January 30, 2023

26 thoughts on “What Is Omnimagic?

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  2. Well most people would think that. However I can assure you that something did happen though I believe that it was wiped from most people’s minds. I don’t know what happened but I know something did since I felt a little shift.

    1. That’s Rebecca’s department. I can sense Gods, and Goddesses but I don’t have the magical juice to call upon them for help. I sense the Gods are aware of Diablo’s plans since he’s always been a major contender in the Armageddon fight for humankind, and the Earth. Oh my I can hear water surging through the pipes in the walls. Drake is showering in his office. I think I forgot a file in there. See you later!

  3. Whitewolf I know something happened on the 21st just not what happened. Do you have any idea what happened? Does anyone at Mystic Investigations know?

  4. Hi Supernaturalbeliever.. I actually was so worn out I had to sleep for 3days. I don’t remember anything. But my son told me that he had this very odd feeling that something happened as well. You’re not alone on that feeling. And you’re not crazy! Something might have happened. All I was focusing on is keeping our Earth together and safe! As I will continue. I hope you had a great Christmas. I think the world was in fear of the 21st as I was. Didn’t want to believe it would happen… yet I did fear!

  5. Did you ever think that some people need to listen to this websites opinion? You know most supernatural beings like my son is don’t ever try to our others down. I’m sorry but the truth is that at doomsday the NWO Began to take action, GAIA was weakened and the glatic agliment was causing alterations to your DNA giving you this odd feeling. This however wore off after 12/22/12 and it’s still becoming not a issue but a mental game

  6. There is way more about it than that,I am an original Omnitheist and practicioner of OmniMagic or Atlantean Magic,the God in Omnitheism is called Oraccion which is the creator of all of the Immortal beings aka. Gods,Titans,Angels,Immortal Kings and Queens.

    For any questions about the ancient knowledge you can message me.

    I have been working with all of the Immortals for 15 years and I can tell you that from September 2012 where I first introduced OmniMagic to Spells of Magic site that the number has raised from 3 to 25.

    1. We know very little about the Omniverse God except that he was most likely a biological being in another Omniverse who ascended to Godhood, and created this Omniverse. As the God of this Omniverse he has had a direct or indirect hand in the creation of everything within this Omniverse. We are going to try to get a secondary verification on his name. Both our resident Psychic, and White Witch have partook of some prayer, and meditation rituals directed at the God of the Omniverse while focusing on the name Oraccion. They have been getting some energy feedback which indicates it may indeed be his name. Our research has turned up very little on true Omnitheism as we suspect ancient documents have been well hidden, and kept secret by low profile societies. Thank you for this valuable information!

      1. I will share what I know.

        Oraccion is His name,The Religion itself was previously known as Oraccism.
        The Omniverse you speak of is very real.
        You see our Universe is just 1 dimensiuon out of 10 000 dimensions that form something we call Omniverse,among the 10 000 dimensions 2 of them are Immortal dimensions one of them is Heaven and the other is Titan dimension,but since they are only divided by a Gate we can say that Titan is also a part of Heaven.

        Actually the Omnitheism you know today(on wiki) has little to nothing to do with the actual Omnitheism.

        Since 10 000 years ago,the catastrophic event happened that destroyed Atlantis(there is more behind it as to why)at that very same moment Noah was present and working on the Ark to Safety.

        The evidence can be seen on the map of the world,if you look carefully on the Gulf of Mexico you will see it’s actually fist shaped,that is the place the God of Gods hit.

        Bermuda Triangle is cursed because the Greatest Temple of Omnitheism/Oraccism was there,since it’s destruction it has had a lot of power and prayers said in it leaving all that scrambled power into a Chaotic state which ultimately leaves a cursed area.

        Oraccion in general is a God that creates the Gods and let’s them create onward,His Light can be seen in beings other Gods create onwards,so basically don’t expect Him to answer all the time,the one type of beings Oraccion creates directly are Albino beings.

        Believe it or not everything is biological,all of the Immortals are capable of presenting themselves in Spiritual form simply to be able to present themselves to more beings,but to see one physically,that is a once in the existence thing 🙂

    2. Hi Omnitheism. I was wondering something. I don’t know if you’ve seen my posts on here but I believe that I should have been born a girl, and I think I was but was transformed into a boy. I would like to ask if you’re able to transform me into a girl, somewhere between 8 and 18 years old? If you can how long would it take? What way can we message you? Thanks for you time in advance.

    1. Omnimagic is the practicing of all magical forms existing within the Omniverse. The basic level would be someone who is a novice at each form of magic. They must be used in unison in order to practice true Omnimagic. Of course some who have not attained that power pick, and choose what magics they will wield in any given situation.

    1. Technically no. Our Omniverse, and supposedly many others are ascended beings like our higher dimensional selves. In all the parallel Universes, Multiverses, and beyond we’ve been every gender, and sapient species. As an Omniverse God we wouldn’t have any preference if we were everything in equal amounts which would be the proper thing for an entity with ultimate control over everyone! No bias toward any particular group!

  7. If a person ascended to godhood thru the use of Omni-Magic, would they still be an amalgamation of their parallel lives, or would there be no need for that since they pretty much have all the knowledge already.

    1. They could will a merging of their souls but then they’d be a new person as if they had died, and naturally ascended to Godhood. An Omni-magic ascension is a separate unique journey. They’re still connected to their souls but the merging ends up occurring at a higher dimensional level.

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