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What Does Santa & His Elves Do On Labor Day?

Although, Labor Day is an American holiday it's still celebrated at North Pole City. This is due to Mrs. Claus...
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Christmas In July! What Does Santa Claus Do On The Fourth Of July?

The world's most powerful Demi-Angel, Santa Claus, celebrated American Independence Day despite being neutral when it comes to America or...
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What Does Santa Claus Do In The Summer?

Christmas In July [Ad] In the summer heat of July, the last thing on our minds is the joy of...
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Santa Claus vs Dracula

'Twas Christmas Eve of 1888 when Santa Claus found himself delivering gifts to the good little boys and girls of...
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Friday The 13th: Santa Claus vs The Dark Leprechaun

Friday, June 13th, 1913 Santa Claus was browsing some quaint toy shops on Friday, June 13, 1913, in London, England....
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That Friday The 13th Santa Claus Fought Jason Voorhees!

Friday, October 13th, 1989  Santa Claus's battle with Jason Voorhees amid the 1989 Halloween season took place in Ohio. Santa...
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What Does Santa Claus Do On Friday The 13th?

Santa Claus certainly doesn't have to worry about Friday The 13th  and all the bad luck associated with it. This...
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What Does Santa Claus Do On Easter?

Santa Claus and his wife Holly Claus began Easter morning by welcoming approximately 100 lucky children to an Easter egg hunt...
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Santa Claus vs The April Fool!

April Fool's Day at North Pole City is merrier than usual as little Elfin pranksters run amok! The Enchanted Elves...
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What Did Santa Claus Do On Saint Patrick’s Day?

On Saint Patrick's Day Saint Nicholas, aka Santa Claus, & Mrs. Holly Claus along with their children, Nick, and Mary, traveled to...
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What Does Santa Claus Do On Mardi Gras?

The high octane holiday of Mardi Gras is known for its pernicious partying laced with rampant revelry deeply infused with...
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Santa Claus’s Valentine’s Day

In the early morning on Valentine's Day, Saint Nicholas greeted Saint Valentine himself. The Angel Saint descended from the starlit...
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