March 27, 2023

9 thoughts on “Is There Anyone More Evil Than The Devil?

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  2. Oh god.. That is scary! Xavier,.. Many yrs ago! I had a very lucid nightmare! It shook me to my core! Back in 2009 or 08′. I was in darkness.. Like in outer space. A very dark prison. Shadowy like creatures surrounded me. I could only hear and feel them. They tried pulling the light out of me. This huge white light would come out of me.. and it would hover above my head. Then it would go right back down inside me…. They did this many times… Each time it would return to my body .. It began to burn me. I began to scream in such horror… It hurt them to hear me screaming…. I gave out a very high pitch I never thought I could do. Then they stopped. Yes’…. The deep voice.. of many.. Asked me to release them. They told me if I did.. I would become part ruler of the cozmos’… and ALL! I told them NO! I woke up sweaty and one of the worse head rushes ever.

    While reading this article.. made me remember the horror I went through… Felt like forever and time stood still. I felt like I’d never leave that place. I don’t know how they got ahold of me. Since then,… I haven’t returned. Was that the place? Their are MANY of those creatures. And yes’.. The most evil I’ve ever been around. Satan isn’t as bad as them. If they ever are released upon the universe or ever out.. We all are doomed forever! They are PURE EVIL! Beyond the movies. Yes’.. Let’s not let them out ever!

    1. The Darkness is non only an entity but acts as the Omniverse Gods personal prison, and other horrifying creatures have been placed within The Darkness. In a great many cases they are spontaneous manifestations of Gods emotions, or thoughts that he simply can’t destroy. Indeed if they were ever released, and were able to possess the Omniverse Gods mind this entire reality would become Hell itself!

  3. If the darkness escaped, could He/She take a biological form and Destroy the Earth? Being a Entity as well as a sub-conscious Aspect of God, could they overpower Archangels/Angels? Would they become the king of Hell?

    1. The Darkness has no gender. There wouldn’t be a need to take biological form. However since their power is only slightly below the Omniverse God it’s safe to say they could simultaneously take trillions of physical forms in countless realities, and dimensions taking over anything they wish. Most likely the Darkness would possess the Omniverse God, and take over everything instantly. The non-interference neutrality edicts of a plethora of realities would cease, and Hell would ensue everywhere!

  4. What about Dmitri Diablo ,did he not visit the Darkness? Maybe he would like to know if he can withstand the darkness any longer than Satan himself ? I mean if he can’t (take on), let alone withstand the Darkness, then he can’t even hope to defeat the Omniverse God,right?

    Plus, Xavier I remembered you wrote somewhere here that Dmitri had secured his soul somewhere secretive so now it is no longer bound to heaven or hell?Funny I read it once but afterwards can’t retrace that article.Could u pose the link as a reply if you remember?

    1. We’re not sure if Diablo is afraid when he says,”I do not acknowledge the existence of The Darkness! There is only the Omniverse God, and I will possess his very soul to the core!” That’s his convenient excuse for not visiting The Darkness.

      I remember saying that but I can’t recall where. We recently learned that Diablo has secured his highest dimensional soul outside this Omniverse in a hidden protective dimensional shell. He was able to leave briefly due to his Hell powers. It’s thought his soul will be a staging zone for his planned Omniverse take over.

      1. Wow,i can’t even start to comprehend what he have done with his soul…I’ve always thought that you either belong in heaven or hell or wander in between until either side claims you but what happens what is going to happen to him(Dmitri) from now on? Does this mean he would be neither demon nor angel after he dies but rather an independant entity…or…he will never be bound by heaven or hell laws thus making him a free soul?

  5. Could the Macroversal Darkness even take over the entire macroverse? I mean is the Macroversal Darkness even infinite? Also wouldn’t the Light entity fight back against the darkness? Assuming the darkness broke free, wouldn’t the Omniverse God actually try to stop it?

    1. I think the Macroverse is a neural network of every Omniverse God, or even higher level Gods, that in turn form one consciousness. I don’t think any one entity could take it over. Not to mention the fact that it’s probably not possible to take over something that’s infinite like the Macroverse.

      The Darkness could fully possess the Omniverse God, and take over that way. Or the Omniverse God might allow the Darkness to proceed with his escape to play out that mathematical probably simply out of curiosity.

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