May 18, 2024
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[…] If you spot this deadly diabolical doctor of diseases then contact Mystic Investigations or your nearest paranormal organization immediately.  Do not attempt to apprehend, or make any contact with the Plague Doctor since he is armed with viruses, and bacteria which are extremely dangerous.  If you live in the Midwest then Colloidal Silver is recommended as a defense measure.  It seems to be the only thing that will repel him to an extent.  Other forms of silver seem to have little effect on him or his diseases.  For more information on the Black Death of the supernatural world check out: […]

11 years ago

Damn….I just had a thought…..What if the Plague Doctor managed to get his hands on werewolf Saliva? It has been mentioned before on other posts here that lycanthropy is a virus…..So do you think that might be his actual end game? Instead of a zombie apocolypse a lycanthropic one….

8 years ago

Does he have any Enhanced Strength?

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