The Annoyance Of The Oculus Go Meta Requirement!

In July 2019 I purchased an Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset for $160. My first VR purchase after waiting decades for it to actually exist at an affordable price. I presumed the device would last at least 10 years. However, about three years after purchasing it my VR mysteriously stopped working. It just kept blinking three ominous dots in the display. It took me some time to realize that the good folks down at Facebook Meta muscled in and required everyone to register with them in order to use what became their product. When I bought my VR headset there was no mention of this BS! What makes it BS is that the headset is rendered useless if you don’t link it to a Meta account and everything happens to work in between. On numerous occasions, I can’t use the product I paid for because the crazy control freaks down at Meta can’t get their shit together. I have to delete their app and reinstall it along with deleting my Oculus Go device from their silly system before re-registering again.

If I’m lucky the Special Masters down at Meta allow me to once again use the product I paid for! Naturally, they no longer support Oculus Go which might be part of the issue. Again nobody told me this when I bought the product. This is blatant bait and switch! It’s quite likely I’ll be forced to buy a new VR headset from another manufacturer that doesn’t have this registration product lockout bullshit! Based on the current prices I’ll be paying an exponential amount more! Go screw yourself Meta weasels! Don’t buy Oculus or have anything to do with Meta because you could lose access to your device and everything on it! Definitely back everything up on a regular basis! I wonder how long before they control your phones, tablets, and PC’s in the same way. Hell maybe even your damn television and everything else in existence! If these mega meta masters have their dictatorial way then you won’t own anything in this wayward world! Who the hell do you bastards think you are telling me I can no longer use the property I paid for? Someone should sue these titanic turds who aggravate me at least once a month causing me to waste hours of time just to use THE PRODUCT I PAID FOR!⚖️

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