Top 12 Schools Of Magic On Earth

A list of the top 12 magic schools in no particular order based on number of students, and influence in the secret supernatural society. Although the first entry is considered the number one magic school on Earth! Most of these mystical institutions of higher magical education are supernaturally cloaked so as to be invisible to outsiders. This is by no means a complete list as there are dozens of other smaller schools scattered around the hidden paranormal world.  Many of these schools scout for students, and are very selective who they choose to attend.  If you have any supernatural talent they will find you no matter where you live on Earth! There is an extensive network of supernatural scryers, psychics, mystics, soothsayers, and seers who actively scour the planet for anyone with an inkling of magical ability. It’s rare that someone without at least a hint of paranormal DNA can perform real powerful magic! To be perfectly clear they choose you, and not the other way around. You can’t apply! If they don’t contact you then you won’t attend.

  1. McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences – The premier magical school on Earth located on the shores of Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland. Founder & Headmaster Sorcerer Ian McTavish is thought to be the most powerful Sorcerer on Earth next to Dimitri Diablo who’s now the King Of Hell.
  2. Enochian Educators Of Enlightenment – Foremost authority of the rare art of Enochian Angel magic on Earth. A very secretive intuition even for those in the world of the supernatural. They don’t accept applications if you would even know where to send them. Santa Claus, aka Saint Nicholas, a Demi-Angel is thought to have a hand in running the school, or at least he’s been rumored to teach there on occasion. He will neither confirm or deny that rumor.
  3. Sebastian School Of Sorcery – The top magic school in North America located in the Grand Canyon, Arizona.  The creator, and Headmaster is the Sorcerer Sebastian.
  4. American Academy Of Witchcraft Arts – The premier magic school in the United States located in Willowdale State Forest in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  Founded by Salem Witches.
  5. Atlantean Academy Of Mystical Arts – Considered the foremost authority on magic within Oceania. Located deep below the Atlantic Ocean in the Mermaid Capital of Atlantis. Rarely accepts non-mermaids.
  6. Egyptian Order Of The Pyramid – The number one school of magical arts in Africa located beneath the Great Pyramids of Giza. Also houses the New Library Of Alexandria. One of the few known locations to have a direct entrance to the Underworld. The oldest known magic school on Earth dating back to the Ancient Egyptian empire of 15th century BC. Unfortunately they are very secretive even when it comes to those of us in the supernatural community. They also teach both white, and black magic with the hope of creating a balanced Grey Magic. It’s rumored Shala, Queen Of Halloween, might have some role in this school since she’s about maintaining the balance between good, and evil.  There’s also an expectation for students remain secretive, and loyal to the institution. There has been known to be undesirable reprisals for those who don’t maintain secrecy.
  7. Russian University Of Wizardry – The leading supernatural school in Eurasia. The notoriously hard to kill Rasputin was thought to be one of the top students. Located along the Black Sea in Krasnodarskiy Krai, Russia.
  8. Ming’s Magic School Of China – Asia’s premier college of magic. School with the highest concentration of Sorcerer Professors. Located on the outskirts of Beijing, China along The Great Wall Of China.
  9. Incan Institute Of Mystical Arts – South America’s number one institution of magic located in the Andes Mountains of Peru.
  10. Aboriginal Seminary Of Shamanism – Hidden in the outback of Western Australia. Extremely selective student body.
  11. Tanzania Psychokinetic College – Top college on Earth for those wishing to hone their PSI super powers.  Located deep in an undisclosed Tanzanian jungle.  It’s said to be near a large body of water for those with water manipulation power potential.  The complex isn’t cloaked but it is located underground with camouflaged entrances.  Students usually practice their powers in the jungle.  Any student with pyrokinetic powers is usually shadowed by one with cryokinetic, or hydrokinetic abilities to prevent large scale jungle fires.
  12. The Scholomance – Ironically this dark Devilish school of demonic arts is one of the few actually known about in the human world.  We hesitate to say this but this is probably the premier school of black arts on Earth located in Sibiu, Transylvania. The school was indirectly created by the Devil who trained it’s founders directly at the Cave of Salamanca in Spain. The Cave was considered a school by some but in reality it was merely a place the Devil would manifest every so often since it can be briefly cloaked from Angels due to it being a strong supernatural exit from the Underworld.  The Scholomance is currently run by Transylvanian vampire royalty along with rumored Demi-Demon involvement. This diabolical den of darkness has produced some of the most nefarious necromancers, dark witches, wayward warlocks, wizards, and sinister sorcerers.  The most famous student is the infamous Dracula who is known to be the most powerful vampire when it comes to magic.  The most notorious visiting professor was the Anti-Claus.  Currently the Headmaster is the Sorcerer Brimstone, former apprentice of the extremely powerful Dark Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo.

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    • You don’t choose real magic schools they choose you. Their mystical scouts scour the world for paranormal potentials. If you have some untapped magical talent then you’ll get an invitation. Realistically a true magic school wouldn’t accept a regular human. There has to be some level of magical pre-disposition in the DNA. It’s rare for a standard human to go beyond a certain point in practicing magic. The school want people who can continue to advance in their abilities, and the average human can’t unfortunately do this.

  1. i’ve been invited to more than one of these schools. but due to the situation i was in and conflicting sides being there. i refused until a later date. do i meditate to try and contact? if so how/who to?

  2. I am an earth angel. Am I eligible for learning magic from any of these institutions. Because I really want to help others by the power of good magic. Could you please explain in detail how and what kind of invitations do they send to contact?

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