July 6, 2022

Past Paranormal Questions?

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Past supernatural questions, or concerns of a metaphysical nature about the planet of the paranormal we live upon. Our top-flight team of busy paranormal professionals answered as many as they could! Search our site if you don’t see what you’re looking for here.

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379 thoughts on “Past Paranormal Questions?

  1. Free Manifestation Reading!
      1. Unfortunately they’re membership is very exclusive since it’s the top magic school on Earth. So exclusive that nobody can actually apply but rather they hand pick potential students. I got a letter magically delivered informing me of my acceptance. Naturally nobody is going to turn them down so I attended despite it never crossing my mind.

    1. How do I start an investigation ?
      How or who do I give the information
      to? Do you give me a private email
      address? Is this confidential?

      1. Do you have something to investigate? Post the information on here. Ah no you can use your own email. No why would it need to be confidential? Registering for our site is for the sole purpose of commenting, and asking questions. We require it due to the scourge of mindless registration spammers. Every page also has Facebook comments that allow for a person to comment without registration. I think you may have been confused by the “Join Us” page. It was a metaphorical “Join Us” as in follow our website such as you would follow a Facebook page or Twitter account.

        1. So the information I give you is viewable to
          all who register? I dont know where to start.
          I am involved in the whole last days scenario
          Lets start with villains. The posting of your
          “This man ” billboard I have seen in, Clinton,
          What is the email address of someone
          to start the process? I have learned to keep
          my mouth shut from people who have no awareness. Dont want to make a mistep.

          1. How can I re-register so my name
            does not appear on your forum?
            Also it would be easier for me to fax
            you some information. Do you have
            a fax number?


  2. I believe i might be a werewolf. Some of my friends have even said i resemble a wolf. Is there any chance I’d be able to control it?? I really don’t want getting shot to be the end for me. Any advice??

    1. It’s true that most people don’t have any idea that they’re a Werewolf until the evidence begins to build. You may indeed transform, and have no memory of it ever happening. I’d suggest locking yourself in a cage, or restraining yourself in steel shackles with a video camera trained on you so you can see if you transform into a Werewolf on full moon nights. Over time some people have learned to control their Werewolf transformations through meditation and even hypnosis. They can prevent full moon transformations, transform without a full moon, and even be humanly conscious while in Werewolf form.

  3. so this would mean a smaller chance of hurting those i love, right?? by the way, would a friend & i be able to join the Mystic Investigations team, he’s a hybrid of a few supernatural creatures, & all we know about me is i have enhanced senses, strength, speed, & can take a major hit with little to no damage, so possible werewolf

    1. It could be. Werewolves are muscular in human form along with having above average strength, and speed. If you have that going on along with blacking out on full moon nights then you may indeed be a vampire.

  4. is there such a thing as a werecat?? if so, what do they look like?? i mean, do they look like one specific type of feline, or can they be various in type??

    1. We’re still researching your question about Werecats however they do in fact exist, and originate in multiple cultures around the world. We’ll be posting a main article about the various types of Werecats very soon.

    2. Yes, There are indeed were cats..as for appearance they are often smaller in stature than werewolves. although they are not quite as strong as werewolves they are still strong enough to throw cars and larger objects do not underestimate them.they are also leaner and tend to rely on stealth and agility more when hunting often quickly dispatching their victims without a sound. Though they are quite rare…

    1. Insomnia is common among those cursed with Lycanthropy. Those used to a diurnal lifestyle find themselves wanting to stay awake at night. Fortunately it’s not bad enough for them to change their life around. However on the nights of the full moon when they transform into Werewolves they are awake all night rampaging about the dark shadows of the lunar light. When they return to human form in the morning they are usually dead tired, and will call in sick to work or school. In fact this is one way to identify Werewolves. Those who repeatedly call in sick on full moons are to be suspected.

    1. yes…there are a few subspecies of werewolves just as there are subspecies of regular wolves example: Grey Wolf, Timber wolf, etc.. though it is difficult to document in werewolves….

  5. what would you say if i told you that a vampire/werewolf kingdom was being started in ireland, i know you guys are in europe thanks to your use of that specific timezone, so what would u do??

    1. You’re saying there’s a cooperative supernatural government being formed between vampire, and werewolf factions? I wasn’t aware of that. I only know about the Transylvania vampire government King Dagan and Queen Gula which you can read about at: http://mysticinvestigations.com/supernatural-beings/vampires.htm#vampire-government. I’d imagine the vampire royals won’t like this new alliance, and will see it as a threat to their authority over vampires, and much of the paranormal world they feel they have domain over.

  6. newer generations tend to share a bond, my brother is a vampire/werewolf hybrid, his wife is a vampire, i’m a werewolf, my fiance is a vampire, our special forces guy is a vampire, but we’re starting up a kingdom that was almost completely annihilated by vampire hunters, king had no heir so he chose my brother just before he died from war, & i’m the heir for now at least, i don’t remember the kings name, but it wasn’t Dagan. werewolves r gonna play a pretty big role this time around though. we r a younger generation, we don’t let species turn us against each other.

  7. HI I an new and interested but before I plunge into the forum/blog I would really like to know how you know what you write and say are true, and can you prove any of it to me


    1. The world of the paranormal cannot be proved in an indirect manner. It must be lived directly as we do when battling the forces of evil. Due to the Supernatural Secrecy Pact Of 33 AD we can only relay our knowledge through words which must be believed upon faith. We would face Angelic repercussions submitting video or other strong evidence to the world.

  8. i dont really know how to prove it, but i mean, none of us are even legal age according to our legal documents. we are young, but we are strong. wolves arent considered slaves, we are considered great warriors


  9. Exactly. I don’t think the majority of people should know the truth. Since they live in there safe bubble. I wish I could meet a royal Vampire. I have many questions. I believe we all can live in peace. Only if we want it bad enough.

    1. You wouldn’t want to meet a royal vampire. At least not in the upper echelon. They are the quintessence of evil, and they worships the demonic forces of the Underworld.

  10. I see. I was hoping they were more of an Intellectual being. That can be reasoned with? Since I am here, I do have another question for you Admin. Would it be possible for a Manicore to co-exist here on Earth in human form? They would change on the New Moon. Also the Manicore can’t be defeated by werewolves. They have spines or Armour around there body. When the werewolves attacked it. They were badly hurt and killed. When it roared it was as if a sonic whom echoed and the wolves perished.

    I ask. Because someone close to me told me there experience when they so called. Wolfed out. He told me he had Armour and when he Roared something powerful happened.He also told me that he had a tail that stung. So I am wondering.- What if there are Manicore hybrid Vampires? I know this is a bizarre question. But that is what came to mind. Perhaps a new family of them are here to protect the innocent humans. Only explanation I have for the Armour and tail. It’s not like there’s a mirror.

    All I know is.. The werewolves can’t defeat it. Also the change happens on the New Moon. Like tonight. Don’t be alarmed because if it is so. This Manicore breed is good. They mean no Vampire harm. They are the one’s who run away and get attacked and swarmed like bee’s. Only fight in defense. Also protect the innocent people. What are your thoughts on this Admin?

    1. In general vampires are stronger than Werewolves due to the closer relation to demons within the vampires bloodline. There’s also the fact that Werewolves aren’t immortal while vampires amass more strength over time. However the most powerful variety of Werewolves, the Lycans, are generally equal in strength to the average vampire.

    1. Well clearly they’re demonic if they have no whites in their eyes, and it’s all pitch black. They, and other supernatural beings have a variety of glowing eye colors as well. However they hide it most of the time so as not to give away who they are.

  11. great, so now i have to save my ex from a demonic vamp/wolf hybrid. by the way, is there such a thing as imprinting?? u know, like loving someone forever, ’cause if there is i’m imprinting on her like crazy

  12. Hey Drake, do vamps tend to stay centered around the ways of the time period when they were actually living humans, or do they advance as technology does??

    1. They do tend to stick to their old ways in certain areas but adapt quickly in others to blend in, and hone in on their prey of blood. As far as technology if it’s not necessary to meet their goals they’ll usually lag behind. I only started using the internet recently because Mystic Investigations put up a website.

      I also think of my home time period as the 1270’s and 1280’s since those are the decades I grew up in.

    1. I assume you mean the actual destruction of Earth by an asteroid, alien or man made weapons, or the sun ultimately turning into a red giant engulfing the entire planet in five billion years. Actually one billion years from now the oceans will boil away. 600-800 billion years from now the sun will be so hot that photosynthesis can no longer take place. We’ll need the technology to get a new planet or alter the orbit of Earth in about 500 million years at the latest.

      However by then humans will have probably settled other planets with life or places they terraformed. It’s safe to assume that the various supernatural beings of Earth would follow. They would travel to new worlds on human star ships, or via magical portholes. There’s surely other planets with alien beings like ourself, and on that planet they have supernatural beings as well. Perhaps our supernatural beings will engage in battle with their paranormal entities in a battle to dominate the new world at the same time humans are warring with the aliens.

  13. Hey Zack, how do you tone down your abilities, i mean im just a bit older than you, but im a werewolf who needs to tone it down a lil, any advice that’ll help??

    1. First I was a wimp who could barely lift the weight bar without weights in gym class. Then I was a quadriplegic with no hope of a life. Then a mad scientist gave me four bionic limbs that he wanted me to use for nefarious purposes so his emphasis was on using the full force of my biomechanical power. Unfortunately I have no computerized brain interface. I use my limbs just as I would my real ones. I will them to move without a second thought just as anyone else would their arms, and legs. It took me six months before I had careful control mastered so as not to hurt anyone or break things thereby drawing attention to myself. Although I still slip up if I loose control of my emotions. You need to be in complete control of your emotions even if you’re angry. There’s a difference between uncontrollable anger, and a controlled anger that channels your power when it’s needed. When not in anger mode you basically need to pretend that everything is made of Styrofoam, and balsa wood. Especially people. A simple hand shake can turn into a hand full of crushed bones real quick without even thinking. You hear that crunching sound, and it’s like “oh crap!”

  14. yeah, i know that feeling, it scared me senseless knowing that it was physically possible for me to do that, so yeah, werewolves(lycans to be more specific) can relate to that quite well

    1. We haven’t heard from him in a long time, and our efforts to use magical time travel have failed to find him. However our psychic tells us he is doing okay. She’s getting his vibes five dimensionally which means he’s in a distant parallel Universe. Since there’s near infinite parallel Universes it’s nearly impossible to locate him. I’m confident he will find his way home someday.

  15. Please the reflection on mirror is not me,Someday acidentaly i cut my finger,so i try to clean my hand in bathtub,i see my reflection in the water,i know its my face but its not me,trust me im not stupid or idiot,i swear the reflection somehow diffrent,that thing is following me,everytime i look myself in mirror i saw myself but i know its not me,the smile just creep me out.i dont know what to do,is that ghost,monster,or what but trust me,im not stupid.now i phobia with my own reflection,please help thanks

    1. It sounds like you’re mildly possessed by a low level demon who is practicing for a major possession someday or simply messing with you. I recommend going to the nearest Catholic Church, and dunking your head in the holy water. Also ask a Priest to bless you. I don’t think you need an exorcism. Don’t worry this isn’t as bad as it seems. Let us know how it turns out.

  16. where are reverse vampires found ? i want to become one of them and where is the mystic plant found that turns humans into reverse vampires ?

    1. We don’t know where you could find a reverse vampire. The location of the vampire plant is also a mystery. They are very rare, and blend into human society since they love the sunlight. Drake ran across one centuries ago but the rest of us have never met a Reverse Vampire.

  17. I’m a werewolf, but I’ve only been one for 4 years. Since I was bitten, my friends have been helping me out when I transform. Funny, we got the idea from Harry Potter. Anyway, I was wondering if there was something like Wolfsbane that could control my transformations. Please help!! I don’t want to hurt anyone!!

    1. I replied to your other post with some information. Yes Wolfsbane will help if you drink it diluted in water or take herbal capsules. You will build up resistance to it when Werewolf hunters try to use it on you, and it will also help suppress your Werewolf DNA. However Wolfsbane is a dangerous herb, and you would be better off taking colloidal silver. Also you will have to transform at some point to release the build up supernatural energies.

      Many so called pieces of supernatural fiction tend to have some truth in them. That includes Harry Potter. Let’s just say that we saw JK Rowling at a magical school in Scotland once. She didn’t just make all that up out of thin air.

  18. Thank you for the advice. Another question though. Where might I find Wolfsbane or colloidal silver? I’m not too familiar with werewolves and such. Thanks for the advice again. It will be put to good use.

    1. You can buy colloidal silver anywhere including Amazon.com. Wolfsbane is more difficult to come by since it’s poisonous to humans, and Werewolves. You can however find plant seeds on ebay and other places under the name Aconitum or Monkshood. I’d go with a low dosage colloidal silver rather than the Wolfsbane which can be more dangerous for a Werewolf. I also strongly suggest you do this under the supervision of an experienced Cryptozoologist or Lycanthropologist. Just check your local yellow pages.

  19. Thanks for the info on my curse. I was bitten though, so is it still possible for me to return to normal? Is it normal that when I get really angry I start to transform? I don’t mean all the way wolf, but my eyes turn black and I grow fangs and sometimes claws. Is that normal? If so, could I use colloidal silver to help prevent transforming in public like this? Please help!!

  20. laurar jat kela mor lor sor toi kela………………… “hope u recover ” dhut kela enai misa koisu kela………. “live well ” 🙂

  21. Dear admin i heard that a worldwide UFOs is going to reveal to earth so that everyone will know that UFO are Real..so tell me is this true that we will have a Full UFO discloser…..to everyone?? just wonder..

    1. We don’t have any intelligence indicating that any group of aliens will reveal themselves to the world. It’s in their best interest to remain hidden until they gain reinforcements for a full invasion. Certainly the governments of the world collude to keep the secret, and the upper echelon wealthy elites who rule our world are in league with Reptilian aliens. The government doesn’t want a panic, and they don’t want the conspiracy to take over the planet revealed.

  22. Hello Mystic investigations. I wanted to know, is the philosopher’s stone real? Have you had experiences with it? Also, when you die and you are being judged on how many of your parallel lives are good or evil, does your main life/centre reality make a big contribution?

    1. We don’t have any personal experience with the Philosopher’s Stone but we believe it’s real. Studies of ancient records indicate it is most likely a gift presented to ancient humankind by friendly aliens. In fact it was first seen on the ancient lost continent of Atlantis that eventually spawned the Mermaid race. The large crystal like stone, said to be the size of a stack of 3 books, can turn a number of colors but it’s been mostly seen as red, and at times white in color. It’s said that by touching the stone words appear upon it in a way that would be described today as digital. It’s storehouse of knowledge, and the stone itself can do a number of things such as transmutation of base metals into gold, and silver along with turning common crystals into diamonds, and other precious metals. It also gives off a perpetual glow, and can create perpetually burning lamps. It’s said to be the elixir of life as well. Consuming a small portion of the stone in powder form can heal all ills, reverse aging, and instill immortality into a person. It’s even been rumored to resurrect dead life from humans to plants. Presumably the stone regenerates itself from a person scraping powder from it’s edges. It can also create a clone of person among other powers. It’s most likely an advanced alien technology, and a perpetual energy source. A holy grail of Universal knowledge that could propel humankind into Godhood if ever found. According to legend it was last seen in the hands of the 13th-century scientist and philosopher Albertus Magnus who then supposedly passed it to his pupil, Thomas Aquinas, shortly before his death in 1280. Currently it’s unknown where the Philosopher’s Stone resides. Is it buried in the sands of desolate desert? Lost under the dark depths of the sea? In the hands of the wealthy elite plutocrats that run our planet? Sitting in a museum somewhere without anyone knowing what it is? Maybe in someones attic? Or quite possibly reclaimed by the aliens who gave it to humankind to begin with?

  23. hey, i was just curious about lycanthropy. see i have noticed for a while now that i become more agressive, assertive, dominate and all around Alpha during the week of the full moon, i am only asking because i read about the 80% and up rule for werewolves. is it possible to have a dormant from of lycanthropy that doesn’t force a change or is it something else entirely?

    1. It’s possible you have Lycan ancestors. The genetic line may be so diluted that you don’t manifest any wolf like characteristics but still are effected to an extent by the full moon.

    1. It’s not really something you can decide you want, and then seek it out. You’re either born with power or fate bestows it upon you by various means. Humans with no power generally turn to magic which can allow you to bestow superhuman abilities upon yourself once you advance to a certain level. However rare few are ever able to tap into real magic.

  24. Members of Mystic Investigations, I ask for permission in joining you at Woodland Springs sometime in the future as it is your territory. Of course, I’ll have to ask my guardian angels but i wanted to know if it would be okay with you.

    1. Sure if you can make your way to Woodland Springs feel free to drop by our office at: 777 Mystic Way between business hours (9AM- 5PM Monday thru Friday). Naturally we might not all be there at once since we go out on cases throughout the day. If none of us are there the receptionist will direct you to the VIP client lounge right next to the cafeteria where you can watch our big screen satellite TV or partake of various free refreshments. You may also visit our roof top garden, and get a view of the town. Or explore our lush acre garden in back of our building until our return. We advise steering clear of the basement levels which contain dangerous paranormal animals under the care of our Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie.

    1. I don’t think the vast power base of the global Plutocracy sees our little operation as a threat or they would have probably taken us out by now. I think we only got on their radar when we took down the powerful Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo at the Bilderberg meeting in June. They were thankful until of course he took over as the Devil. However we had a hand in expelling him from his position as King Of Hell recently. I’m sure after these events they are keeping a watchful eye on us but we have yet to directly attack them in a major way. They generally only go after people they see as real threats to their global empire since the more they attack, and kill the more likely their New World Order conspiracy will be exposed to the general public whose currently fast asleep to our reality. Luckily we have magical counter measures in place courtesy of our powerful resident witch Rebecca Abernathy, her coven, and our other supernatural allies in the fight against evil.

    1. The Elites don’t really see Anonymous as a threat, and the US Government only sees it as an annoyance. In fact they kind of like them because it’s the perfect excuse to control the internet in the name of security.

  25. There are three hybrids who could potentially be the ruler of Halloween, The eldest two will be taken over by Satan’s most trusted demons, the third one is struggling to not succumb to his demon half but its difficult the youngest hybrid has been training as best as it can with the resources that it has, but for the hybrid to be the neutral Christ it will need advanced training from an expert.

    1. You’ve totally lost me on this one. The ruler of Halloween has been confirmed to be a half angel half demon hybrid. He or she is believed to be the only hybrid of their kind since a union between an Angel and Demon is totally unheard of. For there to be three hybrids would be beyond belief. However there’s always forces of evil fighting to take command of Halloween.

  26. We can work together I have the same goals as you, I have informed Drake that I need his blood, I need it within a couple of days, Satans army will attack and i will only be able to hold him off for a short time in my current state

    1. For legal reasons we can’t give away blood. You might want to seek the services of a witch doctor or Cryptozoologist in your area. No offense but I seriously doubt you can single handedly hold of Satan’s demonic army. No one entity except God could do that.

    2. You’re mentioning a lot of things that don’t jive with paranormal reality. It could be you are from a parallel Universe where these things exist. Perhaps you slipped here by some magical accident or through some power you have. Either way you’re a fish out of water. You need to get back to your own reality to stop Satan’s army.

  27. There is a spot that is concerning me out here (Santee, CA). Near my house has been a hot spot for as long as I have lived here. But there is a particular spot, a base of sorts, that I found on a walk. This area oozes a dark energy. I am worried about it. It may be where I and some of my friends have heard odd noises from occasionally. Do you think anything should be done about it?

    1. From what we’ve heard she’s a real Necromancer, and member of the professional paranormal community. Drake Alexander says he was frozen by her stare for several seconds across a roomful of people at a paranormal investigators convention in Texas. Since he’s technically dead a Necromancer can have power over him. She was attempting to force him out the door into the sunlight because she probably sensed he was a vampire. He managed to break her mental grip at the last second, and he escaped through a sewer grate in an underground parking garage.

    2. Xavier is correct. The Necromancer Waugh nearly forced me to walk into the sunlight in an effort to kill me. I think she’s the type who doesn’t see a gray area in the world of the paranormal. Certain creatures are all evil or all good in her eyes. However that’s just my opinion based on my own experience. Her gaze truly sent terror through my non-beating heart as I stood paralyzed, and then began moving toward the door as if I was a puppet being pulled by strings. Only the gaze of Dimitri Diablo scares me more. I would not want to run into her again. That’s why I always get a guest list for all paranormal professional events. If Lisa Lee Harp Waugh is attending then I’m staying the hell away!

  28. Do all the citizens of Woodland Springs know about the supernatural, is there any empty houses i can buy and at how much? Also, how many people know about the real paranormal world(estimate) and is there like a global paranormal organisation(earthly)?

  29. Would you mind writing about your experience in hell, i would really love to hear all about it. Speaking of which, is Hades really the king of an underworld of souls?

  30. By the way, what do you think of the story of vampire origins on the gods and monsters website? just type in “ambrogio vampire” on your search engine.

  31. How’s everyone doing? I’m new to this site so I thought I would start off by posting my biography if that’s alright. I usually feel awkward asking others to open up to me about their paranormal experience if I haven’t done so myself. This is just a personal preference, and not meant to be forced on anyone ells of course.

    My name is Brian, but I am more commonly known as Adan. Adan was my name during my last pass life which took place during the 1700’s in Spain. I joined the United States Army directly out of HS when I was 18, and received an honorable discharge 3 years later at the age of 21 (I’m currently 22). I’m now attending college to one day become a veterinarian. I really enjoy being around animals, so naturally I would want to help them. During my spare time when I’m not studying my course material or the paranormal; I’m avidly training and working at a mixed martial arts gym. My job at the gym primarily consist of coaching boxing technique, for I started boxing at the age of 12 long before I ever stepped foot in a mixed martial arts gym. I have a small group of friends; however none of which I’m very close to, and here’s why. I’ll start from the beginning. When I was about 12 or 13 something inside me began to literally pull me towards the paranormal. I don’t quite know why I began feeling this way, as I still ponder it to this day. My current theory is that something might have been passed down from my mother (who passed away in 2009 may she rest in peace). She had MANY paranormal experiences, and I’ve never known her to lie about her experiences. I’ll circle back around to that as I further explain myself. In any case from the years 2001 through 2009 were my trial and error years when speaking about metaphysics and the paranormal that is. It wasn’t until 2010 that I came in contact with a true mentor and practitioner. To make a long story short he gave me a gift before we parted ways. The gift was a Vampire spirit whom possessed the power to transform me into a Psychic Vampire; however this wasn’t just simply given to me by the spirit. I had to perform a certain amount of spiritual work before I was ready. I still remember when it first happened. You see, it had to be done during a Lucid dream. It’s during this Lucid dream that I had to say a certain phrase that my mentor told me before hand. When I said the phrase the dream went pitch black, and then my kundalini (prana energy) began to rise (rapidly). This energy was Vampiric, and it was so intense that I was utterly frightened. I woke up and sat up in my bed just shocked at what had just happened. From that point on I knew that the world I was living in was a lie. I went on to perform this ritual several more times after, sometimes 2 and 3 times a day. Regardless of what anyone says I know my story to be true to the best of my memory. Being a Psychic Vampire is definitely a roller coaster ride as far as relationships, emotions, spiritual contact, and yes even energy. Naturally I’m a very intense person, by this I mean that people mildly recoil from me because I do indeed take energy from whom I desire. This really just so happens to be anybody I start a type of relationship with. Now you see why I have a small group of friends. Ever since I became a Psychic Vampire I have discovered many abilities such as a slight increase in physical abilities (when I’m high on energy), literally knowing when people are lying, in-tune with people’s emotions/ thought field, etc. Now when I say increased physical abilities I don’t mean anything superhuman; however I have noticed my hand speed and fighting IQ have increased. I’m also more charismatic than I use to be. My relationships with women rarely last for reasons I have previously stated above, but this doesn’t mean I have a problem grabbing the attention of whom I want. I’m also a keeper of many different class of Demon, Djinn, vampire, Water nymph, and of course werewolf. I don’t consider myself a “master” of spirits… Quite simply a keeper of them. Well I guess that’s it for now. Feel free to ask me any questions about myself. I also welcome good conversation.

    My questions,
    Is my theory on why I tend to have mildly distant or short lived relationships correct? If so why or why not?
    Do Psychic Vampires get along with one another? I only ask because I myself have never had a relationship of any kind with another.
    Also, my questions are open to anyone here. Forgive me if anything I’ve said is a little off, as it is accurate to the best of my ability.

    Thanks for your time,

    1. There are mystical paranormal hot spots, such as our hometown of Woodland Springs, all around the world. However the nation with the most supernatural activity is interestingly enough the United States. This is due to this being the melting pot of immigration. This applies to both humans, and paranormal beings. Many supernatural beings saw the New World as an new opportunity for fresh prey, and mayhem. We also have the largest population of magic practitioners who converged from around the world. There’s also the fact that the USA is the Illuminati’s power base for world domination which attracts a lot of paranormal activity especially due to the atrocities committed by the government in the name of the people. In addition our dumbed down populace is vulnerable.

  32. not to complain or anything but last time i was on (6 months ago) i could’ve sworn y’all said somethin about puttin some werecat info on the site, but i still havent seen anything & i’d really like to learn more about them, btw what do u know about something known as the spirit realm??

    1. Okay here’s the deal pal! I checked out the Mystic Assignment Log, and apparently I was assigned to head up the research on this. I’ve been searching all over my office for the memo, and found the paper totally brown with coffee stains under a potted plant in the corner of my office. I have no idea how it got there but I do recall spilling my coffee all over my desk days before Christmas back in December 2011. I frantically cleaned it up, and I guess the memo flew off somewhere under it’s own power. We were under pressure of the Anti-Claus, and his nefarious plans to thwart Christmas! I had a load of paranormal activity on my plate! I guess my mind just wasn’t into Werecats at Christmas. None of us has ever run into a Werecat, and has never really looked into them. Still we should be prepared for the day when these ferocious felines rear their ugly heads into our sphere of influence. I recall me, and Xavier having a brief unit in Cryptozoology class at the Colorado College Of Paranormal Studies where we got our Paranormal Masters Degrees. Oh gosh I think that’s where I first fell in love with Xavier as we listened to Professor Cauliflower’s boring lecture on zombie bees.

      So I’m having my secretary print up a fresh memo, and I’ll get right on that after I polish my pink Porsche. Some rotten bird did his business on it, and I can’t stand looking at it out my window.

    2. Feel the magic! Hear the roar! Werecats are loose! We’re all giving up our Friday, and possibly Saturday night out just to get this Werecat project done. We got a pot of coffee steaming, and we’re ready to burn the Midnight oils strong into dawn, and beyond!

  33. How do I get involved? I know im destined for the supernatural/paranormal world and to become different than the human race. How do I learn more and get started. Thank you for your time in reading and response. Please contact me to get more info and engage in conversation.

    1. If you’re destined to be in the world of the supernatural then your eyes will be open to the various paranormal beings, and metaphysical forces around you. You can also take classes in the paranormal sciences, and start a supernatural investigation service in your own area. There’s nothing worse for a person when they’re faced with a ferocious monster, or higher dimensional being and there’s no paranormal listings in their yellow pages.

      As for your apparent mention of acquiring powers of some type why do you think that is the case?

    1. I just took a break from our Werecat research project. We’ve all been working non-stop since last night. Everyone except me is fast asleep with their heads on the tables with books stacked all about. Rebecca feels bad about spilling coffee on the memo last year, and then losing it all together under a potted plant. Zack Powers was hopped up on Mountain Dew all night before his head finally collapsed on his laptop keyboard. It brings a tear to my undead eye to see how dedicated they all are to a project that will earn them not one penny. God bless them! OUCH! I forgot as a vampire I can’t say phrases like that!

    1. People can be very touchy when it comes to religion. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what religion you’re affiliated with but how you live your life. Even if someone is an atheist they will go to Heaven if they are judged to be good.

  34. I thank you all for your hard work with no pay 🙂 it is so kind of you. I read the post and it is very interesting and informative 😀

    Hahaha Drake don’t hurt yourself, I’m surprised you forgot! 😛

    1. I myself have many millions I’ve accumulated over the centuries so money doesn’t really mean anything to me. Especially when I don’t have the same biological needs as humans. The rest of my team makes plenty of money from our paying clients. We get enough millionaire, and billionaire clients with various paranormal issues to keep our operation up, and running. We most enjoy our pro-bono work because that’s were the real heart of the battle against evil resides.

    1. Werewolves are still human. You probably have someone obsessed with you for whatever reason, and they’re using their Werewolf form to do the stalking. Perhaps to scare you more. Either they’re in complete control of their wolf transformations, and maintain their human consciousness, or when they transform their Werewolf form continues the obsession automatically. This can be an extremely dangerous situation to have a mindlessly obsessed Werewolf after you!

  35. As I have said, I am a tiger therian. I ask that you please post some of the benefits of our non-human kin rather than creating potential mobs with pitchforks and torches who might take great pleasure in killing me and my kind?
    Thank you.

    1. There aren’t that many of you or Werecats for that matter in comparison to vampires, and werewolves so I doubt you have to worry about mobs coming after you. Especially if you’re careful about not transforming into a tiger in front of people. There are also very few Werecat slayers as well since such a career will see very little action.

  36. Xavier Remington:
    Werewolves are still human.You probably have someone obsessed with you for whatever reason, and they’re using their Werewolf form to do the stalking.Perhaps to scare you more.Either they’re in complete control of their wolf transformations, and maintain their human consciousness, or when they transform their Werewolf form continues the obsession automatically.This can be an extremely dangerous situation to have a mindlessly obsessed Werewolf after you!

    Well, I have had three encounters with that creature which all ocurred at night. Twice outside my home. The first encounter was a close one at the edge of my driveway. It’s hind legs were light colored but the rest of its body was dark. It was big. It was close enough that it could have easily attacked me if it wanted to but it didnt for some reason that still puzzles me.. Everytime it crossed the road it would get closer but luckily the headlights of an oncoming vehicle saved me. I really dont know what would have happened if it werent for that car. The creature’s movements are more fast and agile than a normal animal and it didnt make any guttural sounds. A friend and her boyfriend have also encountered it in broad daylight close to a town that I was born in just four hours away from where I have been seeing it. She described the same werewolf creature that I have been seeing, right down to the last detail. she said if it were a normal animal then it would have been struck by their vehicle but it evaded their car easily. I never told her what it looked like. It isnt biting people. I havent seen or heard of any animal attacks whatsoever. I think it must be somewhat in control of itself and if it hasnt attacked a single human being. I am openminded to alot of things but werewolves are not something that Im sure I would truly have believed in. Well I am certain of it now.

    1. Miss Hathaway has been away on assignment but she’ll be back soon. The image you showed us was the Beast of Bray Road which is a creature only seen on a particular road in Wisconsin. We’ve never fully researched it but since he’s been described as looking three different way he may be a shape shifter. Being confined to one road suggests a haunting so it could be a shape shifter who died on the road, and became a ghost. Maybe even a mischievous demon. It could also be some being damned to that area by demonic or other powerful forces.

      I assume you’re not in that area so your stalker could be a Werewolf in control of his transformation, a shape shifter, a God, or any number of disturbing beings. Clearly they haven’t hurt you so at least that’s good news. There could be a chance they were sent by someone to watch over you. However they’re not doing too good a job of staying hidden from you.

  37. So, I saw something in a very realistic dream I had last night.
    Normally, regular research would suffice, but too many people have romanticized the subject.
    In my dream, I saw a wolf made entirely of a dark energy, like a shade, or a shadow creature. I was warned that it killed just to kill, that its sole purpose is to kill, that it is extremely dangerous, and that it would soon return.
    I’m looking for any information on this creature, or if it’s even real.

    1. It could be a Werewolf who died, and refuses to pass on to the afterlife. Perhaps he is translating himself into this dimension, and is at the dark energy stage thus far. At some point he will attain a complete physical form.

  38. Did you happen to see an episode called “The Cabin”? It was on tv not to long ago. Episode 10 of season 2 is about a family’s encounter with a werewolf in Ohio. The werewolf’s name was george who lived in a cabin in the woods. No one knew much about him. You might be able to view it on youtube. Its very interesting. I wonder what type of werewolf he might be? And how can you tell the difference between which type of werewolf you are dealing with when they are in human form?

  39. I saw that show and my first thought when they found out that someone lived in the cabin was “werewolf”. That thought was confirmed when they described the room. I’m wondering if George really did die or he faked his death. The reason I say this is because your situation sounds a lot like what was on the show. Could it actually be George? Did he fake his death and move on?

  40. Im thinking that maybe werewolves could just naturally be stalkers because its what they do and who they are. The reasons behind this may always remain a mystery to those who aren’t one of them I guess. And what the officer said on that episode about a wet dog smell coming from the backroom is true. Werewolves do have that smell. The only reason I know that is because my window was open one summer evening. I dont know if they smell like that in any other season but they definitely smell like that in the summer.

  41. I do have one question.
    I’ve noticed that as a Cat Therianthrope, silver, which affects Werewolves, has no effect on me. Are there any substances or energies that do? I will need to find a way to avoid them.

  42. Xavier Remington:
    Yes Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch is real.You can read more about the paranormal race at: http://mysticinvestigations.com/supernatural-beings/sasquatch.htm

    thank you for the informtion i can’t sign up for the new forum because it block..error..
    anyway i have a question for you…a friend of my said that i will be taken by bigfoot but i like yea right but he see this in the future….sound scary for me i may end up dead anyway so i have been in contact with ET the Grey alien came because of me wearing the amulet.
    is contact ET a safe way to be friend or foe..write back.

    1. Firstly, you would be safer with Bigfoot than a Grey alien. The Greys are evil while Sasquatch are normal gentle creatures. If Bigfoot takes you then it might in fact be protecting you from aliens or other supernatural beings. The Sasquatch are one of the few beings immune from magics so I’d go ahead, and let him take you.

  43. What can you tell me about ascended beings and could you assist me in understanding more about the magick I was taught? I really have been needing to know this.

  44. Can someone tell me how can i actually become a supernatural being like vampire or werewolf?.. I’ve been getting tired of my normal human life and become one being that is better than our current being. Plz. give me simple and easy answer. I really need it. I am always alone and seriously i don’t have anyone.

    1. Only a vampire or werewolf can make you one of their own kind. Most vampires are particular about who they choose to bring into their family of the night. You might have a better chance of becoming a werewolf. On the full Moon wander about the woods all night, and hope you run into a werewolf. Just be ready to slow down the beast, and run after the first bite. A squirt gun with holy water is the cheapest method to repel a Werewolf.

    1. No they don’t need jobs to survive. Most immortals don’t actually need, food, clothing, or shelter to survive but naturally they want to live in the lap of luxury. The full fruition of Demigod powers coupled with their God parentage allows them to acquire whatever they please through good luck,and magic. However due to being quite intelligent, and needing mental stimulation they will take up careers that bring in big money. Many start businesses, became top corporate executives, or go into politics since they’re natural born leaders.

  45. That sounds like fun 😀 I might have to try that next full moon to get my adrenaline running.

    Xavier Remington:
    Only a vampire or werewolf can make you one of their own kind.Most vampires are particular about who they choose to bring into their family of the night.You might have a better chance of becoming a werewolf.On the full Moon wander about the woods all night, and hope you run into a werewolf.Just be ready to slow down the beast, and run after the first bite.A squirt gun with holy water is the cheapest method to repel a Werewolf.

  46. Is this building you have real? I dont quite know whats going on here, but you guys seem very confident in whatever it is that you are talking about. Also what do you mean by amazonian women as well as his holy vessel?

    1. Yes our office building is real: http://mysticinvestigations.com/offices_of_mystic_investigations.htm

      You can read about Amazonian Women, aka race of Demigoddess warriors, here: http://mysticinvestigations.com/supernatural-beings/amazon-warriors.htm

      It can take a lot to manifest a new body for many Gods so they will possess a willing subject known as the Holy Vessel. Unlike a demon who will simply possess a weak person without permission.

    1. Vampires are almost always above average looking, and in top physical shape. However those who are of substantial evil tend to look odd in some way. Also lower generation vampires might not be as beautiful as earlier generations due to genetic dilution. There is also a lower form of vampire called Nosferatu which are hideously ugly as they age, and die within 1000 years. They lurk deep in the shadows daring not show themselves to the general public.

    1. A long time ago I brought across a sickly fat woman who begged me to transform her into a vampire. She had to weight at least 400 pounds, and she was bed ridden with illness. She was absolutely horrific looking, and I obliged her performing a mercy transformation. The next night she rose from death as a slender yet curvy seductress of exquisite beauty. However it went to her head, and she turned very evil. She went on a killing spree finishing off every person who was mean to her. I had no choice but to put her out of her misery before she hurt anyone else. Lessons like that are why I would never want to transform anyone again.

  47. At mysticinvestigations you guys are always thinking about possible supernatural disasters and preparing countermeasures just in case right? Well I read your thing on the Plague Doctor and how his dream was to make a zombie apocalpse and everything right? Well I had a thought (I also put his in a comment on the plague doctor) but in other posts you mentioned that the werewolf virus resides in the werewolves Saliva…right. That got me to thinking what would happen if the plague doctor got his hands on some werewolf saliva? I mean as a paranormal entity with emense power it wouldnt be hard for him to capture a fresh werewolf who is still trying to learn to control themselves. If he got that it would be much much worse than if he got the whole zombie virus. So my question is….do you have a contingency plan in place for such an event?

  48. Hey I was wondering what is your experience with Wendigo’s (sorry if I mispelled, keyboard is a little glitchy) . Also which would you think is stronger a werewolf or a wendigo ? If these two creatures were to ever encounter one another what do you feel would be the end result?

  49. I apologize…I did not mean to post the same question twice. I realize I also did that on the previous one and I would like to apologize and explain. My computer is a little glitchy what happened was I posted the question waited to see if it appeared. it didnt show up on my screen so I waited a few hours it still wasnt there so i tried again and the next day I see that both did appear. I am sorry. I dont mean to post so much. So I promise from now on ill only ask a question once regardless whether or not it appears on my screen. But as I did mention before I am somewhat curious as to your encounters with wendigos

  50. Drake, I have to wonder. What do you think would happen if you ever tried to turn me?

    Speaking of which, I have gotten a lot better at controlling my abilities since I was last on here! I can easily make physical contact over a large distance via energy. It is quite nice really.

    1. It’s hard to say due to all the unknown factors of your state of being. My vampire DNA might weaken your human half which is interlaced with your witch, and psychic vampire side. This would give the blood vampire portion the upper hand, and you could become a full vampire who would retain most of their psychic witch powers. You would be more like a first generation vampire. The first vampires display various psychokinetic powers.

  51. Alright… twas just a curiosity of mine. I would like to be a full vampire at some point or another. Being like I am isn’t very fun. It’s fairly confusing really.

  52. You don’t have to die to become an immortal. Has anyone ever read Star Signs by Linda Goodman? The chapter on immortality really does work you know, but you do have to KNOW that it’s true in order for it to work. Immortality IS real and anything is truly possible. I think I have no trouble with the knowing part because like some or all of you here, experiences and encounters have left me no other choice but to realize the truth. Read the whole book from beginning to end, don’t skip to the end first. Regardless of whether the author has passed away or not the teachings are quite effective. If your having difficulty with truly believing in immortality then become a pilgrim on the path to enlightenment and our third eye will gradually open to new wisdom. You don’t have to travel far away to open your third eye, it’s said that reading is a swift short cut to enlightenment and it definitely IS! 🙂

    1. I don’t think any of us have read the book. However some of us are already Immortal. I’m most likely Immortal since I’m a Demi-Mermaid. Mermaids are Immortal, and there’s no half of infinity so I’m assuming I will live forever. Drake, and Duanna are immortal due to being vampires. Ashley may be Immortal due to being half Zombie. Zombies are technically immortal, and would live forever if not for their rotting flesh. Her human side has stabilized the zombie half somehow so she may be tapping into this immortality. Although she does appear to age. Zack is seemingly Immortal as well due to his cellular regenerating nanobots that also repair his bionic parts as well. Ashley has been studying the nanobots, which are hundreds of years in advance, with the hope of injecting them into the others to secure Immortality for all! I’m confident our entire team will be fighting evil until the ends of time thanks to the gift of everlasting life through technology, or even magic.

  53. “Immortal” Jellyfish Swarm World’s Oceans

    A potentially “immortal” jellyfish species that can age backward—the Benjamin Button of the deep—is silently invading the world’s oceans, swarm by swarm, a recent study says.

    Like the Brad Pitt movie character, the immortal jellyfish transforms from an adult back into a baby, but with an added bonus: Unlike Benjamin Button, the jellyfish can do it over and over again—though apparently only as an emergency measure.

    Source: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/01/090130-immortal-jellyfish-swarm.html

  54. I believe the reversal of cells in one’s body is a form of magic, it’s the magic of the person’s own higher S-elf. If a person knows immortality is true the cell reversal process can happen immediately, once you begin it will start to happen in the mind at first and then the emotions and body will follow You will begin to think and feel and finally look whatever chronological number you image yourself reverting back to. I just wanted to share that info for those who might be interested and let them know that becoming a vampire isn’t the only path to immortality. This is a far easier route then trying to find a vampy who is willing to change you.

    You know, I was told that vampires and werewolves did originate in Europe but that they were not (or are not) as plentiful in North America as they are in Europe, is that true? I have never encountered a vampire but I definitely have crossed paths with werewolves lol. I couldn’t even get away from them when I made a trip up to Calgary, Canada to see my boyfriend (at the time). The werewolf just happened to be boarding at my friend’s place in the room next to ours. When we saw each other I knew there was something different about him but I couldn’t really tell for sure what it was, but I sensed it strongly. I think he knew that I knew but we both continued as though everything was normal.

    The second night I spent there I heard him leave his room. I could hear low growling/guttural noises and light scratching along the wall and then it was outside our door. I don’t know what I was thinking but I felt compelled to get up and go to the door but the minute I was about to he growled slightly more aggressively as though he didn’t want me to do that. I sat back down on the bed and just listened, he lingered at my door a little longer than moved on throughout the rest of the living space (we were in the downstairs part of the apartment). The snarls weren’t loud enough to wake anyone, everyone was fast asleep it seems, I of course was wide awake because I normally have trouble sleeping at night and always have. My ex sleeps like a rock. I wanted to wake him but i thought it was better that I didn’t. I never did tell my ex, I wanted to all weekend but something stopped me, it felt like I would be breaking a silent unspoken rule to tell him so I just didn’t. I didn’t feel that he was in danger. We had a very interesting weekend.

    1. First generation vampires are the ones created by a demon deeply possessing a human, and then mating with a human thereby creating the first vampires. They exist today as vampire royalty to rule over a vampire kingdom of sorts. Although many vampires want to be free, and steer clear of their authority. They are the only vampires who can have biological children rather than the standard vampire method of transforming a human into a vampire.

  55. Oh, and one of the first (physical) signs that I noticed and friends and family noticed also was that my eyes no longer looked dark brown but hazel and sparkled like I had little tiny mirrors in them, and my eyes looked wider. They actually accused me of wearing contacts but on close inspection they found that I wasn’t. Lol. My complexion became very bright and shiny and exuberant. I have had trouble with id when I tried to cash a check at a new bank because the tellers did not think I looked old enough to be the person on my id. I had to sit and wait for quite awhile until the bank could verify that I was who I said I was. lol.

    1. Music creates emotional responses which can result in body temperature changes. The wave frequency of music can also alter the general state of the mind putting you in a highly excited, or very relaxed state which also alters body temperature.

    1. Our reports indicate that Slender Man is making his way around the Southern USA along with other warm zones on Earth. His teleportation skills allow for instant travel anyway. As weather warms he will move north. We theorize that he goes to warmer places because that’s when more victims will be outside in the rural areas he frequents. He’s most at home in forests so I would think our town of Woodland Springs would be a potential target especially as our psychic Julia Hathaway continues to send out energy directed at him so he comes here. We called him out on our site some months ago but I doubt he surfs the web.

  56. Hello, I have question. I’m going to Turkey in about a month and i was wondering where Duanna’s castle was located and if it were open to be visited. Completely understandable if this information wasn’t available, but just curious to see if I could visit it and talk with her. Much thanks

    1. We can only say that it’s near Mardin, Turkey. She is the crown Princess of the modern day Akkadian Empire which is apart of the Vampire Kingdom. Royalty who become vampires are often given dominion over their former nations, empires, and kingdoms by the global vampire royals. She was formerly located in Iraq, the heart of the Akkadian Empire, for several centuries before it was destroyed in the Second Gulf War. With all the unrest there she built a new palace in Turkey. Since secrecy is imperative, and you are unfortunately not a close personal friend, or vampire dignitary, she would not be able to see you.

  57. Hello Xavier & Nathan,.. everyone! 🙂 I hope Slender man isn’t online! God that would be bad. I worry since it’s warming up here. I hardly doubt he’ll be back! I hope not! How is everything going? I’ve missed everyone! Been so busy here with the teenagers. 😉

    1. Supernatural beings contacting us online is something that only started happening in the last few years. So far we haven’t had Slender Man contact us. No indications of the Plague Doctor or the Bogeyman. I know Zack enjoyed those nights with Rebecca but we scraped the mission for now. We need to create a better Bogeyman trap I guess. Drake disappeared on April 18th. His Butler Tarkington said he was reading something on his computer, and he sped out the door without any indication where he was going. Unfortunately Tarkington wouldn’t allow us to look at his computer nor would he. In the old days we’d just walk into his manor, and do a nice search. I guess that’s the price of hiring help.

      We’re still working our way through the backlog of cases from our Hawaii and parallel Universe vacation. Rebecca, and I went undercover at a millionaire playboys mansion to follow up on the disappearance of college girl by her parents. She was apparently lured to live there with some other girls as well. She then promptly disappeared. The police couldn’t prove foul play but we found evidence of dark magic. He turned out to be a warlock who was using her virgin blood in various sick Satanic ceremonies. Luckily she was alive. Rebecca was welcomed into his secret chamber after she agreed to strip naked for an amateur photography session with him. She claimed to be a virgin, and he was very excited since he somehow sensed she was a mermaid yet not a witch. She was careful to cloak her magical powers along with her non-virginity. Once in his chamber he magically chained her to the wall as the other girl lie weak in a corner. As the Warlock took some of Rebecca’s blood he spat it out, and screamed in anger that she wasn’t a virgin. She then yelled,”That’s right you big bastard! I’m all woman, and a witch as well!” She then broke free, and entered into magical mortal combat with him while wearing absolutely nothing what so ever. I had to single handedly hold off his guards as they tried to swarm to their bosses aid. I also got the other women safely out of the house. Apparently he was sucking their youth away to keep himself young as he was hundreds of years old kept young by dark magics. In the end he decayed into a skeleton, and promptly turned to ash while screaming like a baby. The Earth now has one less sick puppy! The girl was returned to her parents safe, and sound in the end.

  58. One thing slender may be dong (if he is aware of your various supernatural abilities) is gathering Proxies in preperation for an assault. Then he might start sending proxies at you a few at a time to gauge the collective strength of Mystic Investigations. While most of the time he does seem to enjoy doing things himself I doubt he would attack a large group of other supernatural beings such as yourselves all on his own without testing your defences with his proxies first.

    1. That’s an interesting hypothesis. I wonder if he was the one responsible for sending those Abominable Snowmen to our offices in early March? Also maybe he hasn’t made a move because he is trying to ascertain if the Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo is allied with us since Diablo is the only individual on record who ever came close to defeating the Slender Man.

  59. Hello Xavier.. 🙁 I hope Drake is okay! I just send you a letter. Meistiensos wrote me .. I told Drake what was going on in Vegas. I sent you Meistiensos’s letter. I didn’t know he’d just leave like that without telling you all what’s going on. I also wrote Meistiensos.. asking him if he’s seen Drake. 🙁 I’m very worried now.

  60. When I came to this website, it was because I want to know more about mermaids. I learned a lot. thank you.

    If you had the power of author authority, what would it look like and what would you do with such a power?

    Yes anyone can answer this question?

        1. You have to psyche yourself into thinking something is fact no matter what. Just realize that over the great Multiverse expanse among the Parallel Universes you’ve been just about every sapient supernatural being at some point.

          1. We don’t really know your chances. All I can say is that you’re definitely a supernatural being in various parallel Universes, and higher dimensions of the Afterlife. In the Afterlife you will have the option to visit various secret paranormal locations on Earth that we’ve been to.

          2. But do you have any ideas that can make a wish come true like a spell or something, and if you can’t do it maybe their is something I can do

          3. Wishing upon a falling star, and birthday wishes can come true if you 100% believe in them. Shooting stars are your best bet since they sometimes contain magical powers. Of course if you live near an ocean beach you can always search for Genies in a bottle or lamp. These are the most commons spots for them to be found since numerous ancient ships containing cages Genies have sunk in our past.


  61. Astral Projection anyone? So, I had been trying for a while to AP, but it just hasn’t been going well. I decided I would take a break because, maybe I’m trying to hard. I would say it has been a few months since I last tried, but every now and then I would sleep and I would become aware that I can AP right now, all I have to do is leave my body. Heck, I am not scared to leave my body, but I keep thinking to myself, “Ugh, now you want to leave the body. I’m too tired now to do something like that, let’s just sleep.” And so I go back to sleep. It irritates me on how close I am, yet my love for sleep gets in the way. Is this just all in my head or is there a way I can just ignore my inner voice and just AP already?

    1. It could be sub-consciously you’re scared to Astral Project even if consciously you don’t think you are. This is normal since it’s somewhat akin to dying, and leaving your body. Just reinforce the thought that this isn’t dying, and nothing can break your connection to your body. Also realize that sleep is sleep even if you’re astral projecting. You don’t stop yourself from dreaming so there’s no reason to think you’re losing sleep by astral projecting. If you are unable to achieve astral projection then you could try a professional Astral Projection program.

  62. Hi i have a couple of questions. I don’t want to claim that I am something that Im not but a couple of years ago my mothers friend who is a witch told me that I am a natural born witch and a healer. I knew about the healing since I was very young he told me that I am a very powerful witch a dragon or a snake he also said that only I would know if I am a dragon or a snake. He also said that I had to be very caferul about what I think because I could hurt people that really scared me I don’t want to hurt anyone ever. So are there natural born witches and do fall under categories like dragon or snake? I did some researching and found myself confused as there is a lot of controversy about natural born witches. I have always seen myself as a white witch in quick visions I guess is the best way to describe it. I feel almost lost or stuck like if there are forces trying to stop me from doing the good I know I’m meant to do. Any insight would be so greatly appreciated thank you.

    1. Yes there are natural born witches who have magical genes passed down from their ancestors. Rarely does someone develop such a gene spontaneously thereby making them the first in their lineage to have natural born magic. As for the Dragon, and the snake I have no idea what they’re talking about unless it’s some specific witchcraft cult that worships or channels power through the spirit, God, Goddess, Demon, or some other higher dimensional entity that has some claim to those creatures. Generally dragons, and snakes are representations of dark demonic forces, or dark witchcraft. It would be best to concentrate on being a healing white witch, and forget the whole dragon-snake nonsense.

      1. Thank you so much for responding the dragon snake thing really confused me. I have no interest in dabbling with black magic or dark forces because quite honestly it scares me and I don’t want to mess with something I shouldnt. Is there a way I can unlock what gifts I have without using any kind of magic?

        1. Believing in yourself, joining the nearest coven, and optimizing your health are the best ways to unlock your gifts. Health wise make sure you get the 90 essential nutrients everyday, avoid junk food, and environmental toxins. The health of the Pineal Gland is particularly important when it comes to magic, and other powers. If you do nothing else the best thing you can do is avoid drinking water with fluoride in it. This video discusses the Pineal Gland, and how to make it healthy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTC_eeJj7zE

  63. I can feel energy.When I go shopping when it is busy I can feel the impatience of the people around me so strongly it actually causes me physical discomfort.What is the best way to insulate myself against the energies of others in my environment?

  64. This question is for Rebecca Abernathy, I have a bit of a weight problem, Ive recently found a paranormal research website out of New York, their symptoms of water retention and insomnia are most common in psychics, a year ago I paid a witch to cast a spell on me to help me shed pounds of fat, I experienced the opposite, I emailed her to request my money back and my complaint but I got no response, since then I became unemployed and gained 45 pounds. I am only 5 foot, so you can imagine 220 pounds will do to my back and self esteem. The research company only researched, no solutions. I really need some help. Any suggestions?

    1. Depending on your body frame size a woman of your height shouldn’t weigh more than 120. The heart of being overweight is actually a mineral deficiency. This video talks about this a bit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMYIJlmeSFM. Our diets are seriously mineral deficient courtesy of our depleted, and over farmed soils. Humans need 90 essential nutrients: http://mysticinvestigations.com/health/ninety-essential-nutrients/. Most non-communicable diseases are caused by nutrient deficiencies, and those optimally supplemented can fight off communicable diseases far better than those deficient. Of course as far as the FDA & FTC I must say only prescription drugs cure everything, and disclaim everything said here as educational information rather than medical advise… If you’re not getting the 90 essential nutrients then you will crave a variety of foods that are in actuality devoid of nutrients which lead to eating more of the same foods. Generally what is considered junk food beyond your recommended daily caloric intake which is probably 1500 calories a day (http://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html). Sugar cravings can also be a sign of protein deficiency. Here is the only single product we know of that nearly has all the 90 essential nutrients minus the essential Omega fatty acids which can be purchased separately. You can also attempt to get all 90 nutrients in a variety of other individual supplements as well. So I’d try getting all the nutrients, avoiding the 10 worst foods, and going on a brisk 30 minute walk every other day or each day if possible. See how much weight you can lose doing that, and then take it from there.

      Here are some naturopathic practitioners we follow that might aid in further weight loss
      Dr Berg Weight Loss

  65. I recently posted a question on your website wanting to travel or even work in woodland springs, however I can not because I live in a parallel universe and have no supernatural power, I can do energy healings, Im half Arch Angel and Half white witch,psychically tune into ones energy field, astral project and studied extensively in alchemy and demonology. my question is…how can I obtain this supernatural power to travel in and out of my parallel universe?

  66. I think you should look at this, after watching this the translation of the words its something I would think about constantly, but I am no demon,

    This video shows a demonic message. It makes me wonder who the demon is, and why the message is in a popular game

    1. The link was incomplete so we couldn’t see the video. If there’s a demonic message in a popular game that wouldn’t be surprising since most major corporations have stockholders directly or indirectly in the plutocratic elites who control this planet. They are royals, and billionaires who worship the Devil.

      1. I thought the same thing, but this family is not near water, and strange occurrences have been in there home, light flickering rancid smells, touching, things disappearing, noises, and horrible cries by a woman or a baby. Ive helped this family before, their son was in a hit and run accident, he was in critical condition, unable to walk, eat, on his own and was in a coma for nearly a month. A family friend contacted me to help, for 2 days I was doing healing sessions on him, he awoke and was able to walk as if nothing had happened. Now at the age of 12 he contacted me last night and is desperate and afraid for his parents and him. I simply recommended sage to mellow out the atmosphere until I can go and get rid of it. This is where I need help, how can I get rid of it before she possesses the mother and kills her son and husband, I instantly got that she is there for the mother, how can I stop this?

        1. Whether demonic, or poltergeist protection from haunting, and possession comes not only from outside protections, and repellants but also strength from within. Naturally the home, and the individuals should be blessed by a Priest with holy water. A trail of holy Red Sea salt should be laid about the perimeter of the home. Those in danger of possession should wear these three stones in some capacity:

          Blue Labradorite
          Black Tourmaline
          Clear Quartz Crystal

          Together this combination repels psychics attacks, and possessions along with strengthening Chakra’s, and auras to create a psychic shield.

    1. Both. There are hereditary natural born witches who come from ancients lines of witches. Even those from the first witches. Then you have those who learn magic despite not having magical power coursing through their blood. Anyone has the potential to create their own line of natural born witches if they practice very powerful magic on a regular basis. It eventually alters their DNA, and this is passed down to their kids. At some point the genetic alterations are extensive enough that even those not practicing magic have the potential to easily do so at will.

  67. Is Alexandria’s Genesis(a trait among people with dark hair, virtually-hairless pale skin & purple(or any shade of purpe eyes) a paranormal thing or just simply a wonderful variation of life? What happened to these ancient people in Egyt? Do people with this trait still exist today?Do they have powers?

    Also, did Mr.Drake encountered them before?

    1. Alexandria’s Genesis is definitively a paranormal phenomenon. We don’t know what the true origin of the light in the sky over Ancient Egypt that transformed people who happened to be outside. The secret supernatural record lists the observations of psychic individuals at the time. They sensed an inter-dimensional porthole opened in the sky, and a mystical light shot from it transforming humans in outdoor vicinity into a perfect species. No animals were recorded as being affected by the violet light. Interestingly enough no supernatural beings were affected that we know except for two vampires. They were observed to instantly burst into flames, and become ash upon contact with the violet rays of light. This could indicate the light is holy in some way.

      Every so often a person is born with Alexandria’s Genesis but the government usually moves in quickly. They, and their entire family disappear. Probably for research purposes. There are those who live freely around the world who evaded or escaped government capture. They are usually naturals at magic, and are the most likely to have psychokinetic powers.

      Drake, and all of us have come across them. I met one who was a witch some time ago.

  68. What exactly is a Buddha?
    How is a Buddha different from angels or omniverse gods?
    Will it be better if perhaps every human being become buddhas instead of ascending into angels?
    Will Siddhartha Gautama(recorded buddha in our human history) be able to confront Lucifer if he was still alive in our world?

    1. A Buddha is the term used within the Buddhism religion to refer to anyone who has attained Nirvana, or a state of perfect enlightenment. Attaining Nirvana within this Earthly life also means they will attain the Paranirvana in the Afterlife. Buddhists believe in a system of reincarnation where you continue to be reborn to learn lessons until Nirvana is attained. However we believe they’re mistaking reincarnation with the lives we all lead in various parallel Universes. Siddhārtha Gautama most likely had a five dimensional awareness yet no knowledge of parallel Universes. People’s soul frequencies can be randomly repeated in this Universe, and even on this Earth in differing times in history. However to our knowledge there is no system of reincarnation which would be evidenced by an amazing plethora of repeating souls that the top flight psychics, seers, and mystics simply aren’t detecting. Reincarnation would be redundant, and unnecessary when you live out all scenarios in the parallel Universes that happen simultaneously. If a person attains Nirvana here then it’s due to their genetics, and environment. When they enter the Afterlife it’s a fair bet they become what we know of as Travelers. Free spirits who explore infinity, and beyond! Of course if someone truly does attain perfect enlightenment here then it’s plausible they could escape the confines of their physical body, and this Universe. In the Angel ascended afterlife when one has attained enlightenment at higher dimensional levels they can become a God or a free Traveler. A Traveler, or afterlife Buddha, could also choose to create their own Universes, and become Gods as well. Now of course enlightenment at one dimensional level doesn’t extend to the infinite dimensions above. They’d need to work to attain that in each level if they wish. To become an Omniverse God they’d need to attain Nirvana at least in the 10th dimensional level. Our Omniverse God is a 12 dimensional entity.

      Siddhartha Gautama would need to attain Nirvana up to at least the 7th dimensional level to take on the Devil. Of course if we’re talking about the current physical state of the Devil (He’s been here since 2013) then Siddhartha Gautama would probably be a match for him.

      1. Does that mean Dmitri Diablo’s powers are somewhat equivalent to 7th dimensional Nirvana or higher? I mean in his case, it couldn’t be nirvana but probably mega-level balck magic?

  69. Hi,again. Thanks for answering my questions. Feels tremendously relieved to have the right people to talk to. 🙂

    There was a chinese Taoist named Zhang San Feng a.k.a The Immortal,Patriarch of “Wudang Sect Taichi”. History said that he sprung back to life just when his friend thought he was dead and was about to give him a proper burial.Also, if i’m not mistaken, there were sightings of this elusive taoist within 4 centuries after his “fake” death. I’m not sure if he really is immortal and might still live among us till this day.

    Do you possibly have a historical record on this man? If so, i hope you could write a lengthy post on his origins, his powers/capabilities, and where does he stand with Siddharta and Lucifer.

    1. He achieved immortality by achieving perfect harmony with nature, and the Universe. He’s currently thought to reside in Tibet somewhere. He’s not at Siddharta and Lucifer level as he has not unlocked the final pieces of the puzzle that would allow him to escape the confines of this physical reality. He does have superhuman abilities, intelligence, and is thought to be the top martial arts master on Earth. Theoretically he could defeat anyone, including a supernatural being, in battle!

  70. Hi Xavier,
    From Alexandria’s Genesis, what do you mean by perfect species?
    Did the violet light give the people immortality?Any characteristics of super humans?Perhaps heightened senses, intelligence, and strength?
    *Psss: Do they no longer have to excrete waste like most paranormal beings?:)
    (which kinda got me wondering if werewolves pee and poop like other canines?)LOL

    1. The originals hit with the violet light are immortals. However future generations inheriting the Alexandria’s Genesis gene only live to their mid 100’s. All have superhuman strength, speed, agility, and enhanced senses along with some psychic abilities as well. The originals require no food, and therefore produce no waste product. Successive generations require very little food, and their digestive systems are so efficient that they produce no waste product unless excessively eat, or drink.

      In human form Werewolves do produce waste. In Werewolf form they usually don’t unless they go on an extended feeding frenzy beyond the capacity of their paranormal demonic digestive system.

  71. I’m kinda confused about Krakens.
    Are Krakens simply a giant monstrous squids or horrendous sea-dwelling monstrosities with bizarre forms?(Please give a GOOD description) :0
    How does the Kraken from the bible look like?
    How BIG are they? Are they big enough to devour a Mermaid Kingdom and if so,do the merfolk have what it takes(magic,technology)to take on these monsters?
    Where do they come from/Their origin?

    1. The Kraken is a monumentally mammoth squid created by the supernatural evolutionary intervention of the Earthly Sea Gods as a tool of vengeance. The Kraken is a super squid magnified in size exponentially with an intelligence beyond any octopus. They reside in the deepest darkest waters of the oceans until called upon to surface by a God, or even an immensely powerful practitioner of magic. The largest Krakens could easily envelope the hugest oil tankers, or air craft carriers thereby sinking them with ease! Sometimes they are mixed up with a Leviathan which is a gargantuan sea dragon of demonic origin. A battle between a Kraken, and Leviathan would truly be epic!

  72. I made posts on this website before which included my email address among other personal information. I would like to have these comments deleted for my own privacy. I was under a different account name (same account but I changed the name), but the old comments still have the same name and content. How can I delete them?

  73. Question for Xavier..about your brother time traveler i just wonder if he was lost in time like he is in other world would he have to go back to see Jesus Christ for back home or not? like the supernatural pact of secret or something. like that to get home i just wonder something sorry for my bad mistook word so write back

    1. The Supernatural Secrecy Pact doesn’t really impact Time Travelers unless they totally reveal themselves to people with proof. Michael did visit Jesus Christ with our vampire associate Drake Alexander. Drake wrote,“Jesus is real. In fact I met him when I traveled back in time once. He taught me carpentry. I sensed his immense power, and was able to remain in full sunlight within his presence. In fact his touch turned me into a human. However when I returned to my own time I was a vampire again. He told me I had a plethora of good works to perform in my vampirical form.”

  74. Hey Mystic Investigations, how did the fighting go on the night of the super blood moon? Was there alot of vampires and werewolves out and about? And most importantly, are you guys ok?

    1. Yes there were a great deal of supernatural beings afoot including vampires & werewolves. Some of us were injured but we’re okay. The Third Battle Of Armageddon took place during the Super Blood Moon but we’re waiting to release the details in unison with others who fought in the battle for security, and analysis purposes.

  75. I have a question that might seem kind of dumb, and might have to do more with law than the supernatural. But I was wondering, if an immortal person was arrested, and it was a life sentence, would he/she be in jail for the estimated life span of a normal human, or would he/she be arrested for all “eternity”?

    1. If we’re talking about the human justice system then the Immortal would surely not broadcast his supernatural status, and the government wouldn’t know unless they someone how had him or her under surveillance by some fluke. Then they’d be taken away by the Paranormal Defense Agency, and locked away in an underground lab for eternity. There are a few historical cases of Immortals ending up with a long prison terms that would compromise their true nature. However every time they escaped through their sheer intelligence of living so long, or by their extensive supernatural connections who broke them out.

      There’s no official law enforcement in the paranormal community so if an Immortal does something wrong it depends on who happens to dispense the justice. Some might kill them, and others might lock them away while those with strong magic might take their Immortality away. Then either release them to die naturally, or lock them away for the rest of their new aging life. If Mystic Investigations came across an Immortal who committed a heinous crime we would probably send him to the Sorcerer Ian McTavish at the Scottish magic school. He attained Immortality through magic so it’s stands to reason he could take it away from someone. Then we would take the new mortal to the Amazon Warrior Women in South America where he would serve them for life. We’ve delivered a handful of ruthless men to them when human jail wasn’t an option. Now if it was a woman then there are various private paranormal prisons but we’d have to pay money to keep them there. Of course once they’re mortal it would help to pin a past crime on them so they would be locked away in a standard jail.

      1. So what if for example, a Traveler wanted to experience what jail is like, without actually doing a crime, but, I guess “implanted” false memories of a crime into people, so he/she could be arrested and experience what a life sentence would be like? Basically saying, the Traveler not being evil at all, but just wanting to experience that life.

        I’m sorry if my questions seem really stupid, I’m just curious.

        1. A Traveler could enter any prison unseen, and use their mind to access the computer system to put a record of them within. Then make themselves visible. When you’re made of pure photon light energy possessing a super-consciousness it’s not that difficult to do most things.

      2. This might sound strange, but what if that immortal (now being mortal) enjoyed serving the Amazon Women? Like if it were that person’s fetish or something? What if to them punishments just don’t exist because they enjoy it? (Hypothetically speaking). Also what if for some reason there was no way to take away the being’s immortality, for example if that being wasnt born, and didn’t become immortal, but was somehow created by the Omniverse God directly, like being a direct child of the Omniverse God (I’m just curious)

    1. Of course there’s sheer will after death in spirit form, and at any point in the various higher dimensional afterlives as we have free will. Astral Projection holds the best hope. Once in Astral Metaphysical form you can train yourself to stay away from your physical body longer, and travel to the farthest reaches of reality until your Silver Cord Of Life finally snaps free. The most Travelers on Earth form form various Priests, and Monks who spend most of their lives meditating looking inward into their mind attempting to attain the ultimate enlightenment. This includes Astral Projection journey’s.

      1. Thanks. Are there any like “symptoms” that show someone is close to being a Traveler while still physically alive?

        I’m just wondering, because I want to know how one finds out they are close.

        1. A common symptom is time standing still, or seeming like it is. The clock is the same time even though it seems like minutes or even hours have passed. In general your mind is willing more things so life starts to go your way more often than not.

          1. Is there a such a thing as a biological supernatural being, that all demons, Devils, (D)jinns, spirits, poltergeists, evil beings are afraid of?

          2. Humans, and all sapient biological beings have a higher dimensional spirit so that’s always an element. Humans are theoretically infinite beings in the higher dimensions as they continue to evolve, ascend, and advance to ever higher planes of existence simultaneously in the Afterlife outside of our own temporal dimension. A human in touch with their higher dimensional self, even with minimal direct access to that power, can scare all manner of beings including demons. Certainly human practitioners of magic who don’t call upon any higher dirties for power are something for dark beings to worry about. Just look at the human Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo who ousted the Devil to become King Of Hell.

      2. Another question I’ve always wondered. If a person becomes a Traveler after dying (without joining with his/her soul) can the person then join with their soul, become an angel and become a Traveler again, then return to Heaven, become an Archangel and again become a Traveler, or can they only be Travelers once?

  76. Hi, i’m wondering what are the best ways to purify(eliminate fluoride,heavy metal,bacteria & harmful chemicals) water at home or outdoors?
    Aside from conventional filters, are there any more unorthodox ways as in ancient technology or magic?
    When people say silver purifies water,is it just silver or colloidal silver?
    Can gold or colloidal gold purify water as well?Any other metals/substances/minerals?
    How about some alchemical recipes i could follow to make a purifier?

    1. Here in Woodland Springs we’re blessed with natural mountain spring water right from the tap. Mountain spring water is the best water followed by ground level spring water. After that well water is the best but have it tested regularly for any potential pollution contaminates. You can find local springs here: http://www.findaspring.com/. For those without spring water access should go with Reverse Osmosis with a carbon filter within it as well. Adding essential minerals back into it with Himalayan pink salt. Yes you can purify a gallon of water with two to three tablespoons of colloidal silver. Colloidal gold isn’t really known to be an effective in water purification. Some filter systems utilize silver ion coated filters to purify as well. You should also get a filter for showering, and bathing to get rid of chlorine, and fluoride in the water since it can be absorbed into your skin. Here are five foods to de-calcify your Pineal Gland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohhN5ZP-DZI. On a supernatural level true pure holy water would be 100% clean. Unfortunately even if your local church has a top flight priest the water sitting in there for people isn’t going to be clean since they touched it. Even taking a bottle down for direct blessing is no guarantee as very few holy men are truly pure enough for a 100% blessing.

  77. I asked these questions primarily because i wanted to make a permanent resourceful water purifier. My aim is to be able to drink only pure water everyday and decalcify my third eye which i believe would ease astral projection and aid me in being a traveller.

  78. Is it possible for a person to encounter their own parallel self, within the same universe?

    For example, I was born in 1995, and let’s say a parallel self is a female born in 1998, would there be a possibility of me meeting my own parallel self in some future? How would I be able to know that person is my parallel self?

    Also, what would happen if I, and that parallel self, both decided to become Travelers? Would our Traveler “forms” fuse into one?

    1. Wow, you mean like two protoss High Templars fusing into an Archon? Awesome!!!
      But then,wouldn’t an ultimate being of free will(or is it being of ultimate free will,pls correct if wrong 🙂 just want to be on their own,meaning having only their original unique soul/conciousness?
      If 2 souls merge into 1,will that be too much for the “selves” to comply with each other?
      Not to mention that aside from differences of varying degree(technology,ability),
      there is the nature(good or evil) of your parallel self that you have to consider…..

    2. The odds would be beyond astronomical for two souls vibrating at the same frequency, aka yourself, in the same time frame born separately as you describe. You each would have your own low level astral soul so it wouldn’t interfere in each of you becoming an independent Traveler. If you did exist in the same time frame it is actually plausible you would meet since you would be drawn to each other, and probable have dreams. In essence it would be the same as having an identical twin even if the person wasn’t your exact double, and was an opposite gender. Identical twins are actually the same person, aka parallel selves. You might not look identical to the person but you might look similair as your soul frequency plays some role in your physical appearance. Not anywhere near as much as genetics. The only way to know for sure would be to visit a competent Psychic or magical practitioner who could compare your souls. Also astral projecting together would reveal you’re the same person as your astral bodies would be identical in appearance, and there would actually be a small silver cord connecting you to them. Not the larger one each of you would have connecting you to your respective physical bodies.

      1. If both parallel lives chose to become individual Travelers, can both Traveler forms choose to fuse together, if so, can that “fused” form go to other parallel universes and influence their parallel lives into becoming Travelers (by somehow imbuing them with the knowledge of how to become a Traveler) and then fuse with that “new” Traveler and become stronger and stronger?

        1. What you’re describing is somewhat what the current King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo did. However as a Sorcerer he actually was killing his parallel selves, and absorbing their powers, and life forces. Mixing incarnations of yourself could have negative consequences, and could also put you on the radar of powerful higher dimensional forces that might attempt to destroy you.

          1. Power acquired quickly and/or in an unnatural manner often leads to the corruption of ones mental state. Many with the best intentions have fallen prey to dark thoughts when immense power is cast upon them!

  79. hello have any body even try the Innertalk CD for Astral Projection and lucid dreaming?? i been on it for a while but it seem to work only in lucid dream instead of Astral Projection…Psychic Julia i just wonder something how come each person a psychic gift not same as your psychic reading…

    some ask for money for psychic reading to see the future and present but how come they all different reading..from a different person and that not the same is psychic reading on a person should be the same because of future event..so write back anybody sorry for a bad english

        1. We’ve already had three low key Battles of Armageddon when it comes to a global scale. Our world itself is ripe with evil, and the violence continues to grow. As darkness grow, and tensions between nations reach it’s maximum World War 3 will eventually break out! Unfortunately too many factors are in play to predict a date. Probably won’t be later than 2040!

          1. thank you for respond Julia..i just want to thank you for the gift of psychic stuff and i want to say this thank you for helping me out and other people.

          2. Juila Hathaway i have a another question is this who is this Jeremy or Yanacek real name behind the facebook.com handle i been talking to them for a long time like 5-10 year but one phone call to him that was it..so can you tell me are they alien or maybe working for higher level of Secret Gov.
            write back.

          3. Unfortunately I’m not an all knowing God. I can’t just know something out of thin air over the internet. If you don’t trust someone then don’t talk to them.

          4. julia i have a another question for you how did you know i live in Toledo,OH and also is that true i will become a living forever person?? with Nano tech or something…sorry for asking too many questions i been sick with Mental illness and have a hard life ahead of me i hope to find a cure for it..someday so write back thank you

          5. The world of psychic visions is a mystery. For whatever reason I simply saw you lived in Toledo, Ohio. As for your future I already told you that you’ll time travel some time in the next 20 years, and will end up in the distant future where you’ll be injected with cellular repairing nanobots that will make you young, and Immortal. In addition the nanobots will repair your brain curing all mental illness as well: https://mysticinvestigations.com/paranormal/2016-presidential-election/#comment-3919

          6. I’m not into getting into other people’s conversations like this, but do you see me fighting in a more serious Battle of Armageddon, I keep having this feeling that, that is the reason why I’m even on Earth, I also feel that I might be a direct child of the Omniverse God, or some sort of rare Direct Child of the Macroverse God (I know I could be wrong) but if there’s anything you can see about me, please let me know. ( I hope the way I’m asking this doesn’t seem rude in any way)

        1. It’s possible but there are very few recorded cases of Traveler formation. Almost every case was some type of monk who dedicated their lives to inner self-reflection in some secluded location. Overcoming the program foundation of this reality isn’t an easy task.

  80. What are your thoughts on this religion known as the Raelian Movement? They believe that humans were created by extraterrestrials known as Elohim in Hebrew, and they were the beings spoken of in the bible, who were called “God”

    In Hebrew (Rael, the founder of the Raelian movement) says that Elohim, means “those who came from the sky” and the word Elohim is plural, the singular being Eloha.

    Rael also says that the Elohim also sent the Prophets: Elijah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Buddha, and himself, and that those previous prophets are still alive, in the Elohim home planet. He also says that the Elohim are “immortal” because of long life spans of about 750-1,200 years and the technology to clone themselves and transfer their consciousness/memories into their cloned bodies.

    1. Elohim is simply the Hebrew word for God. The Bible is a man made document with some truths in it. Most notably Jesus Christ being the son of God. However he wasn’t the son of the God of the entire Universe, aka Macroverse. Rather he was the son of the Omniverse God. It’s suspected the inspiration for the God in the Bible was an Extraterrestrial posing as a Hebrew God. However humans existed long before he arrived. Humans are the product of an evolution program indirectly initiated by the Omniverse God with some input from Goddess Gaia Mother Earth. More directly there is some metaphysical evidence that human evolution was directly programmed by some higher dimensional beings.

  81. What are the best hairstyles for men to best express their masculinity?
    Like are they some specific men haircut that could enhance their spirituality and yet shield from negative metaphysical energies?
    Did Jesus or Siddharta give any advice on what sort of hairstyles should men keep?
    Especially when one is constantly dealing with the paranormal,no doubt there’s a whole lot of negativity that one has to deal with…
    My favourite hairstyle is “spiky-top crew cut” and have been maintaining since childhood mainly because the fringe would stand up and not always fall on my sensitive forehead which gives me irritating itches.However,will this hairstyle make me more susceptible to negative energies?

    1. It does seem that throughout pre-20th century history men had long hair. It used to be a sign of strength, and hair is thought to be a sensory organ. I believe the military even allowed Native Americans to keep their long hair since they seemed to loose their keen tracking abilities when it was shaved off when entering military service. Of course the most prolific example of masculine powered hair was the Biblical superhuman Samson. When his hair was cut too short he would lose his powers. The Bible suggests his powers were imbued upon him by a God. However evidence indicates he simply had the super power of enhanced strength that was uniquely tied to his hair. More than likely the hair itself would create a power aura around him thereby increasing his biological strength. In this day, and age long hair is associated more with femininity. It seems only the ultra masculine muscular men with rugged good looks can pull off a long lustrous mane. Unless of course someones goal is to be more feminine. In the case of enhanced spirituality, and shielding of negative meta energies the longer the hair the better. It’s not essential so go with the maximum you’re comfortable with.

  82. Hi, I was wondering if anyone in Mystic Investigations has or could get the messenger app “kik”, just wondering, because for a really long time I have been able to write in some strange symbols, which I recognize to be some sort of ancient language, I was wondering that if you had the kik app, I could send you some pictures of these symbols, I’d like to know what language it might be, and where it comes from.

    1. It’s difficult to see people’s future’s over the internet. Although sometimes if someone points me in the right direction I get some glimpses. I focused on Xavier’s post about your wish to be an Immortal vampire, and I don’t see you becoming a vampire. However I do see an 11th hour Immortality save for you! I got a few brief visions about you. It seems you decide at some point to eat a decent organic diet, take what supplements you can afford, and take up some reasonable exercise. At age 84 you end up in the hospital with a rare type of cancer. The Doctors tell you there’s only a few months left. Lucky for you the hospital got a government grant to research new gene therapy cure for cancer. They say there’s no guarantees but you don’t care because you have nothing to loose. They experiment on you, and not only is the cancer cured but your DNA Telomere’s somehow repair themselves. However your DNA is still degraded, and cells are aged. This development prompts them to put you into another experiment you agree to. This one more guaranteed. A Nanobot repair program that only millionaires can normally afford. They repair your cells, and then remove the nanobots to see if the Telomere’s no longer degrade. At that point you’re the physical equivalent of 25 years old. A final vision has you still looking young. You come out of an inter-dimensional porthole of some type. It seems it connects Earth to a planet in a far away galaxy. Someone points to the star lit night sky, and says,”Amazing that little dot is the Milky Way Galaxy!” I have no idea what year that is but it’s safe to assume it’s over 1000 years in our future. Now of course the future isn’t set in stone. You can choose to eat junk food, take no supplements, and not exercise thereby not making it to age 84 even if you do get the cancer which of course works in your favor. Not sure what you get the cancer from but it’s clearly something that defies your diet. Possibly some radiation source of a new technology.

      1. thank you for answering me. can you kinda try to see a bit more of a recent future…if you can’t i will understand, you already did more than enough, thank you julia, i am glad i discovered mystic investigations

        1. On the Internet it must be rough to look into ones future, so here is some stuff about me
          I am Leonardo rodrigues 20 years old and my dream is to one day join you on the battle against evil at mystic investigations

          1. julia, i have to apologize, the way i kept pressuring for visions i feel like i was not giving you and mystic investigations the proper respect. i am afraid my doubts over the future make you feel like i’m only interested on your powers, i am truly sorry..!
            i am not to sure of what the future holds beside the immortality, and i don’t think i should know it yet.
            i thank you from the bottom of my heart for even taking time to answer me

  83. well, that is interesting…i am current lost on what i am suppose to do untill there thou, i don’t see myself doing thing like working on a coorporation and i am afraid i am not able to handle death of those dear to me i feel like really would break.

  84. I was listening to my fave song today (breezeblocks) , and was inspired to ask if any of the music that get played on the radio is hypnotic,or contains subliminal messages?

    1. I’m not part of mystic investigations, so I’m probably wrong, but many things like songs, and even shows could have hypnotic and or subliminal messages that are only noticed by the subconscious mind.

    2. Yes music can easily have hidden subliminal messages, and certain frequency tones that interact with the human brain. It’s one reason people seem to apathetic these days. Especially when it comes to various atrocities caused by governments around the world.

          1. Questions so they sell Jewels,ring and other products but how does the product contain power like are they from devil,demon,or Angels from heaven or something like Wizard and warlock? but i know that evil come from devil himself but on a ring or neckless that carry power how that possible can you explain that to me? if not then are they curse? write back thank you

          2. Objects can have power from a variety of methods including supernatural beings, magic spells, curses, or the object itself is supernaturally designed to absorb metaphysical energies that can in turn be absorbed into ones Chakra’s thereby giving them paranormal power.

    1. Bruce Lee’s martial arts talents, and other physical feats were nothing short of superhuman. It’s plausible his talent was caused by a supernatural gene. On the other hand Keanu Reeves is an Immortal whose practiced martial arts, and acquired knowledge for countless centuries. I’d say they’re probably evenly matched. Even going up against Keanu’s titanic talents culled from thousands of years Bruce would counter Keanu skillfully since he was a master of improvisation, and anticipating his opponents next move.

      1. Speaking of which,what school of Kung Fu was Keanu from anyway? Internal(Wudang) or External(Shaolin)?At that time when he arrived at the Far East to learn Kung Fu,was it still BC or AD alrd?

        How strong is he exactly?I mean if he can tackle Drake(a 5th-gen vamp) with mere Kung Fu moves, I’m thinking he can still face off vampires up to the 3rd gen? What about werewolves?I’m leavin out the 1st & 2nd gens,they’re too crazy strong,forget them unless you have reach sage level like Zhang San Feng...
        veterans like Zhang San Feng

  85. just wonder have any body heard of Soul Trap that ET take there soul out of the body and put it into another body is this true or not write back anybody

    1. Some Extraterrestrials have figured out how to separate the metaphysical consciousness from the physical brain, and imprint it upon another. In turn they can do the same with themselves thereby inhabiting a human body through advanced technologies combined with their own psychokinetic powers!

      1. hello Mr. Xavier i wonder if this company have a books of supernatural story of there life i enjoy reading the story of it..it free on the website anyway just wonder if the book of supernautral of mystic story make a book and post it on amazon.com so write back what do you think of this Xavier?

        1. never mind about that but it funny that you are maybe getting tired of asking of all this questions on the your website but anyway you may get bored of not answer the question of personal reason of there dream or something so peace that all i have to say.

      2. Mr Xavier Remington are you really hiding your Brother MIchael Remington as a Time Traveler from the Men in black just wonder you seem have a title for him on this board so a Temporal teacher.

          1. i see that Time cop i would avoid them from getting memory taken away and living a differnet life..but time cop sound good but it also bad too..so i understand Xavier i would keep your brother safe from time cop and keep them away..peace to you

  86. Aside from technology and death, what are the other means to ascend to Godhood? Is cultivating “chi” one of them? If your aware of “Wuxia chinese novels” out there, I’m referring to human characters there who cultivates until they reach immortality.

    1. Yes acquiring enough metaphysical energy, achieving true mind over matter, making your conscious/sub-conscious a Super-Conscious, complete mastery of magic, and figuring out how to hack the “programming code” of our reality are ways to ascend to Godhood.

  87. Look so I’m 12 years old and I have a question.What am I? I can’t control the wind I bet with practice I can but whenever I get angry it’s like the wind gets mad with me. whenever I’m in the state of anger I can control the wind I don’t understand. what am I? That’s all I want to know.

  88. What if a Master Martial Artist were infected by Werewolf virus. Can he take on against higher generation vampires or any more powerful supernatural beings (pure physical combat) utilizing his martial arts in werewolf form?

    1. It takes decades of deep meditation, focus, and practice to retain the human consciousness in Werewolf form. If they did then they could utilize advanced martial arts to even the odds with higher generation vampires.

  89. Can anyone make an article about tips and tricks in living as an immortal in secret? Especially is to avoid becoming a lab rat for the government. Something like what to do first when you noticed that you’re a freaking immortal. Although becoming immortal is awesome it comes also with greater danger.

    1. We’ll see about an article. Covering ones Immortal trail was easy until the dawn of the digital age. Now with database cross checking around the world, and the requirement for secure ID’s it’s exponentially more difficult for those of us in the eternal wanderers club. For most of history ones own word was all a person needed. Then later easily forged paper documents. As a vampire I had it even easier since I could hypnotize people. My Immortal friend Keanu Reeves had to do things the hard way. Often being a handsome charming bastard can get you virtually anywhere. Beautiful seductive Immortal women could get away with even more! There are also hackers in the paranormal community who specialize in planting identities into databases when it’s time to move on to another life. Some Immortals learn the identity trade themselves as they are prone to not trust anyone with their secret. Someone in the public spotlight like Keanu will employ subtle prosthetic’s, and make-up techniques to give some appearance of aging. However with modern healthy diets, exercise, supplementation, cosmetic surgery, and other anti-aging measures an Immortal can easily explain away their youthful appearance even as they are pushing 60! It’s expected aging will be cured within a century, and only then can Immortals breath a sigh of relief!

      1. Hi there Drake. How do you manage your bank account by the way? I think the bank owners or whatever will be suspicious if you, as the account owner, is over hundred years old. How do you handle your resources without being suspected?

        1. It’s not like I go down to my local bank to personally make deposits, and withdrawals. There are a network of banks owned by corporations that are involved in the changing of identities for Immortals. There is also money spread throughout other banks under a variety of identities that include dummy corporations. In addition I have some charitable foundations as well. Then there are my homes around the world where physical cash, gold, silver, diamonds, and other valuables are kept in safes. There’s even some old school buried treasure. Much of which is from my days as a high seas Pirate. I’m not proud of that but I was still overcoming the darkness of being a vampire. Although I was never anywhere as evil as a great deal of vampires are.

  90. I found a void while meditating.Complete emptiness.Since then rituals and sigils stop working.This also seems to affect my group rituals,magic of other people.Anyone know something about this kind of phenomena?

    1. Complete voids in the mind of God, aka Omniverse, do exist. It’s plausible meditating attracted one to you, and now it’s affixed to your chakra aura in essence acting as a metaphysical dampening field. Look into cleansing, and strengthening your Chakra’s to loosen its hold so it moves away.

    1. Although it’s true every human has a micro amount of every power within them, due to their higher dimensional souls, the odds of noticeably developing them are beyond astronomical unless there has been some natural display of said power. Subliminal audio-visual, and self-hypnosis along with daily attempts to manifest abilities is the best way to develop psychokinetic powers. Try these videos: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=develop+electrokinesis | https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=develop+pyrokinesis

  91. Hi, I’ve been reading and watching some videos on Chaos Magic(k) and I was wondering, is Chaos Magic(k) one step closer to Omnimagic? I’ve read one of your articles where you list the “levels” of magic (Starting with Sects that use magic, to witchcraft, then wizardry, sorcery, galamagic,unimagic, hyper-magic etc.) I was also wondering where would Chaos Magic be in that list? From what I’ve read about Chaos Magic(k) it seems like one of the most powerful types of magic since it relies a little less on a god and more on the person.

  92. Hi,can anyone please tell me what is this?
    -Giant Humanoid Seen Walking On Clouds At 30,000 Feet During Flight? (Strange News) :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr_ERE8teBQ

    -& this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZP1dnCocl4),is that really Plague Doctor and is that really a witch? If that is what a dark witch really looks like in our reality, I am seriously freaked out. In the video,it seemed to make inhuman sinister voices, and I’m still very freaked out.

    Hey,Mystic Folks, were you guys ever scared or freaked out by the paranormal world when you first encounter them? Xavier? Were you ever freaked out when you first see ghosts or dark witches? Even for Rebecca, you were born paranormal but did you ever freak out on your first encounter with paranormal horrors?

    Forgive me,but sometimes I can’t help thinking how do you guys feel when you confront these grotesque monstrosities or inhuman sinister apparitions?Or even when in TerenceVille?(they all from the asylum but still human right?) I, for one am seriously fraked out already even from watching them in a video. This deeply worries me for how can i battle evil in future if I am already afraid? Please,You guys have to tell me how you all do it? I’m guessing those of you who possess magic or an extrordinary nature(Zombie/Werewolf/Vampire/Nanobot bloodstream/Psychic) might not be so afraid coz you basically have powers? What about you common folks like Xavier,does martial arts and superb health makes you less susceptible to fear? I really want to know

  93. hey .. i think there arevampire attacks going on around our place.. its in assam.. i mean persons totally drained offf blood.. last nyt my friends uncle died with fangs like piercing on his neck,, please someone help,, please help fast… i dont want to die here…. help mystic investigations.. this is the only place i can ask help for… Please i need help soon…. i already asked for help many times.. y isnt someone replying.. Or is this just a fake website.. I am gonna sue this website.. Mystic investigations cant help… PURE FAKE BITCHES…

    1. Yeah try and sue us for being a fake paranormal site or whatever silly BS you come up with! You’ll be laughed the hell out of any court in the world! Secondly we don’t reply to incoherent nut cakes. I bet you’re just fine because the vampires are all a figment of your imagination or hallucinations of your drug abuse. LOL!

  94. What is Reincarnate is? is this for real or lie by the Devil and his Demon? also is Psychic a Lie or real with power from the Devil and his Demons so write back anybody??

    1. Psychics are real and not demonic in origin. Simply the first signs of humans evolving into Gods. Reincarnation is real only to the extent that soul frequencies can repeat causing people to be born multiple times on the same planet at different points in history. However there is no system of karma punishment sending people into harder lives or into states of animal or plant status. The multiple lives are coincidental mathematical probabilities, and happen simultaneously from a higher dimensional perspective.

      1. Ok so The Reincarnation is real ok but being born again again in different planet is horrible think about it Xavier each born again as a baby and then into a adult don’t remember there past life so what does it sound to you it sound like they never go home or heaven and it like trap here in the again and again differnet body over and over..and have there memory taken away so that bad but not for me i hope to go to heaven and stay there
        write back anybody.

        1. It doesn’t work like that. It all happens simultaneously from a higher dimensional viewpoint. We’re born into near infinite lives in parallel Universes at the same time just as we’re born into different lives in this Universe at the same time in different time frames. You need of it as an observer in the 5th dimension who sees our reality as one big present rather than a series of pasts, and futures.

  95. What if a zombie vaccine was developed. Will the original human soul of the cured zombie will automatically reconnected? Or it will simply be an empty human shell…

    1. Once they’re actually a living dead corpse a vaccine would just de-animate them. They’d simply be corpses with no additional change in soul connection status. The vaccine would mainly be useful as a preventative measure, or those in the early stages who are still technically alive.

  96. hello Xavier Remington i see you have a Twitter.com there so i read the part of if there going to release about supernatural…so is that a good idea or not..also i found that it did not happen yet so far..so wonder when will it happen..write back Xavier.

      1. i talking about the mystic twitter.com talking about release the informtion about supernautral world about the truth of it from USA leader and the rest for a discloser of the supernatural it said that on your Mystic investingtion website sorry for my bad english spelling.

  97. Hello Mystic Investigations. I wanted to inform you that Santa Claus is not the most powerful supernatural being on Earth. The most supernatural being on Earth is me, I am the God of this Hyper-Omniverse. I was also wondering if you could write an article about me, or my kind.

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