McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences

McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences is the most preeminent and exclusive school of magic on Earth! It’s located in the magical highlands of Scotland on the shores of the mystical and picturesque Loch Ness.  The entire academy, including the students. are invisibly cloaked via powerful magicks. The school was founded in 1333 by one of the most famous and powerful Sorcerers of all time, Ian McTavish.  He was born in Inveraray, Scotland in 1142 from a long line of magical practitioners, including hereditary witches, that extended back to the building of Stonehenge.  He was a child prodigy of magic and quickly advanced his skills to Wizardry and eventually became a top flight Sorcerer.  His magicks became so powerful that he was able to reverse his aging process and stay forever young.  Today he is still the Immortal Headmaster of the MIAMS and is generally thought to be one of the most powerful persons to wield magic on Earth.  He started the magical school to forge an enchanted path of goodness around the Earth.  He wished to shape countless generations of righteous people to wield magic as a force of good in the eternal fight against evil.  It was the first school of it’s kind, and spawned a handful of other magical institutions around the Earth.

The academy is open to those who pass a test of magical potential.  Students mostly come from families with supernatural backgrounds.  The school teaches various classes, that encompass witchcraft, wizardry, sorcery, and other paranormal studies, to those ages six and up.  Generally those under 18 attend a normal school during the year and attend McTavish in the summer months although some choose to have their kids attend the school exclusively and then come home in the summer.  This is possible since they also teach the same classes you’dView from McTavish Academy grounds on the shore of Loch Ness. find in a normal public school.  Adults over 18 attend as a magical college to master various magical arts.  The most gifted of students often end up becoming teachers and professors.  A number of  students live at the school to get the full experience or don’t have the magical means to make the daily commute from around the world.  Each continent in the world, except Antarctica, has a handful of magical portholes to the Academy that allow for instant teleportation there which cuts the journey time greatly.  However in the past decade the North American porthole had to be shut down due to constant detection by the US Paranormal Defense Agency. It seems a traitor, most likely a former Professor, or student, decided to help them out! In addition, each ocean has a porthole so water dwelling beings, such as mermaids, can attend it they wish.  Although they mostly attend the Atlantean Academy Of Mystical Arts located in the undersea city of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean.

Applications are almost never accepted, and not required because McTavish chooses you, and not the other way around! He, and his top flight mystical staff detect those with magical potential from around the globe! When one is deemed worthy to attend the academy they get a very special notification of acceptance. An invitation to the magic school appears out of nowhere on the pillow of their bed. It will be in a purple envelope that seems to be made of silk yet it’s firm. Your name will be embossed upon it in 24K gold, and Ian McTavish’s official seal will be in gold, silver, and crushed multi-colored crystals. Inside will be a magical invitation on a type of iridescent glittering paper you’ve never seen before. It will instruct you on how to reach the magic school to begin your lessons. And no it doesn’t involve you going to a train station, and running into a brick wall. 

The Loch Ness Monster

The McTavish Academy’s mascot, the so called Loch Ness Monster affectionately dubbed Nessie by the students and faculty, was a mischievousLoch Ness monster photographed off Loch Ness shore at McTavish Academy. beast magically tamed by Ian McTavish when he was drawn to the mystical waters of the Loch Ness.  Ian discovered the monster was a prehistoric demonic beast conjured up by an ancient Sorcerer with nefarious purposes in 555 AD.  Ian was able to remove the demonic DNA (Although at the time he didn’t realize he was actually dealing with DNA) and now Nessie is so friendly that she lets students ride her around the loch.  After taming Nessie Ian decided Loch Ness was the perfect place to build his spectacular supernatural school.  He bought the land and built a castle under a magical cloaking spell with the help of a paranormal work crew.  Over the years he’s purchased more land and expanded the facilities greatly.  To an outside observer the land looks natural, untouched and free of any buildings or signs of any person on the property.  To avoid confusion the cloaking spell cloaks normal people accidentally traveling across the land from being seen by the students and faculty.  If this wasn’t the case then people might walk through the walls and appear as ghosts to the student’s.  Animals are able to see the grounds and sometimes walk through the walls while other times avoiding the buildings.  The grounds are also home to mythical animals such as Unicorns which are also cloaked from being seen by the general public.  Unfortunately Nessie, still mischievous at times, will escape the perimeter of the invisibility spell and be seen by someone in the countryside.

The current top student is Barclay MacGregor who is considered the most promising 21st century practitioner of magic.  He is currently working toward his doctorate in Wizardry.  Ian McTavish has personally taken this talented Wizard under his wing grooming him to become a top professor, and perhaps second in command of the magic school.

Mystic Investigations very own Demi-Mermaid Witch Rebecca Abernathy is an alumni who goes back once a year to give special guest lectures on witchcraft, and mermaids.

The Sorcerer Ian McTavish is a tall muscular commanding figure of at least 6′ 6″ in height who usually wears a green Sorcerer’s robe with a long flowing velvet cape. He had emerald green eyes that almost seem to glow with power, and often blatantly do because of the massive magical powers surging through him! He has nearly shoulder length hair that is crimson but turns blond when channeling great power.  He has an outgoing charismatic charm, and an ego to match that outshines everyone in the room.  Ian has a deep John Tesh style of voice that gets immediate attention even when not speaking loudly.  Click here for our supernatural adventures featuring or mentioning Ian McTavish, and his prestigious magic school.