Omniverse Personifiers

The Omniverse Personifiers are unintended spontaneous beings that form from the sub-conscious mind of the Omniverse God. They are personifications of thoughts in the minds of complex multi-dimensional entities. Upon his own birth the first Personifiers born were The Light and The Darkness. Personification of good and evil in the very mind of the Lord. Since these Personifiers are born in the 11th dimensional sub-conscious mind of God they are 10 dimensional beings. God made the determination that the natural course of enchanted evolution should take place so he hasn’t attempted to halt anymore of these metaphysical manifestations. As a God there is an urge to play out all mathematical probabilities in his reality and that includes unexpected life flourishing into existence.

  • The Light – The Quintessence Of Pure Goodness
  • The Darkness – The Quintessence Of Pure Evil
  • Life – Planets with life such as Earth have a special connection with the Life Personifier.
  • Death – Death is everywhere and intertwined with Life. Without Life there can be no Death. That’s why the two entities aren’t actually enemies.
  • Karma Fate Destiny
  • Love
  • Luck Fortune Chance – The Source Of All Good & Bad Luck In The Omniverse
  • Hate
  • The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse – Death, War, Pestilence, and Famine
  • The Sandman – Sleep
  • Winter – Jack Frost is Earth’s primordial Winter God. However some think he is the Omniverse wide Winter God without knowing it on this level. He may have placed himself in this life with no memory of his higher dimensional self merely to experience things uniquely.
  • Chaos
  • Order

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