The Origin, History & Powers Of Vampires

Angry Female VampireVampires are Immortal supernatural beings that appear human but can transform into sinister looking creatures with brilliant glowing eyes, and fangs.  The more ancient vampires tend to look more demonic in facial structure when their blood lust sets off their transformation.  They have enhanced physical abilities generally weaker than Immortals(Ones formed through Angelic parentage) but stronger than Werewolves.  These powers include super strength (can lift many tons), super speed (Faster than a Cheetah minimum 84 mph to hundreds of miles per hour), super agility, enhanced vision that includes infrared night vision, a sense of smell rivaling bloodhounds, amazing hearing, taste, and tactile ability.  They also have varied hypnotic, and limited mind reading powers (mostly emotions in humans), along with some psychic abilities such as premonitions.  They can sense when other vampires are near and can read their minds to an extent but Master and offspring can fully read each others minds.  They can also form bonds and read minds with other vampires by feeding off each other.  Some can acquire the abilities of others after drinking their blood.  Contrary to myth they cannot fly although some ancient vampires are reputed to have greater psychic powers that include telekinesis which they can use on themselves to allow flight to take place.  If a vampire lives long enough and focuses on achieving this goal it’s sometimes possible to fly.

Despite their extraordinary power they are not invulnerable.  They can be killed by complete incineration in fire of exceptional heat of a certain duration although holy flames guarantee instant death as they will turn into ashes.   Complete immersion in holy water will disintegrate them into nothingness.  Being exposed to full sunlight will cause them to burst into flames and turn to ash. Sasquatch and Angel blood is said to kill vampires as well.  And of course there’s the famous wooden stake and also silver stake to the heart which will cause a slow agonizing death.  Once they die the body decays quickly into ashes.  They can be repelled with lesser amounts of these methods along with various religious artifacts including the holy cross.  These artifacts can be from Christianity or just about any other religion with a mass following.  It’s the mass belief in the religion that gives these artifacts their magical defensive power against vampires and most other paranormal forces.  Garlic is the least of these and may in fact just annoy most vampires.  On the other hand the flowering herb known as Vervain, aka Verbena, has been known to be an effective repellent against most vampires.  Recently Cryptozoologists have devised effective tranquilizer darts infused with Vervain so vampires can be captured for study. Since these weaknesses are a result of the demonic imperfection that originally brought them into existence thousands of years ago, they cannot enter a persons home uninvited thanks to Angelic protections.  In addition dead human blood acts as a repellant, and is poisonous to vampires.

A vampire is most commonly formed when another vampire kills a human by nearly draining them of blood but leaving a certain small amount behind.  Attaining this takes practice for new vampires.  Once the victim’s heart has stopped the vampire introduces his own blood into the victims system.  The vampires blood contains the supernatural vampirical virus which re-sequences the humans DNA thereby transforming their cells into something similar to cancer cells except stable in nature.   It is this similarity to cancer cells that gives them their immortality since cancer cells are immortal.  The process isn’t instant and often takes 24-48 hours during which time the pre-vampire is clinically dead.  At least according to standard modern medical testing.  So vampires will often rise in morgues or buried at cemeteries.  There’s even a few recorded incidents of vampires rising out of their caskets at evening funerals even after the embalming process which will not kill a vampire or a pre-vampire.  In fact you could behead a vampire and his head would grow a new body but his body would not grow a new head.   

They tend to rise from their graves at around Midnight which is the witching hour for all things paranormal.  At that time they have an uncontrollable ravenous hunger for blood and will attack the nearest human which usually results in the victims death.   Blood, human being the best, is needed to maintain peak power as it fuels their immortal demonic cells.  If an animal or their master (vampire father or mother) is the first thing they run across then they feed off them.  Although the blood of their master will only provide a temporary fix until human blood can be found.  If they were to go without blood they would eventually weaken and appear to age although they would never die.  Only suffer agonizing pain until they fed again.  Some choose to only drink animal blood which allows them to exist but they won’t be at their peak power.  In addition the blood of other supernatural creatures can have certain effects on them.

Midnight is generally when most vampire slayers patrol graveyards and morgues ready to stamp out newly born vampires.  However many times the Master Vampire is there to greet his newly born son or daughter.  Since they  now have components of the Master Vampires DNA he or she is in essence their new father or mother.  Often they will teach their offspring in the ways of being a vampire.  Despite having an eternal telepathic bond that allows them to read each others thoughts at close proximity the new vampire will eventually wish to leave his master and experience the world on his own.  They are able to find each other no matter where they are on Earth so they eventually meet again.

The first vampire was a result of a pure non-physical demon taking human form or basically possessing a human to the point of re-shaping their DNA, and then mating with a human thereby creating a vampire birth.  Angels battle to stop this so it’s extremely rare.  In addition this is different from a demon directly translating himself into physical form and then mating with a human which would create a demi-demon.  For reasons of intelligence demons seemingly had no urge to have relations with humans until they became homo neanderthalensis, and later homo sapiens and this was limited to small above average groups that existed some 100,000 years ago.  Groups that went on to create ancient lost super civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis (Some of the oldest vampires could very well be mermaids).  Although before this it’s plausible that vampires existed in the Dinosauroid civilization some 65 million years ago.  However back then demons were far more common in physical form which would have been similar to the reptilian form of the Dinosauroid people evolved from dinosaurs.  Since they were rather particular about their pure demon bloodlines back then it’s probably unlikely that vampires existed during that time since they wouldn’t have mated with a Dinosauroid.  Eventually the entire civilization along with the demons were destroyed by the famous asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.  So more than likely the oldest vampire could be about 100,000 years old.  Although it would be amazing to live that long and not succumb to the various demises possible for vampires.

There is also a rare breed of pure blood vampires that can mate and give birth to children just as humans do.  These vampires are far more powerful than standard vampires and can even withstand some sunlight and other things that might normally hurt vampires.  This first generation of vampires aka pure breed vampires are the only vampires that can directly give birth to babies.  Female vampires can only mate with another first generation vampire, and have kids in addition to the traditional method of bringing a human across which involves draining their blood until they die.  Such pregnancies last 666 months (55.5 years) due to the fact that vampires are living dead creatures and not ideally designed for bringing forth new life.  In addition a female vampire can only have one pregnancy in her entire immortal life.  Although in almost every instance she has twins which are usually male, and female.  The resulting offspring could have kids as well.  First generation vampire kids are the only vampires to age.  They age the equivalent of 10 human years for every 100 years on this Earth.  Their aging permanently halts at the human equivalent of age 33 which takes 330 years.  These vampires have some of the  longest childhoods on Earth.  

Male vampires can father offspring 13 times in their entire immortal lives at intervals of 100 years.  In addition unlike female vampires they can mate with humans creating Dhampir’s, aka Demi-Vampires which are generally considered a sub-species abomination among royal vampires.  Dhampir’s often go on to become Vampire Slayers, or in some cases servants of the royals. Vampires And VampirismDemi-Vampires can also be formed when a Demi-Demon mates with a human.    Dhampir’s generally feed off animal blood since their urge for blood itself isn’t great enough to go after humans.   Learn more about Dhampir’s here.

Vampire animals do exist and are brought across the same way as humans.   Some vampires will bring dogs or other animal across as eternal companions.  However they are hard to control and their deadly killing sprees draw attention so they often are killed.    Some violent Cryptids such as the Chupacabra have vampire DNA within them.

These first generation vampires and their offspring are considered high royalty among vampires.  They even have a secret pseudo-government where they feel they have the Devil given right to rule over all vampires.  Generally speaking the closer a vampire is to the first generation the more powerful it will be.  Although all vampires slowly gain strength over the centuries so the older they are the stronger they are.  Vampire generations of 6 or less are considered upper tier royalty while anything below the 13th generation is considered little more than a servant.  Read About the Vampires Royal Government.

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Mystic Investigations very own Drake Alexander is a 5th generation vampire who overcomes the dark pull of his demonic based DNA to fight the forces of evil protecting innocent humans around the world.

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Known Vampires

  • Dracula – Second Generation Vampire who has the Gift to practice magic. He was made vampire by King Dagan of The Vampire Kingdom
  • Drac aka Dracula, Jr. – World’s only First-Second Generation Vampire Hybrid and Son Of Dracula. The result of a rare mating with a First Generation Vampire Princess. Like his Father he also has the Gift to utilize magic.
  • Damnatia – Third Generation Vampire (Gift)
  • Lucien – Fourth Generation Vampire (Gift)
  • Meistiensos – Third Generation
  • Enheduanna aka Duanna Sargon – Fourth Generation
  • Cortez – Fourth Generation
  • Tannenbaum – Powerful Fourth Generation Vampire. A notorious serial killing vampire in Los Angeles, California. Killed by Drake Alexander and Rebecca Abernathy.
  • Drake Alexander – Fifth Generation
  • Avia – Tenth Generation Knight who sired Bloodworth and then disowned him.
  • Bloodworth – Eleventh Generation Squire
  • Baka – Sixth Generation. Former Japanese Samurai. Now the fattest vampire on Earth!

Scientific Classification Of Vampires

Kingdom: Cryptida (Supernatural Cryptids)
Phylum: Immortalis (Immortals)
Class: SupraNecrosis (Living Dead Beings)
Order: Demonica (Demons)
Family: Sanguinus (Survives Off Blood)
Tribe: Nocturna Solaris ( Diurnal Solar Radiation Fatal)
Genus: Homo Nosferatu (The Melding Of Human And Vampire)
Species: Homo Nosferatu Vampiris (Scientific Name For Vampires)

The Cure For Vampirism

Some vampires never accept the dark sanguine immortality of their everlasting existence. They yearn to be human again and die as such to redeem their soul in the afterlife. Here are some articles related to possible remedies for the vampirical plight:

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