The Frightening Frozen Zombie

Frozen Zombie Box Pop Up Prop

You, and your friends found yourself on a camping trip into the deep woods. Little did you know a US Paranormal Defense Agency transport truck had been shipping sensitive materials from a now closed underground base in said woods.  One special container fell to the foggy forest floor unknown to the soldiers on board. You, and your merry band of nocturnal trekkers explore the woods in the light of the full Moon. Thankfully no Werewolves are afoot! Yet something most sinister lurks in your path. You happen upon a high tech looking box emitting an eerie blue light. As your curious team strolls closer crimson lights flare in unison with a spine chilling alarm.  You all bolt at first but then the sounds stop. You return, and the crazy commotion starts again. Clearly the container is motion activated.

After you calm down, and discuss what this thing could be you move in closer to inspect this futuristic looking object. There’s a small window where the azure light illuminates from but it appears to have frost on the inside. Indeed it is cold to the touch. After getting acclimated to the alarm you gain enough courage to begin pressing buttons on the box. A whooshing sound sends frigid air blasting on your faces. Air ripe with the stench of death itself! A freaky fog flows out of the blue glow. With the stench dissipating you all move in closer to see what’s inside. Suddenly an otherworldly growl causes your hearts to skip several beats as a monstrous Zombie out lurches at you!

The half frozen freak takes a bloody bite out of your friends jugular, and forcibly grabs another. Their both dead instantly! You, and your other friend run screaming in terror. After several minutes you collapse exhausted contemplating the horror you just witnessed. Bad idea leaving the smart phones back at camp!  You slowly get up to make it back there but your two other supposedly dead friends appear in front of you. Their sickly pale faces say not a word as they blankly stare at you now members of the living dead. They move toward you, and your other friend cries out in agony as the box zombie bites into their shoulder. You find yourself knocked to the ground by your two friends who end up devouring you like the zombies they have become!

Ultimately the original zombie, and your two Walking Dead friends are the only survivors. They stagger through the woods into the daylight hours eating every animal in sight.  As they make it to a roadway they are blasted away by machine gun fire. The US Paranormal Defense Agency has rectified their foolish mistake.  The clean up all evidence, and take extra measures to prevent their paranormal experiments from escaping in the future!

You can own this horrifying infrared sensor activated box for your Halloween haunted house, and the scary delight of Trick-O-Treaters.  Go Here to get your Animated Frozen Zombie Pop Up Box Prop known as the Cryo Chamber Corpse Animatronic.

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Halloween’s Haunted Native American Corn Maze Of Hell!

Chilling Corn Mazes as seen in the videos at the end of this story are becoming as common as the quintessential Halloween Haunted House.  As with all attempts to re-create hellish horrors in a safe frighteningly fun environment there runs the risk of malicious metaphysical forces ironically interloping. There are even humans with malevolent intent turning the awesome attraction into something truly alarming!  In our paranormally active town of Woodland Springs we have a higher than normal risk of this but thankfully we’re on guard against such nefarious plots.  The supernatural members of our paranormal investigations team even volunteer at local Halloween events free to display their identities to the public under the guise of costumes, and special effects.  Our vampire Drake Alexander can run about corn fields, and haunted homes with eyes glowing & fangs extended.  Our Demi-Mermaid Witch Rebecca Abernathy can also display her shimmering sapphire eyes while performing blatant magic.  Even glamouring her appearance, and making mock ghosts out of thin air!  Our Telekinetic Psychic Julia Hathaway can make small kids see things that aren’t there while causing objects to float about. People just assume it’s strings at work or even holograms! In the old days, supernaturals like us couldn’t get away with this in public, and would be burned at the stake for being in league with the Devil!

A Terrifying Tragedy At Hand Due To A Haunted Past

Unfortunately, the most prolific paranormal Halloween corn maze incident took place in 2003 on a now damned farm in Minnesota. Naturally, you never heard this story because as usual the government, aka The US Paranormal Defense Agency, covered up the grizzly incident! It was the night before Halloween. The sun had set only a few hours earlier as parents, and kids ran through the dark shadows of the dry corn stalks littered with costumed creeps, and scary animatronic props.  Sudden scares were met with nervous giggles and sometimes wild weeping from the younger kids who were reassured it was all good clean diabolical delights.  The land upon which the cornfield sat was unknowingly the site of an ancient Native American tragedy that was only realized once it was too late.

A Native American Serial Killer Curses The Land Upon Which Blood Is Spilt!

A wedding ceremony took place on the farm field over 1000 years ago the day before Halloween.  A powerful tribe leader named Shappa was marrying two lovely sisters. Yes, Polygyny was Common in Native American culture.  However, lurking in the shadows was the jealous serial killer Akecheta who had been bullied by the tribal leader during his childhood.  Chief Shappa was now a mature, and benevolent leader beloved by all except Akecheta. The recent missing tribe members had been blamed on a dark spirit, and there was hope this wedding ceremony, combined with a cleansing ritual, would rid the tribe of their troubles.  Akecheta was, in fact, responsible for the missing people who he mercilessly murdered, and then blatantly buried nearby under the tribe’s nose.

Akecheta was vulnerable to a dark spirit who influenced his violent tendencies. This caused him to silently snap during the joyous ceremony as he witnessed what he perceived as the sickening adulation showered upon Chief Shappa.  It took all his will power to hold back a personal slaughtering spree but he knew he’d surely parish going up against the entire tribe. Instead, he pilfered supplies from the Medicine Man’s teepee and mixed up a deadly concoction.  He then proceeded to lace the wedding refreshments with the vile substance. Naturally, he had to sweet talk a fair Indian maiden tending to the food, and beverages to lull her into submission so he could do his dastardly deed.

After the wedding, everyone was jubilantly partaking of refreshments while Akecheta looked on with a sinister smile on his face.  Within minutes everyone fell ill, and people began to pass out one by one. Once Akecheta saw that the men were sufficiently weakened he walked forward to proclaim his poisonous treason with pride. Shappa began to fumble for a spear as he lay on the ground helpless but Akecheta stepped on his hand laughing maniacally. Shappa and most everyone’s last dying breath was placing a Curse on Akecheta.  The Medicine Man made it official by reciting a metaphysical incantation before he died. Akecheta strolled away from the carnage feeling very good about himself until an insanely rabid bear charged from the woods and instantly killed him with extreme vengeance.  Clearly the result of the fresh quick acting curse. Afterward, it’s said that the dark spirit influencing Akecheta fed upon all the horrifyingly negative energy coupled with the tragic deaths that created an entire tribe of Native American ghosts.  For evermore, they were all damned to that exact spot with nothing to do but torment Akecheta in his own personal Earthly Hell as the dark spirit looked on with glee.

Dark Ghosts Endanger Halloween Corn Maze Glee

At some point as Halloween was celebrated in North America, it fueled Zombie Indiansthe Native ghosts, and they were able to manifest on the day before Halloween. 2003 was a pinnacle paranormal power year due to other metaphysical energy factors. As adults, and kids ran through the corn maze of supposedly controlled terrors the tortured tribe manifested in physical form. Their sole purpose was hunting down the now corporeal Akecheta.  All of them were still confined to the land which was most of the corn field. If they left they would dissipate back into specters.  The tribe appeared as macabre zombie-like creatures that fit in perfectly with the Halloween festivities.  Although, Akecheta began using the humans in the corn field as shields against the tribe who wanted only to get their hands around his murderous neck!  Bloody carnage ensued as a full-on paranormal battle threw the corn maze into chaos.  Blood-curdling screams bellowed for miles as a fire was lit ablaze by accident.

Zombie NativeThankfully some unseen force managed to shield the kids protecting them from injury and death. Unfortunately, the adults did not fare as well.  It’s said it could have possibly been Shala Queen Of Halloween, and she only had the ability to protect the kids by tapping into the power of their magical innocence. She then warped it into a supernatural shield. The unknown dark spirit coupled with the sheer tribal numbers were too much for even her to handle.  Authorities arrived on the scene and fell prey to the paranormal phenomenon as well. This alerted the US Paranormal Defense Agency who arrived and had a priest bless the corn stalks they set ablaze in fire holy. This ended up consecrating the field and cleansing it of all spirits sending them to Hell, Purgatory, The Underworld, or Heaven.  All law enforcement was promptly silenced, and the media scrubbed clean of the incident.  Many of the orphaned children were relocated out of state, and any remaining adults were paid to keep silent about the whole surreal supernatural abomination! Despite the corn field cleansing, the day before Halloween will often produce at least one harmless Native American apparition with a look on terror on their face!

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Is Sesame Street Real?

The long-running PBS kids television show Sesame Street is based on a true story! Often those in the entertainment community have connections in the real supernatural community. They then base their works on paranormal truths they learn. Creators, Writers, and Producers informing the world of what secretly lurks in the shadows. Still, they have plausible deniability in the guise of entertainment so as not to violate the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. An agreement between higher dimensional beings to keep the true nature of our planet a secret so as not to interfere with the development of human civilization. The legend of Sesame Street and its Muppet’s living in harmony with humans is no different.

A Dark Warlock Traps Innocent Souls Inside His Hand Crafted Puppets

This surreal story begins in 1944 with an evil New York based Warlock deep into puppet making as a hobby. His name was Oscar and he decided to meld his hobby with his need to trap human souls in order to siphon metaphysical energy from them! He had a patented paranormal technique to migrate a human soul into a puppet thereby causing the biological body to instantly die. Once the souls were in his hand cursed puppets he would have an eternal energy source unfettered by biological bodies dying from constant energy extractions. In puppet form, he could continually mine metaphysical power from a human soul along with no worries of them being whisked away to Heaven. The puppets are immortal and even if destroyed the soul stays local and can be transferred to a new puppet!

The Puppets Are Freed From Imprisonment

Things were going well as the wayward warlock collected dozens of human souls in his puppets. One day he picked the wrong soul to trap in a yellow Big Bird puppet. The soul belonged to a family member of a witch. The name of the good witch was Maria. She quickly collected her other Wicca friends along with one vampire looking for her lost lover. His vampire essence was trapped in a puppet similar to The Count. Together they stormed the Warlock Oscar’s castle in rural upstate New York. In 1951 they successfully defeated Oscar by trapping him in a Grouch puppet. However, he refused to cooperate in reversing the puppet curse and the souls could not be released. There’s also the fact that their former bodies were decayed beyond repair. Although the vampire could have returned to his if not for the powerful curse.

The Supernatural Sesame Street Is Created

The team of brave magical warriors knew of a natural paranormal zone in New York City that is slightly out of phase with our reality. One can see it if they are walking in the area with their eyes squinted. Also, young kids can view it as well. It was often used as a hiding place for members of the supernatural community for well over a century. It’s physically accessible through a portal in a secluded back alley. Within this magical zone, they built Sesame Street in 1952. A place for the sentient puppets and their human friends to live out their lives with some useful purpose in peace. The humans had kids and grandkids who were raised and educated with some help from the benevolent puppets. Most of them chose to stay on Sesame Street and act as delivery persons to keep supplies from the outside world flowing into the hidden puppet world. If one happens upon the right alley they can enter Sesame Street by moving a large green dumpster marked with a big yellow “S” on it! A large blurry distortion on the brick wall is the portal onto the supernatural street.

The Warlock Oscar was stripped of all power once inside his Grouch puppet form. He was forced to live in a garbage can as a punishment for his crimes. He was cast with a spell to ensure he could never leave Sesame Street. Naturally, he turned into the grouchiest person ever! Thankfully his evil nature was mostly banished as well once released from his biological body.

It’s rumored that a former human resident of Sesame Street became a writer and gave the idea of Sesame Street to Joan Ganz Cooney. Sesame Street premiered on PBS in 1969.

Human Form Sesame Street Muppets

Top flight psychics, seers, and mystics have detected a Parallel Universe where Sesame Street exists in a more real world manner. Various humans who happen to exhibit the traits of the muppets in a more adult way. The SNL ski in the video below is similar to this parallel reality.

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The Legend Of The Haunted Halloween Railroad

The Legend Of Lost Locomotive 13

Haunted RailwayIn the dead of the night at the height of the Witching Hour on All Hallows Eve an eerie steam chugging sound echoes about the Mystical Forest. A fantastical forest in the paranormally inclined town of Woodland Springs, Colorado.  Every so often a terrifying train whistle bellows through the fall foliage growing ever heavy with a foreboding fog.  A pitch black locomotive looms forth despite the post-mining abandonment of the rusty railway remnants.  In many spots, there’s nothing but dirt, stone, and brush with the ghostly train seemingly gliding over it like a supernatural specter.  Those who have had the courage to view the locomotive up close were faced with a spine chilling Engineer of evil glaring at them with eyes glowing a fiery orange. 

The crimson caboose stands out from the rest of the dark train. A confused Conductor peering puzzlingly out the window into dead space with eyes as black as coal!  The passenger cars can be seen loaded with frightened children sitting near the front, and apathetic ones near the back with blank stares.  All sporting undead pale faces, and dark circles under their soulless eyes.  Some have even viewed this surreal spectacle inside their own homes as the train follows its old railway line even through trees, and buildings acting as an apparition of unholy origin.

Local legend has it that this horrifying haunted Halloween express is, in fact, the mysterious missing train of 1877 known as Locomotive 13.  The Engineer, the Conductor, and his 11-year-old son set out on the trains first nocturnal test run at Midnight on Halloween.  As the sainted sun rose that morning they never returned, and not a trace of the train was ever located.  However, beginning the next Halloween the lost locomotive would be seen inexplicably riding the rails. Locals attempting to jump on the train ended up falling through it to the ground, or the entire enchanted express simply disappeared before their very eyes. Unfortunately, one child under the age of 12 would disappear every year.  Often lured away from trick o treating, or from their safe beds into the dangerous forest.

One horrifying account in 1904 is detailed in a Father’s journal as he witnessed the horror of his son climbing aboard the stopped spectral locomotive. His desperate cries urging the boy to run fell upon deaf ears! His son appeared to be in a terrifying trance as he entered the evil express with the creepy Engineer staring down the Dad and handing his son a handful of wrapped candy.  He then fired off a sinister snicker as the train puffed away.   The Father tried repeatedly to hop aboard the slow-moving metaphysical machine but was unable to make physical contact as his biological body went through the supernatural structure.  Eventually, the train vanished in a billowing fog cloud.

Paranormal investigations experts, such as Mystic Investigations, have studied this paranormal phenomenon during its short stay each Halloween.  We’ve come to the conclusion that the train must have entered some type of traveling inter-dimensional portal that converged with our local supernatural hot spot known as The Heart Of The Mystical Forest.  An elusive force responsible for much of the paranormal activity in our town. Who knows what living Hell this train, and its passenger’s go through 364 days of the year before returning on Halloween.  Since the portal itself is probably invisible and appears only briefly, we have yet to locate it despite its annual clockwork schedule.  The train is clearly out of phase with reality until a child touches it. This indicates that their magical innocence, and probably its link to the Spirit Of Halloween, play some role in the trains reappearance. At the first embers of dawn when it re-enters the portal to parts unknown.  Perhaps it’s the Spirit that’s pulling it back from total disappearance into damnation? There’s also the possibility the portal is some kind of paranormal trap set by a non-physical entity of a malevolent nature who feeds off the children’s ageless astral energy.

Theoretically, it’s possible to re-phase the lost locomotive back into our reality with everyone biologically intact.  However, it’s unknown what the mental, and emotional state of these lost souls would be.  Certainly, it seems the Engineer is possessed by some dark force. Maybe the being who set this potential paranormal trap, to begin with. Perhaps this Halloween Mystic Investigations will finally solve this mystery, and save this damned train from kidnapping any more kids on what should be a Happy Halloween!

UPDATE: Last Halloween Slenderman attempted to board the train and save the kids….for himself! It might be a slightly better fate since Slender keeps children in an eternal sleep of pleasant dreams while feeding off their unique energy. He was able to board the train after several attempts. Almost as if he was modulating his teleportation frequency. However, once on board the Conductor blasted him with an eerie violet flash of light that sent him careening a mile away causing trees to fall in his wake! Psychics witnessed this and also sensed the train is a conduit to the Underworld where Dark Gods are sucking energy from the kid’s souls! This new information will help us formulate a future plan of action for next Halloween!

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