Who Are The Fatal Five?

What Are Succubus And Incubus?
The Fatal Five are a nefarious group of four deadly Succubus, and one Incubus.  Succubus are low level biological female demons whose purpose is to seduce, and corrupt innocent men.  Incubus are low level male demons who do the same to innocent women. Particularly the corruption of virgins. Generally both Succubus, and Incubus are evil humans who ascend to demonhood through their dark works. Often those who don’t have any magical talent. With each sexual encounter these denizens of darkness darken a person’s mind, and heart along with sucking away the metaphysical energy of their soul.  Often the victim may be a useful chess piece in the plans of a higher level demons.

This is the speciality of the Fatal Five as they weave together intricate plans in the corporate, and political world to further the goals of their demon masters. Once the sexual conquest has served his, or her, purpose the Succubus, Or Incubus increase their sexual favors thereby robbing the man, or woman of more spiritual energy. This causes the unfortunate, yet extremely happy, victim to rapidly age, and eventually die!  This death is considered a demonic sacrifice, and another soul for the Devil to claim.  The Fatal Five are the most powerful Succubus on Earth, and they hope to ascend to full Demon status someday!

The Fatal Five were last seen with the Devil himself on the beaches of Saint Tropez, France during July of 2014!  A brave group of Demon Hunters known as “God’s Gavel of Glorious Justice” attempted to take down the entire motley crew of damnation but they never stood a chance! All 24 GGGJ team members were tragically slain! RIP God’s Gavel of Justice!

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