The Dark Frost Moon Werewolf Watch

A Dark Frost Moon Werewolf Watch is in effect for the entire planet Earth until the Moon is below 80% of full! Werewolves have been sighted around the world and they’re out to eat you alive! Stay indoors between dusk and dawn. Have protective countermeasures such as silver, wolfsbane, and holy blessed items hanging in doorways and windows! If you must stroll out in the moonlight always keep a wary eye on the dark shadows where the werewolf and other malevolent monsters may hide! If all else fails pray to your God of choice. Generally, lower nature deities will answer such pleas for help. These include Fairies and Nymphs.

The Magic Of Marvelous Manifestation!

In the human world, the November Full Moon is usually called the Beaver or Frost Moon. These names came from Native American observations of the first enduring frosts and the Beavers entering their lodges for the winter. In the paranormal world, the Moon may be controlled by various forces or entities in any given month. The Moon of this month is usually the Dark Moon due to the lingering evil energies of Halloween and Day Of The Dead. There’s also the cloudy skies brought about by Winter deities vying for dominance over that of the Autumnal. This particular November is the Dark Frost Moon as the infamous Primordial Winter God Jack Frost has been fighting to bring winter to us earlier. This is evidenced by the early snowstorms and bitter cold we’ve been seeing! With that, we still have the darkness of Halloween from less than 2 weeks ago.

Expect the usual increased aggression we see in Werewolves this time of year before the December Yule Moon lull. They may be more likely to venture into populated areas so Werewolf Hunters will be required to employ more stealthy tactics to avoid detection by the blissfully ignorant populace and law enforcement! On a somewhat brighter note, the early onset of winter has been giving us an increase in Abominable Snowman Yeti activity. The Yeti fear nothing and their intelligence challenges them to track Werewolves. When the two meet it often spells the end for the werewolf. Even werewolves who have lived for decades soaking up lunar energies and building more paranormal power! Of course, on a somber note, we have to remember that Werewolves are humans by day. And naturally, the Abominable Snowman loves hunting down humans and eating them for breakfast!

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Hallowmas Angel Alert

All Saints Day AngelHallowmas, aka All Saints Day, is afoot! It’s a day of rest after the horrifying havoc of Halloween’s metaphysical manifestations. After the number one night of damned darkness the non-intervention edict of Heaven is lifted, and saintly Angels descend to clean up a variety of supernatural messes. This especially includes violations of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. Many those of us in the paranormal crime fighting game couldn’t get to or were unable to handle. With the holy Angels are a cavalcade of ascended human Saints as well. Even the living Saint Nicholas, aka Santa Claus, gets in on the metaphysical action!

The Magic Of Marvelous Manifestation!

All Saints Day is also a way to bring balance to the world since evil often tips the scales on Halloween. The holy Angels presence will be felt by all manner of beings both beautiful and blasphemous! Most monsters of malevolence who will lie low until tomorrow’s All Souls Day Of The Dead! Even during the Witching, and Devil’s hours which are more or less rendered harmless. Something similarly seen on Christmas.

On All Saints Day humans will feel happier and more secure due to their own Guardian Angels feeling gleeful over their Heavenly brothers and sisters floating about. Some will feel the Angelic souls of fallen family and friends among them as well. Those practicing Enochian Angel Magic will be at the apex of their power on Hallowmas. The day and night should also be mostly free of zombies, and other living dead menaces. Many ghosts will be guided to Heaven. In addition poltergeists, demons, and other dark spirits will be driven into the Underworld. Enjoy the enchantment of hallowed Hallowmas!

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The 13 Nights Of Halloween Warning!

In the paranormal world, we know that the Thirteen Nights Of Halloween, including All Hallows Eve itself, can be a deeply dangerous time! While most ensconce themselves in the lighter side of the Halloween Spirit we prepare to battle the denizens of dark damnation! Often unpaid we strive to protect the blissfully innocent from the malevolent monsters that manifest in the heart of dark shadows. These nights exponentially increase in supernatural activity as human Halloween festivities grow greater. It is the balance between light and dark that guides Halloween. The same balance that breaks down the veil between the metaphysical afterlife and our physical Universe.

The Magic Of Marvelous Manifestation!

Sinister Spirits And The Living Dead That Prey On Human Flesh!

Expect much greater levels of ghostly hauntings, poltergeists, and demonic possessions. Steer clear of abandoned buildings, historical battlefields, graveyards, and morgues. Cemeteries are especially dangerous as Zombies will be rising from graves! This can happen due to dark magicians or Voodoo masters tapping into the Spirit Of Halloween. It can also occur spontaneously when the break down in metaphysical barriers allows spirits to reanimate corpses! Another danger of places where dead bodies reside are Ghouls salivating over the rotten flesh they crave. They’re beneficial in eating zombies but they have no issue hunting you down! They then bury you or hang your body in the sun somewhere to grow ripe the way they love it!

Vampires, Gnomes, Werewolves, And Witches! Oh My!

Vampires will crave human blood more than usual. Expect them to be on the prowl stalking anyone that moves. Interestingly enough, blood surging with the sugars of Halloween candy will repel them! Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to stop Gnomes who must devour kids in order to remain immortal. Thankfully, scary costumes, crowds, and adults in the vicinity frighten them away. Younger Werewolves will transform into hairy horrors even without a Full Moon! This eventually effects all infected with the Lycanthrope Virus on Halloween. This is caused by the surge of demonic energies volleying about. More so in areas where deep dark magic is being practiced. These witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers are always on the lookout for innocent victims to use in their despicable sacrificial rituals to their demonic and dark god patrons!

Legends Of Horror Are Afoot!

Be aware that Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and other horror movie icons are indeed real! Urban Legend freaks like Slenderman are out to complete their own alarming agendas as well. Like any other sinister supernatural being, they are drawn to the diabolical forces unleashed during the 13 Nights Of Halloween. Although the odds are slim you will run into them it never hurts to read up on their weaknesses just in case. You should have a Happy Halloween by holding a healthy respect for the dangers of the wayward world while celebrating the Halloween Spirit with decor, costumes, and candy. A Spirit guided by the benevolent hand of Halloween Queen Shala.🎃

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Halloween Blood Moon Werewolf Warning!

The Full Moon of October is generally referred to as the Hunters Moon in the mainstream world. It carries that name from the days when Native Americans and frontier families had to prepare to survive the long cold winters. The illumination of a Full Moon allowed for nocturnal hunting in order to stock up on food. Especially animals like deer that tend to be more active at night as the weather grows colder. In the supernatural community, we hunt monstrous paranormal prey from dusk to dawn. With the most prolific paranormal perplexities occurring between the Witching and Devil’s Hours! The Full Moon Of October 13th is known as the Blood Moon due to its negative effect on our paranormal planet. If it actually appears blood-red or orange then odds are good that denizens of darkness are in your community!

The Magic Of Marvelous Manifestation!

Wayward Werewolves Will Waste You!

The Werewolves of the October Halloween season are especially voracious due to the enchanted energies of the lunar light being influenced by dark demonic forces. Frightening forces so powerful that Werewolves will transform on All Hallows Eve even without a Full Moon! They are more prone to seek out scrumptious human meals outside of their normal rural comfort zone. Don’t assume you’re safe in the heart of a city. The Halloween Werewolf will hunt you down and drag you into the sewers to scrape your bones clean! Despite this, we strive to repel or capture these calamitous creatures as they are human by day! Learn About Methods Of Repelling Werewolves…

Vicious Vampires On The Loose!

The Blood Moon of Halloween causes otherwise reserved Vampires to turn rather monstrous. It is called the Blood Moon Fever and it is the most likely time for a vampire to get caught or killed! Mystic Investigations very own vampire Drake Alexander locks himself away in a silver cage like a Werewolf when the Blood Moon is at 100% of Full. Some days beyond that it takes extreme will power and marvelous magic from our resident witch Rebecca Abernathy for Drake to keep calm, cool, and collected. Review Methods Of Vampire Eradication And Repelling…

All Paranormal Activity Is On The Rise During The Halloween Blood Moon!

During this malevolent Moon and through the 13 Nights Of Halloween expect to see an exponential increase in paranormal pandemonium! Ghosts, poltergeists, demons, ghouls, gnomes, and all manner of monsters will get nuts as the veil between life and death lowers! Gnomes are especially dangerous due to their need to eat children in order to stay immortal! We also have various practitioners of dark magic roaming about conducting vile rituals and human sacrifices! Not to mention their proclivity of causing Zombies to rise from their graves! Each entity of evil has some vulnerability. You can search our website to find it. Generally, you can find protection in The Spirit Of Halloween by simply celebrating the season with decorations and costumes. Always participate with your local Trick Or Treating festivities and all should be well! Immersing yourself in the heart of Halloween is the safest place anyone can be during this time of year!🎃

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