What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the master multi-dimensional information storage library of our entire reality! This includes all knowledge from every Parallel Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse, and all higher dimensions to infinity, and beyond! It goes by infinite names in the never-ending realities of the greater Macroverse (Everything That Is). That being said, only the Omniverse God or higher entities have access to records beyond this Omniverse. The Akashic Records are considered a natural trait in the minds of high-level Gods who create the reality we live in. It’s thought that ultimately it originates from the one infinite Macroverse God who always existed. It’s the metaphysical information collection neural communications network of God himself! At its heart it connects everyone and everything in reality while requiring a conscious construct to actively interact with it.

The Akashic Library

The Akashic Records is also known as the Akashic Library since physical beings like humans often view it as such when accessing it. It is considered the Universal Library that contains every work of fiction & non-fiction ever written by every sapient being. That includes the sticky note you wrote your grocery list on years ago. There’s also the programming information for everything in existence from a photon to a star! The library most famously contains recorded copies of all living souls including their complete life of experiences, knowledge, and emotions. In other words, there’s a backup copy of your mind, body, and soul in case some nefarious higher dimensional being attempts to delete you from existence!

Knowledge Is Power

The Akashic Library is considered the information center of the Gods. This includes nature deities and those who create Universes and related multi-dimensional structures. Gods exist to play out all mathematical scenarios in a benevolent manner while collecting every bit of data they can. This is not only for their curiosity or amusement but also paranormal power. Knowledge is true power that goes beyond any brawn. It’s one method by which higher-dimensional beings ascend to the next plane of reality. It’s how humans ascend to their own Godhood in the afterlife. Thankfully, the data is more easily accessed by those who possess righteousness, wisdom, and patience. Those who have honorable motives that aren’t solely about gaining selfish power. Naturally, higher dimensional entities of evil do eventually gain access to the data of damnation they require for their mad machinations.

The Higher Dimensional Source

This vast wealth of valuable information is stored in every higher dimensional plane of existence starting at the 5th dimension and upward to infinity and beyond! Each dimensional level is considered a floor in the library. A repository composed of vibrational light energy that can be read by any sapient being who has gained the enlightened ability to access it. Each successive level is exponentially more difficult to reach than the other. Humans and supernatural beings have accessed this library of light through meditative Astral Projection into the 5th dimension Astral Plane. There the holy library of four-dimensional light energy lives.

A Life Of Peaceful Meditation Is The Key To Major Record Access

Most rarely gain full access or at least any major level of access. It’s said that any person who gains enough informational access can leave their biological body behind, and ascend as an enlightened 4-D God-like metaphysical energy being. This is something seen in Tibetan Monks and other meditation masters who have mysteriously vanished without a trace! Any civilization collectively tapping into the library of enchanted enlightenment will see great leaps in their technology. They will ascend to the 5th dimension as a race of Gods, and Goddesses. Those judged worthy after they die will find some of their Parallel Afterlives spent studying at the Akashic Records Library amid a paradise of information with their loved ones. That education is also supplemented by an armada of experiences. Only when their knowledge is complete can they ascend to the 6th dimension where the process becomes more difficult on the road to becoming an Omniverse Lord and greater!

Physical Access To The Akashic Records

It is rumored that somewhere in every Universe a physical 3-D version of the library exists on one or more planets.  This version would be limited yet would still be the most insanely huge library in existence. It may even take up an entire planet in some cases.  In the future, the library may compose entire star systems and galaxies. Even the entire Universe may become one vast network of informational light intertwined with biological beings and Artificial Intelligence. Here on Earth, our various secret supernatural magic schools have texts transcribed from the library by current Master Astral Projectors, psychics, seers, and mystics along with ancient documents quelled from the higher dimensional library.

The Earthly Locations Of Partial Akashic Records

The largest Akashic Record collection on Earth is the New Library Of Alexandria located within the elite ultra-secretive magic school known as The Egyptian Order Of The Pyramid located deep beneath the Egyptian sands! Unfortunately, the much larger collection of the original Library was lost in a fire. The second largest is located at the McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences in Scotland. The third is held by The Reality Recognition Guild.  At these institutions, master scholars have been known to spend many hours in their astral energy bodies walking the great higher dimensional light information halls collecting as much knowledge as possible for recording on paper, or digital media. Unfortunately, a great deal of data transfers to the sub-consciousness mind rather than staying at the conscious surface. This is a product of our physical programming to prevent us from ascending out of our Earthly prison. This would severely cut off our information recording purpose for the Gods, and our higher dimensional selves as well. Each of us is an important experience collection mechanism.

The Garden Of Eden And Lost Paradise

It’s thought that the Biblical Tree Of Knowledge Of Good & Evil in the Garden Of Eden and the Book Of Life have direct computer tablet-like access to the Akashic Records in a magical form. Eden is said to be the first advanced human civilization given as a gift from Mother Earth Goddess Gaia to humankind some 144,000 years ago! The Tree Of Knowledge is actually considered an access port for Goddess Gaia, who is the very soul of our planet. Consuming the supernatural fruit of the tree granted unlimited knowledge and immediate ascension to higher dimensional Godhood. However, people were forbidden to do so until judged worthy to undertake such immense responsibility. This might take several centuries or even millennia. This wasn’t an issue as the Tree Of Life had fruit everyone was welcome to eat and utilize to maintain their immortality! The Tree was a living manifestation of Mother Earth’s immortal spirit.

The Fall Of Eden And Humankind

The Bible itself was written with some level of truth but was deeply dictated by those who wrote it. We know that the first genetically perfect superhumans, or Alpha Humans, were created in Eden. Goddess Gaia appointed the first two as leaders of Eden. They are the infamous Adam and Eve of Biblical fame! They began thinking too highly of themselves as living Gods much like the Devil did before being expelled from Heaven. With a bit of coaxing the foolish couple ate from The Tree Of Knowledge without permission and lost their immortality and super-intelligence as well. They weren’t ready for the Akashic information overload and it ruined the perfection of their mind, body, and souls. They were banished from Eden as many other inhabitants followed suit by eating from the tree after seeing Adam and Eve do it. After the rebels were expelled Eden became out of phase with our reality and was folded into Gaia’s Paradise Plane. Some of the remaining inhabitants were deemed unworthy yet were merely released into the world with their immortal Alpha Human status intact. They became the leaders of the new harsh primitive world. Some are still alive to this day! A handful of worthy Alpha’s got to remain in the paradise of Eden. Some became Nature Deities while others eventually ascended to higher planes of existence.

From that point forth each successive generation of humankind would lose a bit more of that perfection. Humanity wouldn’t rise to glory again until the ancient civilization of Lemuria some 70,000 years ago.

The Book Of Life

Ancient scrolls and various mystical seers confirm that the Book Of Life is real, and was the direct creation of the Omniverse God. One such book exists as a gift on every planet with sapient beings. More or less it’s a registry of every sapient being who has or will exist on any given planet. It contains all the information they collected in their lifetimes including programs to recreate or in essence resurrect them!  Unfortunately, it is often misinterpreted, squandered, falls into the wrong hands, and is either destroyed or lost in the sands of time!  Even with such a book in hand, it takes the right people to utilize it to better humankind. Earth’s Book Of Life thankfully still resides in the Garden Of Eden.

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You Can Access The Akashic Records Now!

Everyone has a chance to access the Akashic Records because each of us is connected to it like a computer network. We’re uploading everything we know, and an informational backup copy of ourselves to our higher dimensional incarnations, and the Library, at every time increment, aka Planck Length. Sometimes when we dream we’re unknowingly downloading data from the library. It’s said that problems solved in our dreams come from the Akashic Library, our higher dimensional self, or the connection to our parallel Universe self who found the solution. The great minds throughout history are often more vibrationally in tune on a subconscious level to their parallel selves, or the Akashic Repository Of Universal Knowledge. Mastery of Lucid Dreaming, and then the Astral Projection arts, is key to you accessing this library of knowledge, and ultimately the power to be truly free! There is also a professionally guided course to aid you in your journey toward accessing the awesome knowledge, and power of the Akashic Records.

Learn To Access And Read The Akashic Records

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