What Is The Spring Heeled Jack?

The urban legend of the notorious Spring-Heeled Jack speaks of a diabolical paranormal perpetrator of numerous attacks against innocents. Alarming attacks primarily against women across Great Britain from 1837 to 2012.  Similar creatures have been seen sporadically around the world as well. He was first known as the Terror Of London when he began his attack spree there in 1837. His supernatural abilities include greatly enhanced strength, speed, agility, and possibly ultra keen senses as well. The Spring-Heeled Jack was named after his ability to leap ten feet or more in the air. This included bouncing across the rooftops of homes and businesses with relative ease. He had fiery flaming red eyes, blew forth blue & white flames from his mouth, and had sharp metal like fingertip claws. He wore tall boots, an oilskin suit, a horned helmet, and donned a cape with a bat wing looking design. Plausibly the wings granted him some air lift to traverse longer distances between rooftops. There is some confusion as to whether in fact the wings were real along with his horns. It was generally agreed by shocked witnesses that he had a Devil like appearance and acted like an insane asylum inmate.

A Vampire Runs Across The Sinister Spring-Heeled Jack!

Luckily for Mystic Investigations our very own Executive Vice-President and Vampire Drake Alexander ran across this diabolical denizen of darkness in 1839 London. Drake had been out for a leisurely evening stroll when he heard the frantic screams of a woman. He raced to the cries for help and found the Spring-Heeled Jack attacking her. Drake immediately pounced on him from behind biting into his neck thereby briefly partaking of his vile tasting blood. The Jack proceeded to leap up against a brick wall knocking Drake clean through it. Drake sprang forth but the Jack blasted him in the face with blazing blue fire blowing from his mouth as he shrilly screamed. The female victim used her purse to bat the flames out on Drake’s clothing amid the Jack’s high pitched maniacal cackling. When the smoke cleared the Spring-Heeled Jack was gone! Despite his best efforts to track the filthy fiend Drake was never able to find the sinister springing assailant ever again. Clearly, the Spring Heeled menace had stealth abilities if he could allude a vampire who had actually tasted his blood and caught his unsavory stench! Drake also indicated he felt mildly ill for a few hours after ingesting the Spring-Helled horrors blood.

The Keepers Of Peculiar Antiquities

Thankfully, vampires like Drake can gleam a lot of information by drinking someone’s blood. His psychic evaluation of the Heeled Jack’s blood says he was an eccentric human magician who was coincidentally named Jack Yates. Jack was a stage magician who sought to perform real magic rather than illusion. By combing through a plethora of ancient texts he realized that a source of potential paranormal power was located in London under lock and key by a secret society called The Keepers Of Peculiar Antiquities.  Basically they were a group of paranormal Archaeologists that rounded up dangerous supernatural objects for safe keeping. Jack had always been fascinated with Dragons and he immediately felt a connection with the legendary Dragon Crystal.  The Keepers had said crystal at their facility.

The Mystic Dragon Crystal

The Dragon Crystal was created by medieval wizards to lock dragons in the Underworld forever since they would surface every so often, and became an issue during the medieval era.  A problem that became too great even for the bravest of knights.  The crystal was a link to the spirits of all dragons, and could have the power to summon their demonic energies. Jack managed to use his powers of magician illusion, and misdirection to stealthy enter the Keepers underground lair, and pilfer the sacred crystal.  However he was confronted by armed guards, and his first instinct was to simply swallow the crystal.  It immediately imbued him with a Dragon spirit, and his Spring-Heeled Jack powers began to manifest as he incinerated the men with his fire breathing.  He quickly escaped further capture by leaping about madly crashing through a wall to freedom.

The Spring-Heeled Jack Joins With The Dragon Crystal

london-terrorThe Dragon Crystal most likely assimilated into his body permanently granting him various powers including immortality.  However it also created a split personality since the magical power surge was too much for his mind to handle.  The true Spring-Heeled Jack is that new personality.  This accounts for the break in attacks over the years which became a mere dwindle in modern times.  The last reported case was near London on Valentines Day 2012. It’s assumed most of the time Jack lives as a simple immortal with no memory of what happened after he swallowed the Dragon Crystal.  Otherwise the Spring-Heeled Jacks reign of terror would have been constant, and more frequent over the past 178 years. For whatever reason the Jack personality comes out every so often. It’s unknown what all the catalysts would be.  Certainly if Jack was endangered, or angered in some way it would make sense his more powerful split personality would emerge.

The Immortal Jack Can’t Be Slain For Fear of A Massive Dragon Invasion!

Jacks immortality comes from the fact that the Dragon Crystal was made to last forever in order to keep Dragons from entering our world.  So that means Jack must be immortal.  It’s unknown if that makes him invincible as well?  If not we must warn any supernatural warriors not to terminate him but rather simply confine him so as not to let a hoard of Dragons loose on the world!  It’s also interesting to note that since the early 1840’s every so often a Dragon would escape the Underworld.  This indicates that the Crystal was somewhat transformed when Jack swallowed it, or perhaps he can summon Dragons to the surface on a limited basis.  Let us hope he doesn’t have the power to release all of them. Certainly the forces of demonic evil would probably want Jack as their Armageddon ally if this was the case!

The Magical Spring-Heeled Jack Still Walks Among Us!

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Jack Yates, aka The Spring-Heeled Jack, should contact Mystic Investigations, or the nearest paranormal professional at their earliest convenience.  Most likely Jack will be continuing to partake of his passion of performing magic.  As an immortal he would be someone who wouldn’t stay in one place too long, or may use magic to glamour his appearance in order to simulate aging.  Such illusions can be caught in a silver based mirror.  If you suspect an immortal is the Jack don’t risk confronting, or angering him to test your theory unless you yourself have extensive powers!

A Message To The Spring-Heeled Jack From The Supernatural Community

This message is to Jack Yates himself:  If you’re an immortal reading this and you’ve had bouts of unexplainable memory loss then please at least consider the possibility that you are the Spring-Heeled Jack.  We urge you to contact us immediately so we can get you the help you so desperately need.  We pledge that no harm with come to you, and that our only mission is to eradicate your alter ego while possibly extracting the energies of the Dragon Crystal so we can reconstitute it.  We will do everything in our power to keep your immortality intact.  We hope you’ll do the right thing, and protect anymore innocent people from being harmed by the Spring-Heeled Jack!

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