Supernatural Holidays

A list of holidays and seasons along with their supernatural leaders.

  1. January 1st: New Years Day | Baby New Year
  2. February 1st: St Brigid’s Day(Imbolc) | Goddess Angel Saint Brigid
  3. February 2nd: Ground Hog DayPunxsutawney Phil The Groundhog
  4. February 13th: Mardi Gras | The Mardi Gras Joker
  5. February 14th: Valentines Day | Saint Valentine
  6. March 11th: Daylight Savings Time (Spring Forward)
  7. March 17th: St.Patrick’s Day | Saint Patrick
  8. March 20th: Spring Vernal Equinox (Ostara) | Goddess Ostara | Mother Nature Goddess Gaia
  9. March 30th: Good Friday (Demigod Jesus Crucified) | Easter Bunny
  10. April 1: Easter Fool’s DayEaster (Easter Bunny) | April Fools Day ( The April Fool)
  11. April 2nd: Anti-April Fools Day
  12. April 13th: Friday The 13th | Jason Voorhees/Friday 13th Demon Specter
  13. April 22nd: Earth Day (Goddess Gaia) (Plant A Tree)
  14. May 1st: Beltane (May Day)
  15. May 13th: Mother’s Day | Saint Anne (Mother Of Saint Mary)
  16. May 28th: Memorial Day
  17. June 17th: Father’s Day | Saint Joseph (Father Of Jesus)
  18. June 21st: Summer Solstice
  19. July 4th: Independence Day
  20. July 13th: Friday The 13th
  21. August 1st: Lughnasadh
  22. September 3rd: Labor DayGod Hephaestus
  23. September 9th: Grandparents Day
  24. September 22nd: Autumn Equinox
  25. October 24th: Halloween Blood Moon
  26. October 31st: Halloween ( Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve) | Shala Queen Of Halloween
  27. November 1st: All Saints Day (Hallowmas) | Archangel Michael
  28. November 2nd: All Souls Day ( Day Of The Dead) | Angel Of Death
  29. November 4th: Daylight Savings Time (Fall Back)
  30. November 11th: Veterans Day
  31. November 22nd: Thanksgiving | Tom The Sapient Turkey
  32. November 23rd: Black Friday | The Demonic Corporate Pig
  33. November 26th: Cyber-MondayThe Cyber-Demonic Corporate Pig
  34. December 6th: Saint Nicholas Day | Saint Nicholas aka Santa Claus
  35. December 21st: Winter Solstice
  36. December 24th: Christmas Eve | Santa Claus
  37. December 25th: Christmas | Santa Claus
  38. December 26th: Dark Christmas | Anti-Claus
  39. December 31st: New Years Eve | Father Time
  40. Your Birthday | The Day You Were Born | A Celebration Of Your Higher Dimensional Afterlife Godhood

State Of Holiday Spirits In Health Bar Form

Full & New Moons | Astronomical Events Calendar

2015 Paranormal Holidays

* Dates That Very From Year To Year. .Updated For 2018.  See Also Online Monthly Calendar Format Listing Most Holidays.  In addition go here for a simple list of holidays sorted by nation of observance.

Supernatural Months


Generally the months of the year are under the influence of the paranormal leaders, and spirits of the various supernatural holidays.  Even after the holiday has past it’s magic can still usually be felt for the rest of that month, or even into the next month if it’s close to the months end.  There are also various effects on supernatural creatures, and the paranormal planet as well.



  1. January – The spirit of Christmas usually has domain for the first few weeks although Father Time, and the BabyNew Year of New Years Day dilutes it with a metaphysical renewal.
  2. February – The spirit of Valentine reigns supreme during the mid weeks of February as Saint Valentine, and his cupids spread peace, and love about the world.
  3. March – The spirit of Irish Good Luck flies forth via lucky Leprechauns under the command of Saint Patrick.  Clurichauns have a negligible influence in their quest to thwart good luck with their evil bad luck.  If Easter falls in March, especially close to Saint Patrick’s Day, then the spirit of Easter lead by the Easter Bunny creates a duo force of good working together in harmony.  The Spring Vernal Equinox, and the various Gods, and Goddess culminating the spirit of Spring, play a lesser role in influencing March.  However Mother Earth Goddess Gaia has a fair amount of pull in this Month.  If Easter comes early then a trifeca of goodness imbues the month with good luck, and peace.
  4. April – The Easter Bunny, and the grand spirit of Easter dominate most of April even when Easter falls in March, or at the beginning of the month.  April simply has been claimed by the worlds only know Werehare.
  5. May – This tends to be one of the months with the least amount of paranormal activity since no holiday, or supernatural being has claimed it.  It’s generally thought as a time of renewal, and recharging for the paranormal planet.  Those in the business of fighting evil, like Mystic Investigations, tend to take a vacation during this time.
  6. June – The Summer Solstice with the spirit of Summer, is the dominating force in June along with the various Gods, and Goddesses of the season.  No central supernatural figure has yet to claim this month.
  7. July – The spirit of Summer has influence in July since it is the heart of summer.
  8. August – This tends to be one of the months with the least amount of paranormal activity since no holiday, or supernatural being has claimed it.  It’s generally thought as a time of final metaphysical renewal, and recharging for the paranormal planet before the coming battle of Halloween, and the dark forces it can bring.  Those in the business of fighting the forces of evil, such as Mystic Investigations, tend to take a vacation during this time.
  9. September – The beginning of September is the final calm before the hell fire storm of Halloween comes to pass.  The Autumnal Equinox sparks the first embers of the fantastical flames of Halloween.  The ever increasing Autumn iridescence further fuels the fires of impending paranormal activity.  The spirit of Autumn combines with the spirit of Halloween to form a duo force of darkness, and light in perfect balance with nature.
  10. October  – Most of the month is under the influence of the spirit of Halloween, and the mysterious Angel-Demon Hybrid who secretly rules over it in the shadows.  The 13 nights before Halloween are the most potent.  Although the night of the full Blood Moon is a night of many hellish horrors!
  11. November –  The spirit of Halloween’s influence is still felt for the first few weeks of November especially with the addition of All Souls Day, aka Day Of The Dead.  The last few weeks are imbued with a feeling of Thanksgiving.  Thoughts of Christmas in the final days begin the sparks that ignite the spirit of Christmas.
  12. December – Santa Claus, and the spirit of Christmas dominate the month of December.  Particularly the 12 days before Christmas including the Winter Solstice which brings various Earth Gods, and Goddess (spirit of Winter) into play as well to a lesser extent. The influence of Dark Christmas, and the Anti-Claus are usually negligible for most of the month.


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