Demidemons: The Hybrid Sons & Daughters Of Demons

Demidemons, or Demi-Demons, are rare immortal Demon-Human Hybrids that are the result of unholy unions between our two species.  A Demon needs to take biological form in order to procreate with a human.  When mating occurs through a human completely possessed by a demon a vampire is formed.  Technically a vampire is considered one-quarter demon.  Demidemons are rare because Angels actively prevent demons from taking biological form but some always slip through the cracks leading up from Hell.  Most are quite ancient being some of the oldest immortals on Earth since biological demons were more common in the distant past.  Despite being strikingly beautiful this is quite a deception due to the darkness that flows through their demonic blood.  Of course, there have been reports of some being influenced by their human half which can lessen their evil deeds.  They appear quite human except for brilliant crimson eyes which they often mask by willing them to be a different color.  When distracted, or angered, the color will revert back to crimson. 

Their facial features turn quite monstrous to truly reveal their demonic half.  Their appearance can be far more hideous than first generation vampires who partake of similar facial transmutations. The more enraged they are the more hellish they will appear.  Descriptions of these transformations vary but all have multiple sharp fangs unlike first generation vampires who have four fangs (two upper-two lower) and all other vampires who have two upper fangs.  Their fangs are the tools of their lust for human flesh, and blood.  These multiple fangs can actually be individually exposed and retracted allowing for two, or four fangs.  Perhaps they would do this to impersonate a vampire, or simply for their own aesthetic purposes.

Demi-Demons are extremely powerful beings with strength, speed, and agility that doesn’t match their human size, and appearance.  Most males are at least 6 feet tall, and quite muscular.  The females are very tall as well yet their slender femininity makes them appear weak when in fact they are just as strong as the males.  All have highly enhanced senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.  They also possess various psychic powers that are too numerous to list but most can read minds, control people at will, and utilize a plethora of telekinetic abilities.  They also have natural magical powers that grow greater over time.  This magic comes from their demonic lineage.  Overall their powers far exceed that of first generation vampires, and on par with the more powerful Demigods in physical prowess.  Of course their magical abilities can move them closer to that of Demi-Angels since demons are fallen Angels.  There is at least one ancient account of a Demidemon being good, and repaying society for the sin of their tainted blood.  Her good deeds, and need to be forgiven by the holy forces of Earth led to her demonic DNA transforming into that of the Angelic thereby making her a Demiangel.  Although there is no independent verification for this record found on ancient supernatural scrolls.

Demidemons don’t require sustenance to survive like vampires who need blood in order to prevent them from withering while maintaining themselves at peak power.  Demidemons do however share the same lust for blood with an addition of flesh.  They can easily devour a live human within minutes including all the bones!  Zombies are nothing compared to these ravenous beasts!  This act is considered a human sacrifice to their demonic family line which not only strengthens the forces of Hell but also allows the demi-demon to call upon darker magics.  So although they can still be physically strong for eternity without food they must ingest to gain more magical, and telekinetic powers along with keeping them in top form.  Consuming animals does nothing for them but then can eat anything unlike vampire who would get sick eating anything but blood.  This ability to eat allows demidemons to further blend into society in order to lure unsuspecting humans into their diabolical web of deadly deceit.  Like vampires they can gain power from the blood of other supernatural beings.  This is temporary in vampire but in Demidemons they gain said abilities permanently when consuming the entire being whole.

There are limitations in demidemon procreation.  For reasons unknown they can’t sire children with others of their own kind.  This isn’t that unusual among Immortal hybrid beings who are often sterile.  Unlike vampires they can’t transform humans into their own kind by draining their blood, and introducing a vampire like virus since demidemons are a product of pure demon DNA, and not a demonic virus.  Despite this there are some indications that demidemons can mate with certain first generation vampires.  The only vampire generation able to give birth.  Such vampires are limited to one birth in a lifetime but twins are possible.  Such a union would create an usually powerful vampire-demidemon hybrid that would be somewhat like an unheard of three fourths demon.   If such a being exists then they are well hidden because we have found no data on their existence.  It would be an interesting case because vampire children grow extremely slow.  First generation vampire kids age the equivalent of 10 human years for every 100 years on this Earth.  Their aging permanently halts at the human equivalent of 33 which takes 330 years.  On the other hand demi-demons grow extremely fast.  For every year they age 3 1/2 years.  So they’re almost an adult in 5 years.  Like vampires they halt aging at 33 for reasons not fully understood.

As with all beings who derive from demons they are vulnerable to religious artifactsChristian in particular tend to be the most powerful due to the sheer number of people who believe in the religion along with a curse God placed on the fallen angels, aka demons.  The mass belief of the human mind has a magic all it’s own.  The repellent, and damaging effects of various artifacts which include holy crosses, crucifixes, holy water, holy fire, Bibles, etc. use the humanity within hybrid demonic entities as a conduit to their own destruction.  So vampires are actually more vulnerable to a holy cross than a demidemon would be.  A demon possessing a human would tend to be the most vulnerable while a pure demon in biological form would be able to better withstand religious elements since no humanity is present in them.  Use of holy artifacts might act as a distraction to make way for your retreat in the face of these powerful entities of evil but we wouldn’t recommend relying on them as your sole defense.  Certainly not to be used as an offensive weapon.  Magic is the best bet when dealing with a demidemon.  However you would need some major mojo to take on a human-demon hybrid!  Preferably Enochian Magic which is a rare form of magic derived from sympathetic Angels who somewhat defy Gods wish of non-interference in Earthly affairs.  There are also various authentic angelic amulets that may protect you from demon based entities such as demi-demons.

Vampires will smoke, and eventually burst into unholy flames within the holy rays of sunlight.  All demonic based beings loathe sunlight but not all can be incinerated by it.  Demidemons are repelled by the sun, and weakened to an extent, but they can exist in it for a decent length of time so they are able to function normally.  They will however suffer a brutal sun burn after a few hours in direct sunlight but it cannot kill them.  Many develop such powerful magic that they can create a virtual supernatural sunscreen.  Certainly if you’re in a building with one of these unholy hybrids then letting in as much sudden sunlight as possible will temporarily distract them so you can get away with your life intact.  It’s safe to say you’re safe on a beach at high noon.

So why would a demon mate with a human to begin with?  The conceiving of a demon childDictionary Of Demons cannot be done against a humans will.  If it’s not consensual, without the human having full knowledge, the child cannot come into existence.  It could be that the human soul naturally repels such unions sub-consciously.  Sometimes it’s love, and more often it’s a planned event for the purpose of having demonic agents among humankind ready to do battle when Armageddon commences.  Gods are doing the same thing by creating demigods since they have a stake in Earth’s final fate.  Most demi-demons want the Devil to control Earth, and transform it into Hell.  They then expect to become full blooded demons as a reward for their loyalty, and victory over the angelic forces of good.   Currently most demi-demons roam the Earth on diabolical missions for their demon parent.  They also act as ambassadors of Hell on Earth since their minds are direct communication conduits to Hell itself.  They often meet with vampire, and human royalty along with high level political officials to discuss what the Devil’s agenda.

In addition to being born from a standard mating a demidemon can be formed by other methods as well.  For instance a demi-angel, human-angel hybrid, can turn down the path of evil causing their DNA to downgrade to demonic.  The most famous example of this is Santa Claus’s twin brother, the Anti-Claus.  Separated at birth Santa had a loving childhood while the Dark Claus had a violent one.  His Demi-Angel DNA became demonic once he terminated his first human victim.  He’s currently considered to be the most powerful known Demi-Demon on Earth.  Although there are most likely more powerful ancient ones lurking in the shadows.  Like vampires demidemons gain more strength the longer they are alive along with consuming as many humans as possible.  Since the Anti-Claus is an avid Devil worshiper, and has the Devils direct approval it’s assumed he has an amazing demonic power base to tap into.

Certain powerful practitioners of dark magic can also have their DNA warped to the point of being partly demonic since they are bathing themselves in demon magic on a daily basis.  Some actually wish for it.  A rare few extraordinarily evil humans have been bestowed with demi-demon status for their evil deeds.  Adolph Hitler is one example.  Near the end of his life some witnesses indicate seeing demonic elements within him.  It’s believed by some in supernatural circles that he actively prayed to the Devil, and Archdemons, and was eventually possessed by one willingly.  Eventually they transformed his DNA to that of a demidemon.  He may have been incapable of handling the transition as he turned a little nutty in the end.  It’s now assumed he resides in Hell as a full demon.

The ultimate free agents of the Universe, known as Travelers, can also become demidemons.  Travelers are humans who have learned to access 100% of their mind, and through that their soul.  They are free to do as they please, and leave this reality at will.  They leave their biological form to become beings of pure light, and energy.  They’re almost like natural holograms.  However in some cases power goes to their head, and they develop a negative megalomania with a deep God complex that results in acts of evil.  They eventually revert back to biological form, although they still have many powers intact.  Eventually that human like form transmutes into demidemon.  Sometimes demons get to the Traveler before this, and lure him into full non-corporeal demon status.

The Anti-Christ will be a Demidemon conceived by the Devil, the Master ArchDemon of all Demons, taking biological form in order to mate with a specially chosen human of an evil nature.   This will actually make the Anti-Christ an extremely rare Demi-Archdemon since there are nothing but a few unsubstantiated ancient anecdotes about such beings existing.  Since the Devil is number one on Heavens bounty it will take a special ritual by dark EarthlyThe AntiChrist practitioners of magic to stealthy resurrect him long enough to do the deed.  Since demons have no gender, along with Angels, the Devil could take a male or female form.  Either way a worthy nefarious figure will become the Anti-Christ’s human Mother or Father.  This human parent will be charged with raising the spawn of Hell along with an evil step-father who may from time to time willingly become possessed with the Devil for special Satanic ceremonies. 

Once born the Anti-Christ will use his human half to mask his true nature.  This is the way for demons to directly rule over Earth as we near the great battle of Armageddon. The Archdemidemon Anti-Christ will most likely be male although it could be a female which would provide even more deceit when fooling humankind.  He or she will most likely be a member of the 13 ruling families of the plutocratic Illuminati, aka New World Order, who rule this planet through corporatist shadow governments controlled by their central banks and multinational corporations located in the major nations on Earth.  This includes various Devil worshiping royal families which is the most likely parentage for the Anti-Christ.  He or she will deceive humanity, and most likely become the first President of a global government which will plunge humankind into darkness.  We believe the Antichrist will be born on Halloween 2013 as we have evidence that the Devil will take biological form at that time.  The rapid childhood aging of demi-demons along with powerful political connections will allow him, or her to rise into power very quickly.  They could be ready to rock on the world stage in as little as 10 years from now in 2023!  The Anti-Christ will definitely be the most powerful Demidemon of all time with powers beyond that of most Demigods, and Demi-Angels.

In addition the infamous living dead serial killer Jason Voorhees is also considered a sub-species of demi-demon.  Although his rotting dead flesh is rather zombie like.  So we classify him as a zombified demi-demon.  This zombification is probably the result of him not being demonic in origin, as he was born human.  His transformation was granted by demons in a clearly imperfect manner.  It could be he’s required to kill, or consume flesh & blood to stop rotting but he’s just too dumb to realize it.

Known Demi-Demons

There aren’t enough demi-demons to warrant a royal hierarchy.

  • The Anti-Christ – Currently a child, The Antichrist is the most powerful Demidemon on Earth since he’s the child of the Archdemon Devil who is the Emperor Of Hell. Not only is he half demi-archdemon as his human half is a hereditary witch. The spirit of Mother Earth was forcibly infused into the mother at conception thus granting Satan’s Son a godly component that makes him one with the Earth and shields his location from higher dimensional enemies like Angels. It will also grants protections against Nature Deities.
  • The Anti-Claus – Santa Claus’s evil twin brother. The second most powerful Demi-Demon on Earth as his dark soul is intertwined with that of the Demi-Angel Saint Nicholas. The most powerful is the Anti-Christ. Until the Anti-Christ comes of age the Anti-Claus is seen as the leader of evil on Earth. Most Demi-Demons follow his orders. Not often a team player he was offered the title of Emperor of the vampires but turned it down. He is a loyal servant of the Devil but has no interest in royal titles. Yet he is known as the Father Of Dark Christmas and various vampires, dark werewolves, and other dark minions must follow his orders or face the Devil’s wrath!
  • Demi-Demon Darktanian – Emperor Of The Vampires & Grand Emissary Of Hell. He is the son of an Archdemon.
  • Demi-Demon Tory – Top General Of Hell in the Third Battle Of Armageddon. She was victorious against Zeus and the Nature Deities. However she insulted the Demi-ArchDemon Anti-Claus and he later killed her. The Devil forgave this trespassing despite the importance of Tory. Tory is currently a Demon in Hell with her human soul sold securely to the Devil. It’s said she may be reborn on Earth before the end of the War.

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