Dark Luck Super Storm Moon Werewolf Warning

The Full Moon of March is usually known as the Storm Moon due to the turbulent weather involved in the transition from winter to spring. Some call it the Worm Moon due to springs thawing soils causing Earthworms to burrow forth. Theoretically, this Moon should have been lucky due to being virtually a week away from Saint Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately, it’s only 4 days away from the blasphemous bastion of bad luck we know as Friday The 13th!

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Even with Leprechauns prancing about just out of sight spreading good luck there are Clurichauns, aka evil Leprechauns, manifesting dark fortune! They bolster more paranormal power when Friday The 13th falls near Saint Patrick’s Day. It taints the normally fantastic fortune we would see. These dark metaphysical energies are absorbed and transmitted by the Moon thereby increasing their wayward powers even further!

The Storm Moon causes greater aggression in most Werewolves. Especially during snow or thunder storms! On top of that this is a Supermoon which manifests even more monstrous traits in the hairy horrors along with them being hulked up in strength! The dark luck of this Moon will possibly cause any Werewolf countermeasures to fail. Your holy water might spill on the ground as you trip and fall while being attacked! Plausibly your silver bullet loaded gun will jam. Even your silver sword or knife might magically break! Seasoned Werewolf Hunters aren’t taking any chances. They’re loading up on lucky charms, magical enchantments, and even Leprechaun Summoning Spells!

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Dark Valentines Ice Moon Werewolf Warning

The Full Moon of February is usually known as the Ice or Snow Moon as it lies in the heart of winter. A heart that coincides with that of Valentine’s Day love. In fact, the Moon is called the Valentine’s Moon if it falls close to February 14th. The Moon will be 100% of Full on February 9th so it qualifies by being about five days away. Unfortunately, the Spirit Of Valentine’s is weak this year as it currently sits at 39%. Anti-Valentines or Dark Valentines Day falls on the same day since the forces of evil fight to extinguish love from the Earth! Technically, that evil Spirit has 61% metaphysical power! This Valentine’s Day is forecast to be the darkest on the modern supernatural record!🖤

The Magic Of Marvelous Manifestation!

Demons & Dark Goddesses Own The February Moon!

Due to the unfortunate lack of love in our cold violent world the Full Moon of February is under the control of  Odite, Demon Of Hatred and the Roman Goddess Of Dark Love Venus. She was once a true Goddess Of Love but her jealous hatred of Goddess Gaia and various Love Goddesses got the better of her! So we now have the Dark Valentine’s Ice Moon! Luckily, even with the evil influence it will not be a completely unholy Blood Moon. This is courtesy of Saint Valentine himself, Greek Goddess Aphrodite, and the Cupids Of Love battling to infuse the Spirit Of Love as best they can.💘

Dark Twisted Love Births Werewolf Abominations!

Normally, the Ice Moon has no additional effect on Werewolves. Not that they aren’t already a horrifying threat you should always be prepared for after dusk! Under this malevolent Moon they will be more ferocious than usual and may travel in pairs! Werewolves will be quite compelled to seek out others of the opposite sex and create unnatural offspring. Human form werewolves mating isn’t an issue. However, if done in wolf form they create a soulless abomination without a human form. A rare albino werewolf of evil that roams the night for prey every night of the year! We could see an exponential increase under this moon of dark damned love!🐺

Hallowed Human Hearts Become Hellish Horrors!

As for human prey, the Dark Valentine’s Ice Moon Werewolf will want to rip your heart out and eat it before anything else! It counts as a sacrifice to Odite and the Devil as well since werewolves are of demonic lineage! Wearing silver holy artifacts over your heart should deter this heinous habit! Some silver Valentines heart charms wouldn’t hurt as well. If that wasn’t insane enough we have reports of uneaten ripped out hearts coming to sentient life and moving about with monstrous glee! The metaphysical energies of this mad Moon apparently interact with the human soul-heart connection and twist it into a demonic entity. Until these little heart beasts are extinguished the human soul is trapped in this living hell as their former body lies dead! The heart monsters seem to absorb all love and turn it into hate! They also have the power to stop beating hearts permanently if they make physical contact with you! As their perplexing power grows they will appear more heart shaped and glow crimson while dripping in blood! If you spot one you’re already dead because they move at super speed!💔

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Penumbral Eclipse Wolf Moon Werewolf Watch

The Wolf Moon of January has the unique trait of bringing together the vast majority of Werewolves. Generally, Werewolf packs, as seen in entertainment media, are in the minority in real life. They lie within the realm of those who can control their transformations or are actually aware of what they are. Even if a person knows they suffer from the Lycanthropy Virus their natural instinct is to be a low profile loner. There’s also the fact that it’s not easy for the average Werewolf in human form to find others of their kind if they’ve never had any previous contact with the supernatural world.🌕

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The Frightful Formation Of Paranormal Packs

The metaphysical energies of the Wolf Moon exponentially hyper-activates a part of the werewolf brain that allows it to find others of its kind. This is far beyond what their sense of smell could detect. It also simultaneously sends out a blasphemous beacon of a psychic sort. These two paranormal phenomenon reach out to each other from anywhere between 50 to 100 miles. Thus allowing werewolves to easily coalesce together. They then battle it out to see who will be the alphas, betas, and omegas of the newly formed packs. Normally wild werewolves meeting each other results in a bloody battle to the death! The pack mentality only occurs during this moon or among those who have some level of human sentience while in furry form.

The Werewolf Packs Hunt Down Their Human Prey!

These paranormal packs only take place during the nights of the Wolf Moon. After that these werewolves will probably never meet again as few have memories of their monstrous nights once back in human form. In fact, they are more puzzled than usual when they find themselves so far from home! As dawn approaches the natural instinct is to break off for quite a distance to be alone for the journey back to humanity. Before that these united werewolves violently seek out prey that can be human or any animal that crosses their path. If you think being attacked by one werewolf is bad then try a dozen! This is why the Wolf Moon is considered the most dangerous next to the Halloween Blood Moon! Only one type of animal isn’t hunted. That being standard non-supernatural wolves who are hypnotized by werewolves and used as peripheral enforcement in hunting down anything that moves during the night! In the end, the wolves only get the left over scraps.😈

The Protection Of The Penumbral Eclipse

Thankfully, this Wolf Moon includes a much needed Penumbral Eclipse. This type of lunar eclipse casts a slight shadow of the Earth that is barely seen by the human eye. This dampens the lunar energy and calms the Werewolves down to an extent. During the actual eclipse there will be little werewolf activity as they rest quietly in deep coniferous foliage. Afterward, you should remain on alert as they will be back on the paranormal prowl. We should see less pack formation along with less voracious stalking of people and pets. So far supernatural observations from Werewolf Hunters around the world support this. Stay aware that the Lycanthrope threat will remain until the moon is below of 80% full! Even a week or so afterward affected wolves will be more aggressive than usual as they are still until the werewolf spell! Keep night hikes into wooded areas and remote fields to a minimum!🐺

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The Abominable Snowman Yeti Factor

For those experiencing severe winter weather the probability of Yeti activity is very high! They usually follow winter storms and blizzards from the Arctic. Despite steering clear of urban and residential suburbs they do hunt humans for sport and dinner! These giant white furry abominations have a dark intelligence that motivates them to play cat and mouse games with people in remote areas. Hunters, hikers, snowmobile riders, and campers are prime targets! In this case, they could be your savior if you are faced with a rapid werewolf pack. The Abominable Snowman is beyond powerful and will take on the biggest threat presented to it. The big beast will not hesitate to attack an entire pack of werewolves thereby allowing you to make your escape! Once the Yeti takes down the Alpha ,and the next few in the line, the rest usually flee in a terror that werewolves almost never feel! As you hear the unholy roars and screeches don’t look back! Just run as fast as your feet can carry you into the dark cold shadows of the nefarious night!☃️

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The Magical Yule Moon Of Christmas

The final Full Moon of 2019 and the 2010’s decade coincidentally falls on 12/12 at 12:12 AM EST. This numerological alignment could possibly give witchcraft spells based on the Moon more paranormal punch within The Witching Hour. December’s Moon is most often known as the Cold Moon in the mainstream world. However, in the secret supernatural community it is the sainted Yule Moon due to being heavily under the influence of The Spirit Of Christmas. The Spirit is so powerful that it overrides the normal lunar energies that would cause monstrous Werewolf transformation. What we get instead is the only Moon shining 100% holy light just as the Sun does. This elegant energy filters out the demonic elements in the Werewolf and grants us gentle furry fluffy white Werewolves. Although, the majority of Werewolves simply won’t transform. Even those who have control over their transformations can only turn into the smaller peaceful form for the duration of the Yule Moon.🌕

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Friday The 13th’s Effect On The Christmas Moon

That being said this Yule Moon has less enchanted energy than past ones. This is due to the fact that the next day is Friday The 13th! So it is possible to get some random full blown werewolf transformations during the darkness on that day due to bad luck. Particularly if Curses are involved in the equation or an Anti-Leprechaun is afoot! Thankfully, that dark specter of foul fortune should quickly pass the next day as the Moon decreases below 100% and heads closer to Christmas. Werewolves can still transform under an 80% of Full Moon! If you encounter a true horrifying Werewolf then pray to the Demi-Angel Saint Nicholas for help and display Christmas artifacts to repel the blasphemous beast. Carrying some Mistletoe blessed in holy water is the easiest thing you can do.🐺

Miscellaneous Miracles Of The Blessed Yule Moon

Many Vampires will lose their appetite for blood. Various monsters who prey on humans will also be at peace and mind their own business. This includes the Abominable Snowman Yeti. Unfortunately, Zombies are not affected by the Moon in any way. There have been past reports of snowmen created by kids coming to life under the Yule Moon. This is a combination of their true belief, magical innocence, and the spirit of Frosty The Snowman being intertwined with that of the Christmas Spirit. Sentient snowmen created in this way cease to exist within the next few nights after the miracle. Children making snow angels in the moonlight sometimes find them coming to life and fluttering about in a glowing glittering light. Often when the child is thinking about a dearly departed person they loved. That deceased persons spirit enters the ethereal angel form briefly before dissipating within minutes. It is also said that one can become hypnotized while gazing into the Moonlight and then follow the North Star to the hidden roads that go to Santa Claus’s North Pole City! Merry Yuletide To All!🎅

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