Colorado College Of Paranormal Studies

The Colorado College Of Paranormal Studies is considered one of the top paranormal universities in the United States.  The college, located In Woodland Springs, Colorado, has a unique curriculum that is primarily targeted at those wishing to delve into a career within the fields of paranormal investigations, and research.  This of course also means directly battling the very forces of darkness that lurk among the shadows of our paranormal planet. The supernatural university is managed by President Evan Paddington, and Vice-President Lisa Watson. Mystic Investigations has deep ties to the college with some of us being graduates, and professors as well. Our President Xavier Remington considers the college his chief Alma Mater.

Those Of Us Currently Serving As Part Time Professors
Since we’re all busy with cases here at Mystic Investigations we can only teach a limited amount of classes per
week. Due to our expertise some of us have been given prestigious Professorship titles. Of course our generous donations to the college probably helped as well.

Xavier Remington Professor Of Paranormal Investigations

Drake Alexander Professor Of Vampirology

Michael Remington Professor Of Temporal Studies

Julia Hathaway Professor Of Psionics

Rob Edmunds Professor Of Phantasmology

Ashley Abercrombie Professor Of Cryptozoology

Hunter Jackson Professor Of Paranormal Self Defense