Nefarious Activity Spotted At Devils Pentagram In Kazakhstan

Devils Pentagram

As you may or may not know the infamous Devil’s Pentagram in Kazakhstan seems to be prophesied as the location of the Devil’s resurrection along with the birth of the Anti-Christ on Halloween 2013.  Most likely between the Witching and Devil’s hours of 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM.  Raj Acharya, of Raj Acharya Metaphysical Investigations, and his team from India are currently on the scene.  Raj reported a plethora of activity from workmen wearing black coveralls with an odd crimson logo on the back.  The logo resembles various emblems of Satanic organizations.  No writing is on the uniforms. The workmen appear to be building a massive stage with an altar of some type along with placing large torches, statues, and other diabolical-looking memorabilia about the expanse of the pentagram.

An eccentrically dressed male and female were observed directing the workers along with sprinkling various glittering iridescent powders about the trails lines on the pentagram as they chanted incantations in different languages including Latin.  The incantations are definitely black magical in nature.  The man, and woman are wearing long flowing black robes with purple trim while carrying large ancient books with them.  The man was wearing a ruby talisman while the woman wore an emerald one both glowing with a powerful light.   Raj believes they are Sorcerers, and high priests of the secret Satanic Illuminati order orchestrating the dark Halloween rise of the Devil.  His team observed all of this from foliage cover nearby using surveillance equipment.  When they came out to question the workers they were ignored, and then the Sorcerer, and Sorceress approached them demanding they leave the property.  Raj inquired what would happen if they didn’t leave, and the Sorcerer pointed his finger at a pile of lumber nearby which was magically lit ablaze with an unholy fire that is violet in color.  Raj and the Metaphysical Investigations team calmly retreated to continue their surveillance but were greeted by armed commandos in black ninja garb that had a red pentagram on their head garment.  A brief hand-to-hand fight ensued as more ninjas flooded into the area.  Raj’s resident witch Avinashika created a magical diversion so they could make their escape.

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Raj has now begun coordinating with other paranormal investigations teams, and supernatural warriors converging on the Satanic site.  We wonder how they can conduct what is supposed to be a secret Satanic ceremony with so many uninvited guests showing up with the sole intent of stopping them.  In addition top members of the Illuminati elite have been seen observed traveling to Kazakhstan to pay homage to their master the Devil. There is even an unconfirmed report of King Dagan, leader of the clandestine vampire kingdom, traveling with his favorite vampire son Prince Dracula toward Kazakhstan.  Mystic Investigations will be traveling there in the next day or so to join what could be the opening battle of Armageddon.  Although that doesn’t mean all Hell will break loose upon the Earth.  There will most likely be many secret battles in the greater war of Armageddon.  We will keep apprised of any updates to this very serious situation that could affect all humankind!

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