil corporations.

Supernatural Investigations & Crime Fighting Firms

Mystic Investigations | Xavier Remington, President & CEO | Colorado | General Paranormal Investigations (2012 Claus Award Winner)*
ZombieCorp, Inc | Lee Sampson, President & CEO | California | Zombie Specialization | #1 Zombie Fighters On Earth

Raj Acharya Metaphysical Investigations | Raj Acharya, President | India | General Paranormal Investigations (2011 Claus Award Winner)*

Xu Paranormal Associates | Zhang Xu, President | China | General Paranormal Investigation

Plague Doctor Pacifiers | Jean-Luc Tueur | Paris, France | Dedicated to dismantling The Plague Doctors disease ridden organization

Secret Fraternal Society Of Frontiersmen | A now defunct organization that was folded into The Ten Gallon Hat Metanaturals. Some claim it still exists as a super secret social society in unison with the Ten Gallons.

Ten Gallon Hat Metanaturals | Jake Crockett | Texas | Prolific supernatural warriors dating back to the 1830’s. Most famous for taking down Jason Voorhees.

Texas Supernatural Anti-Terror Society | Diana Robespierre | Texas | General Paranormal Investigations

The Keepers Of Peculiar Antiquities | Unknown | London, England | Most famously known for losing the powerful Dragon Crystal to the Spring-Heeled Jack. Collection operations are thought to be ceased with the small number of remaining members guarding various paranormal objects.

Healing Witches Of Hygieia (HWH) | High Priestess Hannah |  Hidden Location In Greece | They are a powerful coven of witches dedicated to worshipping and calling upon the Greek Health Goddess Hygieia for healing power and protection. This is the premiere coven when you need to be cured of a disease or healed from an injury. All witches take a vow of celibacy and abstain from all disease-transmitting activities to pay complete homage to their Goddess. Their most hated nemesis is The Plague Doctor and his Cult along with Omniverse Personifiers he worships. Death and Pestilence of Four Horsemen fame! They were instrumental in creating a COVID-19 protection spell for Disney World in 2020.

Honolulu Horror Society | Ailani Han, President | Hawaii | General Paranormal Investigations With Sea Creature Specialties

Wichita Warriors | Chief Pallaton | Wichita, Kansas | A secretive group of mystical Native Americans from many tribes who battle paranormal evil!

Yucatan Supernatural Sociedad | Pepe Lopez, President | Mexico | Specializing in Chupacabra, Zombies, and malevolant Mayan Gods.

Agamemnon Investigations | President Anastacia Castellanos | Greece

The Abebe Alliance | Chief Aaliyah Abebe | Kenya, Africa | World’s Premier Hulk Hunters

The Parisian PSI’s | Commander Jacques Bissette

Egyptian Order Of The Pyramid | The Enlightened Elegance | Egypt

Gary’s Ghost Hunters | President Gary Gunderson | Arkansas, USA

Peruvian Paranormal | President Perla Marcani | Peru

The Illuminated Indigo’s | Czar Mikhail Petrov | Saint Petersburg, Russia

The Order Of The Genie’s Lamp | Sheikh Djinn | Bagdad, Iraq

The London Fog | A Group Of Illusion Magicians Battling Evil | England, UK

The Dandy Dutch Dwarfs | Handy Dandy Dana | Holland, Netherlands

The Reality Recognition Guild | Leaders, Members & Location Unknown

The Bayou Knights | Napoleon Berengar | New Orlean, Louisiana

Van Helsing Vampire Hunters | President Hugh Van Helsing | Transylvania, Romania

Tsar’s Cossacks Corps (TCC) | Commander Kuban | Sochi, Russia

Knights Of The Round Table | Grand Knight Evan Excalibur | Great Britain

The Samurai Syndicate | Shogun Shiatsu | Japan

Order Of The Enlightened Elf | Lord Ebenezzer Elf | Liechtenstein

God’s Gavel Of Glorious Justice (GGGJ) | Demon Hunters |  France [Defunct] – All 24 members were exterminated by the Devil himself along with The Fatal Five he was hanging out with on the beaches of Saint Tropez, France in July of 2014. Every so often relatives of the slain members vow to reform the organization and get revenge. However, it has yet to occur…

Paranormal Society Of North America – An unusual neutral organization that researches and monitors all things paranormal without taking sides. As an example if they see a person attacked by a Werewolf they will only scientifically observe and not intervene even if they have the knowledge to do so! They once spent years testing who had the most potent holy water and came to the conclusion it was Santa Claus, aka Saint Nicholas! Duh! Despite that they do extremely meticulous solid scientific studies but we still hate their non-intervention!

Supernatural Society Of North America – Another odd organization that spawned from a disgruntled member of the Paranormal Society Of North America. Instead of just observing and researching the supernatural world they intervene. Unfortunately, they still don’t take sides and merely try to neutralize the situation. For instance if a vampire is attacking a human for blood. They will broker a deal to share the blood of said human in exchange for their life. Even though they could most likely kill the vampire. The vamp walks away with his or her blood and the human walks away alive yet violated by the unwilling taking of their blood. We hate this organization almost as bad as the PSNA!

PAN (Paranormal Activity Network) – When in all capital letters it stands for the global Paranormal Activity Network which is an exclusive secret computer database only accessible by real paranormal investigators to share information.  In fact PAN can only be accessed by a top secret internet protocol that doesn’t begin with http://.  It’s almost like another internet.  PAN is a non-profit organization funded by millionaires, and billionaires who know the world of the supernatural is for real.  Members also pay nominal dues to access the extensive database. It is known that the US Paranormal Defense Agency accesses the network and in rare cases actually shares data.

Paranormal Conferences

International Para-Con Committee: Paranormal Investigators Conference (Para-Con)

Paranormal Colleges

Colorado College Of Paranormal Studies (Colorado)

Paranormal Prisons

McTavish Maximum Security Prison For The Criminally Insane (Scotland)

Supernatural Schools

McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences (Scottish Highlands Along Loch Ness)

Sebastian School Of Sorcery (Grand Canyon, Arizona) (Students Wear Purple Robes)

Atlantean Academy Of Mystical Arts (Atlantis, Atlantic Ocean) (Mermaid & Mermen Only)

Tanzania Psychokinetic College | Chancellor Akuchi Okeke | Tanzania, Africa

Ghost School Of Glasgow | Headmaster Robert Macquarrie | Glasgow, Scotland

Seminary Of Supreme Sorcery | Sorcerer Supreme Elvira Winter | Black Forest Germany

List Of Magic Schools

Government Paranormal Agencies

Paranormal Defense Agency (PDA) | Susanna Rockefeller, Executive Director | United States | National Defense Against The Supernatural

Higher Dimensional Organizations Of Good, Neutrality, And Evil

Akashic Records Library

The Conexus

Dark Corporations

Bortinox Corporation – Owner of the Genuine Genie Wishing Machine and other nefarious supernatural objects.

Dark Criminal Organizations And Cults

The Academy – A clandestine organization attempting to use Omnimagic in order to take over the world, and the entire Universe!

The Clown Cult

The Darkness Cult

The Jason Voorhees Cult

The Slender Man Cult

The Plague Doctor Cult

The Mardi Gras Joker Cult aka The Mistick Krewe Of The Jolly Joker

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The Transatlantic Triads – Young super-powered criminal punks on the US East Coast, Western Europe, and everywhere in between!

The Carnage Claque – Top flight global group of supernatural mercenaries and hitmen for hire! Once you’ve been targeted it’s over for you! 99% kill rate! Based in France.


Magnificent Metaphysical 100

* The Claus Award is the highest honor to receive in the good supernatural community.  It is awarded by the one seen as the leader of the fight against paranormal evil Santa Claus.  Yes the Demi-Angel Saint Nick does exist but he relies on the Spirit Of Christmas to supply presents to the children of the world through their family, and friends.  However he does give gifts to those of us in the world of the supernatural as rewards for our valiant efforts to protect humanity. To receive this award from him at his North Pole Village near Christmas mean that one has achieved the highest level of excellence in the battle against the dark forces of evil that threaten humanity on a daily basis.