The Reality Recognition Guild

In our various articles, we often refer to top-flight psychics, mystics, and seers confirming the answer to something beyond the scope of our paranormal investigation capabilities. Many times, it’s a thing that may or may not exist in a Parallel Universe. Quite often, we pose the question of whether or not various fictional characters are real in another realm. These questions are posed to the secretive Reality Recognition Guild. They’re a global union of like-minded psychics, mystics, seers, mediums, prophets, oracles, and soothsayers.  Others without a fancy title merely have exceptional extrasensory perception or a well-developed sixth sense. A rare few have the power of direct Parallel Perception.

The Paranormal Professionals Of The RRG

Soothsayer Of A Supernatural Sort!

Outside of their various paranormal professions, they operate within the glorious guild in their spare time to define the truth of our reality. This can be within the sphere of our paranormal planet and to the ends of infinity! Once a month they gather together to answer an armada of accumulated questions from our secret supernatural society via a voting process. They also publish their findings in the Guild’s archives for all to read. 66% foreseeing something as real is considered the truth. They will answer anything from the mundane to the serious within an allotted time period. Questions they don’t answer are saved for the next meeting. Things involving the distant future can be tricky due to the infinite Parallel Universes that branch off of any given moment with each decision we make. Thankfully, the Guild has some time travelers to drive answers into greater focus!🔮