Supernatural Cults

In the paranormal world there are a plethora of perplexing cults that worship at the feet of dark supernatural entities. Most are misguided humans looking to be apart of something amazing to bring meaning to their sad lives. In the end they fall prey to the dark side and meet their maker in Hell!

  • Satan’s Saviors – This is known to be the largest supernatural cult with malevolent members around the world. It is one of two official cults sanctioned by the Devil himself.
  • The Guardians Of Lucifer’s Light – The second largest cult created by Satan targets those who believe he’s still an Archangel rather than an Archdemon. They think he’s a misunderstood deity who got a raw deal. These people are beyond delusional!
  • The Disciples Of Diablo – Followers of the King Of Hell and Sorcerer Supreme Dimitri Diablo.
  • The Helpers Of Hades – A cult dedicated to the King Of The Underworld.
  • The Plague Doctor Cult – The master of spreading disease has one of the largest and most well organized cults that has connections in government, corporations and beyond!
  • The Mardi Gras Joker Cult aka The Mistick Krewe Of The Jolly Joker – The Voodoo Master and leader of Mardi Gras has a rather large cult.
  • The Jason Voorhees Cult – Yeah Jason is real and he has his own cult. However he barely tolerates them only because they bring him fresh meat to slay!
  • The Clown Cult – Klaus Kane and his merry band of killer clowns!
  • The Slender Man Cult – Mainly teens who aid Slenderman in his kidnapping of children.
  • The Darkness Cult – They worship The Darkness, aka the very personification of evil in our Omniverse. Thankfully, so few know of The Darkness so it has a very small membership…at least on Earth anyway.
  • The Vampire Baka Cult – His followers worship him as the biggest vampire on Earth!
  • The Carrie Cult – A cult of bullied individuals who worship the Goddess Carrie, aka Carrie White.

There’s an armada of cults centered around all manner of supernatural beings including demons, dark deities, higher dimensional entities, practitioners of magic and more!

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