McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences

McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences, sometimes simply called McTavish Magic School, is the most preeminent and exclusive school of magic on Earth! It’s located in the magical highlands of Scotland on the shores of the mystical and picturesque Loch Ness. The entire academy, including the students, is invisibly cloaked via powerful magicks. The school was founded in 1333 by one of the most famous and powerful Sorcerers of all time, Ian McTavish. He was born in Inveraray, Scotland in 1142 from a long line of magical practitioners that included hereditary witches. His ancient ancestors had their origins in the building of Stonehenge dating back to 3000 BC. He was a child prodigy of magic and quickly advanced his skills to Wizardry and eventually became a top-flight Sorcerer. His magicks became so powerful that he was able to reverse his aging process and stay forever young. Today he is still the Immortal Headmaster of the MIAMS and is generally thought to be one of the most powerful persons to wield magic on Earth. He started the magical school to forge an enchanted path of righteousness around the Earth. He wished to shape countless generations of enlightened people to wield magic as a force of good in the eternal fight against evil. It was the first school of its kind that scoured the Earth looking for magical talent. It spawned a handful of other magical institutions around the world.

The Building And Cloaking Of A Secret Magic School

Ian McTavish bought the land and built a castle that was originally his home. This after amassing great wealth through various mean. After training various apprentices young magicians from around the world sought out his wisdom and knowledge. That’s when he turned his home into a magic school and eventually cast a magical cloaking spell to hide the grounds from the mainstream world. Over the years he’s purchased more land under various corporate names and expanded the facilities greatly with paranormal work crews. The cloaking spell not only makes the school grounds invisible but also sends them slightly out of phase with reality so outsiders don’t walk into walls. To an outside observer the land looks natural, untouched and free of any buildings or signs of any person on the property. To avoid confusion the cloaking spell cloaks normal people who might travel across the land from being seen by the students and faculty. If this wasn’t the case then people walking through the walls would appear as ghosts to the student’s. They wouldn’t want to take away from the real ghosts. Animals are able to see the grounds and sometimes walk through the walls while other times avoiding the buildings. The school is also home to mythical animals such as Unicorns which are also cloaked from being seen by the general public unless they leave the grounds. If you’ve ever walked the entire length around Loch Ness then you probably walked right through the school without knowing it!

Application And Acceptance To McTavish

Applications are not required and are almost never accepted because McTavish chooses you and not the other way around! He and his top flight mystical staff detect those with magical potential from around the globe! This takes place in The Department Of Magical Potential. Specifically, in a room with a giant swinging crystal pendulum hanging over a giant gold map of the world on the floor. When one is deemed worthy to attend the academy they get a very special notification of acceptance. An invitation to the magic school appears out of nowhere on the pillow of their bed. It will be in a purple envelope that seems to be made of silk yet it’s firm. Your name will be embossed upon it in 24K gold and Ian McTavish’s official seal will be in gold, silver, and crushed multi-colored crystals. Inside will be a magical invitation on a type of iridescent glittering paper you’ve never seen before. It will instruct you on how to reach the magic school to begin your lessons. And no it doesn’t involve you going to a train station and running into a brick wall. Most still don’t believe it even when seeing the print dance around with holographic images on the paper. That is why a spell compels the person to find the school for their own good! That being said, Acceptance is probation based. One must still pass various tests of magical potential before full admission is accepted.

Student Life At McTavish

The amazing academy is open to students of age 5 and above. In fact you could be 80 years old and attend for the first time if you suddenly discovered you had untapped magical talents. The standard school year runs from September 15th to June 15th. Summer school takes place between those dates. In general, those near the same age are schooled together. Many students come from those with magical background and they are the ones who mostly submit applications rather than being discovered. It’s rare that students younger than 12 live at the school. Many go to a regular school most of the year and only attend McTavish during their Summer vacation. Living in the dorms gives a student the complete enchanted experience. Students may choose to take a Summer vacation or continue studying all year round. Living at the school doesn’t cost anything extra. Nor do the three meals and snacks offered throughout the day. There’s always enough room in the ever expanding school. Especially with Ian McTavish’s recent dabbling with four dimensional architecture! Outside of classes there are many extracurricular activities and sights to explore on the surreal school grounds! Those who stay during Christmas Vacation get the treat of a field trip of the Demi-Angel Santa Claus’s North Pole City!

How To Get To The McTavish Academy

Each continent in the world, except Antarctica, has a handful of magical portals to the Academy that allow for instant teleportation. This cuts down on travel time for those who don’t have the magical means to get there faster than any human transport. It’s especially handy for field trips around the world! Unfortunately, in the past decade some of the North American portals had to be shut down due to constant detection by the US Paranormal Defense Agency. It seems a traitor, most likely a former Professor, or student, decided to help them out! In addition, each ocean has has various portals so water dwelling beings, such as Mermaids, can attend it they wish. Although they mostly attend the Atlantean Academy Of Mystical Arts located in the undersea city of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean. All the portals open in the deep caverns beneath the school where magically armed guards stand ready for any unwanted incursions. Although, the students who arrive are greeted by friendly staff or Ian McTavish himself. Those entering the school above ground must have their magical acceptance invitation in hand in order for the invisibly cloaked school to materialize and welcome them in.

McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences Mission

The main mission of the magic school is to prepare students for the fight against supernatural darkness in defense of humankind for the greater good. Each student is a valuable resource in the coming battles of Armageddon! Ian McTavish ensures that all students are well placed to suit their talents where ever that may be on Earth! The school itself gets involved in defending helpless humans against the supernatural scourge. In that capacity some stay with the school for life as Professors or as a base from which to deal with evil entities. If they stay with the school or end up joining an organization like Mystic Investigations then they can earn a living while helping others. However, there are many to fight the good fight and don’t earn money from it! In that case, they can apply for paranormal grants from the school or other organizations around the world. McTavish also teaches classes on how to raise capital by various means. Sometimes the paranormal professional merely has to hold down a real 9-5 job to survive! Students must have a deep need to defeat evil and defend the innocent no matter the cost!

Magic School Curriculum

The school teaches a plethora of classes that encompass witchcraft, wizardry, sorcery, alchemy, and virtually all forms of known magic. Advanced students may learn about dark magic only as far as knowing how to defend themselves from it. There’s also various classes about supernatural beings, paranormal phenomenon and the history of the secret supernatural world. There are even standard self-defense classes in hand to hand and weapons combat outside of magic. There’s also gym class to keep students in tip top shape. For those who attend full time there are real world classes you’d find in any standard school such math, science, social studies, history, foreign language, etc. For this normal human teachers who can keep their mouth shut are recruited into the exciting world of the supernatural! You can get college level degrees, such as a doctorate, in various forms of magic and other paranormal professions. However, you still need to go to a normal college if you want to be a medical doctor, lawyer, etc. The school financially operates via Ian McTavish’s huge fortune collected over centuries. It’s said he’s secretly a billionaires you’ll never find in Forbes. He has several real world investments that continue to earn him cash along with his early days as a treasure hunter. There are also wealthy philanthropists who donate to the school as well. This includes us here at Mystic Investigations. This covers the students who can’t pay. Those from wealthy families are expected to make annual donations. Creating a sizable amount of money via magic is forbidden and often results in negative repercussions.

The Loch Ness Monster

The McTavish Academy’s mascot is the so called Loch Ness Monster affectionately dubbed Nessie by the students and faculty. Nessie was a mischievous beast magically tamed by Ian McTavish when he was drawn to the mystical waters of the Loch Ness. Ian discovered the monster was a prehistoric demonic beast conjured up by an ancient Sorcerer with nefarious purposes in 555 AD. Ian was able to remove the demonic DNA (Although at the time he didn’t realize he was actually dealing with DNA). After taming Nessie Ian decided Loch Ness was the perfect place to build his spectacular supernatural school.

Nice Nessie!

Now Nessie is so friendly that she lets students ride her around the Loch. She spends quite a bit of time in the tunnels and caverns beneath the school that connect to the Loch. The gentle dinosaur-like creature has dark eyes that will glow yellow occasionally due to absorbing magic from the schools cloaking spell. Her body changes color as well. Dark green in the winter to absorb more solar energy and light blue and white in the summer to deflect. Despite being tame, Nessie displays mischievous tendencies at times and will escape the perimeter of the schools invisibility spell. These sighting have given the world the legend of The Loch Ness Monster. Learn More About The Loch Ness Monster Here…

The Dungeon Prison In The Sub-Basement!

Since the secret supernatural world doesn’t have a government there are a lot of things handled by private individuals and organizations. Judging, sentencing and imprisoning paranormal criminals is imperative when the human justice system can’t handle them! Although, in recent times secret agencies of various governments do have such prisons that simply capture any supernatural being and then experiment or use them in some way that’s beneficial to national security. The most famous being the US Paranormal Defense Agency.

McTavish Prison For The Criminally Insane

Ian McTavish has one of the oldest known paranormal prisons on Earth. We know it as McTavish Maximum Security Prison For The Criminally Insane! The Maximum Security part was added in the mid-20th century to let everyone know his prison meant business! It’s housed in deep sub-basement caverns of the school. More seasoned students enjoy scaring new ones by taking them down there to view the monsters in the cells! There’s also that rumored entrance to the Underworld! The students are perfectly safe as the cells are supernaturally sealed shut by magic and like the school above there is a powerful spell that prevents harm to anyone. Criminals of sound sentient mind are given a trial based on Magna Carta law. They can be found Not Guilty or receive set sentences that allow for release upon competition. Rehabilitation takes place via paranormal psychologist’s and even students at the school studying the supernatural mind. Probation sometimes entails working at the school in a useful capacity before final release into the human world. Some have even been known to stay with the school for the rest of their days.

Notable Students

The current top student is Barclay MacGregor who is considered the most promising 21st-century practitioner of magic. He is currently working toward his doctorate in Wizardry. Ian McTavish has personally taken this talented Wizard under his wing as an Apprentice. He’s grooming him to become a top Professor and perhaps take on the role as second in command of the magic school. Interestingly enough, Barclay had no known magical lineage and was in fact a seemingly average individual until Ian discovered him. He gives hope to people around the world yearning to enter the exciting world of magic! Mystic Investigations very own Demi-Mermaid Witch and Senior Vice-President Rebecca Abernathy is a Valedictorian Alumnus who goes back once a year to give special guest lectures on witchcraft, mermaids, and various other supernatural subjects.

Description Of Headmaster & Sorcerer Supreme Ian McTavish

The Sorcerer Ian McTavish is a tall muscular commanding figure standing at 6′ 5″ in height! Even without magic he would be quite capable of taking down multiple adversaries via his raw power and immense fighting skills! He has emerald green eyes that almost seem to glow with power and often blatantly do because of the massive metaphysical energies surging through his very body and soul! These enchanted energies grant him Superhuman status with enhanced strength, speed, agility, senses, and psychic abilities. He has nearly shoulder length hair that is crimson in color but turns blond or white when channeling great power and casting super spells.

Ian is a handsome gentleman with an outgoing charismatic charm and an ego to match. He outshines everyone in any room he’s in the minutes he walks in! He’s a ladies man who has never been married. However, he keeps that part of his life private to set a good example for students. McTavish has a deep John Tesh style of voice that gets immediate attention even when not speaking loudly. He dons various colors of Sorcerers robes but dark green is his favorite color. No matter what he always wears his emerald green velvet cape that goes to about knee length. It’s thought to be a magical artifact of some type. Ian also enjoys riding his flying Pegasus named Pepper. Click here for our supernatural adventures featuring or mentioning Ian McTavish and his prestigious magic school.

McTavish lives on the upper floors of the main castle within school grounds. This was his original home before turning it into a magic school. His Headmaster Offices are also located there. Nearby off-campus he also has a cottage on ancient McTavish Family land that stretches back several centuries. This is where he lives during the Summer when not traveling. He also has a handful of homes around the world that provide convenient lodging when traveling abroad.

The Battles Of McTavish Magic School

There have been various violent battles at the supernatural school despite ever tougher magical protection spells and mystical countermeasures to prevent evil incursions. As a paranormal place where a great many magical people congregate it can be a metaphysical magnet for trouble! Thankfully over its nearly 700 year history there have only been five episodes enormous enough to brand as battles in the schools history books!

  • The First Battle Of McTavish – July 13th, 1349 – Took place amid Black Death Bubonic Plague Pandemic. The Plague Doctor and others looking to gain power along with gutting the school to gain points with the dark powers that be.
  • The Second Battle Of McTavish – June 6th, 1666 – Headmaster Ian McTavish falls prey to demonic forces and turns to the dark side. 3rd worst battle! In the end he snaps out of it and ejects the forces of evil from his school. It turns out the Devil was personally involved in this as he saw the magic school as a threat to his Earthly minions.
  • The Third Battle Of McTavish – October 31st, 1872 – A deep disagreement between professors as to the right way to teach students. Some want to explore the dark arts so students can take on malevolent magicians better. In reality most wanted a venue to pass on their wayward magics!
  • The Fourth Battle Of McTavish – December 25th, 2012 – 2nd worst battle at the hands of the dark Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo and his allies. Future King Of Hell Diablo sought a artifact, hidden in the school’s walls, that would give him power. He also looked to corrupt students and gain allies while putting the magical institution out of commission permanently! Considered a Pre-Battle Of Armageddon due to the power players present.
  • The Fifth Battle Of McTavish – October 2nd, 2014 – Worst battle by far due to the mass destruction of the grounds via a powerful time travelers technology! A Wake-up call to the magical community that technology could someday overcome magic!

Despite Headmaster Ian McTavish’s paranormal preparedness there have been recent prophecies that indicate that will be at least two more battles at the school. The Sixth Battle may actually be a full blown Battle Of Armageddon in the greater war! The Seventh is foreseen as the final one. A distant future showdown between the magical community and various governments. They finally have the advanced technology and cooperative magical resources to take down those not working for them!


  • Due to its secretive nature the McTavish Magic School doesn’t have a website on the internet as we know it. Technical students have designed one but it’s only accessible by magical means. Only paranormal organizations like Mystic Investigations have information about the school.
  • Master Witch Professor Luna Artemis – Head of the Witchcraft Department

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A Tour Of The Loch Ness Area

Scenic Scotland

The Enchanted Forest

Clearly, there is only so much space around Loch Ness, and any area too large utilized by an organization would easily be noticed. The bulk of the Enchanted Forest on the edge of the campus actually exists in another dimension slightly out of phase with our reality. The Paradise Plane of Goddess Gaia Mother Earth to be exact. Although there is not complete access to the Heavenly reality that is home to nature dieties and every animal that ever died on Earth without a human owner. The edges of the forest are dimensionally folded to continue into a far deeper and darker woodland that actually exists in the somewhat friendlier dimensions of The Underworld. Although these woods can still be a dangerous place and testing ground for advanced students! When coming to the end of the forest there appears to be a clearing in the distance and they find themselves back on school grounds. As long as someone walks in a straight line they should never get lost and end up back where they virtually started.

The Spring Of Elemental Magic

Hidden on the grounds of McTavish is a glowing spring of elemental magic gifted to worthy students by Mother Earth and other Nature Deities who wish to aid humankind. It is a right of passage for a student to find the paranormal pool before their senior year. Anyone attempting to help them will not find their way to it. Drinking and bathing in the serene waters amplify magical abilities.

Magic School Outdoor Campus Sounds

The general ambiance as you walk about the McTavish grounds.

The Botanical Gardens

The bewitching botanical gardens feature both standard and supernatural flora amid various spells cast throughout the serene setting.

Inside A Magic School

The sounds and ambience inside the school of magic.

Study Time

In addition to the main library building, there are a series of smaller libraries or study rooms throughout the campus. This includes ones within the dormitories.

The Secret Pool

By solving a series of riddles students can find this secret supernatural pool of rejuvenation and paranormal power!

🧙‍♂️McTavish Psychic Internet Detection Device……Detecting Your Magic Potential..McTavish Magic School has been informed and is evaluating if you’re worthy enough to be enrolled! If accepted a letter of invitation will magically teleport on to your pillow since they know where everyone lives!🧙‍♀️

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