Do Disney World And Disneyland Have Magical Defenses?

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Indeed Walt Disney was aware of the real supernatural world. Early on the characters he and his company created began gradually manifesting from alternate realities and Parallel Universes. This is a product of so many people around the world believing in Disney characters. Mass belief can create bubble universes via the magical power of the human collective consciousness. They identified Disney as their God and eventually Disney amusement parks as a Heaven of sorts. In accordance with the Supernatural Secrecy Pact Disney uses mysterious magical methods to hide various paranormal perplexities. This is done with a directing Sorcerer, a group of Wizards, and a coven of Witches! However, real-life Disney characters have been known to frolic about Disney parks mostly unnoticed blending into the happiest and magical places on Earth! In addition, some Disney stories, like Mary Poppins, are based on true tales!🌟

Disney Protection Spells

Disney resorts have a plethora of active protection spells courtesy of its on-staff magical practitioners. These spells often utilize the abundance of enchanted energies caused by the magical innocence of children’s collective consciousnesses. Again because of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact it isn’t a complete protection package like you would see at Santa Claus’s North Pole City. Clearly, there would be questions if nobody ever died or was injured at any Disney property for countless decades! Probably enough to spark an investigation by the US Paranormal Defense Agency.😎

Despite that, no supernatural harm can come to anyone and nobody can be maliciously extinguished at Disney parks. This means no vampires, werewolves, zombies, or other harmful monsters can enter Disney World or Disneyland! In addition, the liquid garlic Disney World employs to battle mosquitos also acts as another deterrent for vampires and a handful of other sinister supernaturals. There’s also a specific spell to repel Slenderman and his nefarious child kidnapping ways! While vacationing on Disney properties you can play, relax, and sleep worry-free knowing that no denizens of darkness can touch you! As additional security, we have the aforementioned real-life Disney characters who are immortal and can easily take on a variety of filthy fiends! This includes common supernatural beings of the light such as Fairies.🧚‍♀️

The Disney Park Werewolf Refuge

When it comes to Werewolves, human form is okay for entry. There’s the added perk of not transforming under the full Moon! Although, the non-transforming Werewolves do experience some level of discomfort throughout the night. Of course, if they’re already in werewolf form there’s no way to enter and even if they did they wouldn’t revert back to human form. Floridian Werewolves residing near Disney parks plan a full Moon trip there instead of locking themselves up for a handful of nights every month! They then hide out after the park closes and sneak out after dawn. Some actually get night shift jobs at Disney so they don’t have to hide. Unfortunately, the spell weakens on each individual over time as too many Werewolves seek refuge. Eventually, they need to find another Disney park with a fresh spell. Over time this option exhausts itself and they are back to being a hairy horror! Ultimately, their demonic DNA and the enchanted energies of the Moon win out!🐺

The Disney Supernatural Safe Haven

Disney World and Disneyland are reliable safe havens if you are in immediate danger from paranormal creatures or even powerful Practitioners Of Magic! It is sacred supernatural ground no blasphemous being may trespass upon! There are not only protection spells but also the blessings of powerful priests from around the world. This makes Disney grounds holy to an extent. When talking about large areas it is difficult to keep holy blessings in place. Any water there will hold its holiness far longer than the ground. It is said that extremely powerful beings like the Devil have managed to enter Disney World. Thankfully they were mystically compelled to do no harm while there! Such power suggests some Angelic magic in the mix! So rest assured when going to Disney you can relax and leave your metaphysical worries at the delightful door so you may enjoy the magic of being a kid again!😈

Special Exceptions To The Supernatural Ban

Paranormal entities who are truly good in nature can usually enter Disney without an issue. There are enchanted exceptions for those who apply to the secret supernatural service at Disney. Our very own Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander is a vampire and has a paranormal pass to override the magical countermeasures so he may enjoy the fantastical fun at Disney with the rest of us! Even though he is righteous at heart he still possesses the demonic DNA of a vampire and this would stop him at the gates under normal circumstances.

Naturally, our Demi-Mermaid Rebecca Abernathy has no issues since Mermaids such as Ariel are welcome! Rebecca is also a witch and utilizes magic so Drake won’t get sick from the liquid garlic mosquito repellent sprayed around the grounds. Our Demi-Zombie Dr. Ashley Abercrombie can enter because her humanity neutralizes the walking dead within. This means a Demi-Vampire, or Dhamphir, can also enter. Thankfully, they are usually good vampire slayers!🧛

The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic Closure And Re-Opening

Disney World was closed from mid-March to early July due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic. They planned various health countermeasures, additional holy blessings and shored up their protection spell before re-opening on July 11th, 2020. This included hiring the Healing Witches Of Hygieia (HWH). They are a powerful coven dedicated to worshipping and calling upon the Greek Health Goddess Hygieia for healing power and protection. In addition, a special team, lead by the Plague Doctor Pacifiers, patrol the grounds to ensure no Plague Doctor Cultists attempt to spread disease among Disney guests! The Plague Doctor is the premiere paranormal purveyor of disease on Earth! He worships two of the Four Horsemen Death and Pestilence which could potentially trump Hygieia if he were to get personally involved. Of course, the Health Goddess has the entire Greek Pantheon behind her along with all their allied Gods around the world! So far the countermeasures have been successful!😷

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