Saint Nicholas Day

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2023 Saint Nicholas Trials Update…

December 6th is Saint Nicholas Day! A time to celebrate Santa Claus’s 73 human-like years on Earth between 270-343 AD. During those years he was known as Nicholas Of Myra. St Nick’s Day is also a celebration of Santa’s resurrection from death. Despite being born a Demi-Angel, or Angel-Human Hybrid, his true power was suppressed so he could lead one normal human life. This is the requirement to be a Demi-Angel upon this Earth. If one can lead a saintly life without special powers then they are worthy of said powers. The Heavenly suppression of his Angelic powers is why he aged to 73 years before being mercilessly slain by his dark twin Demi-Demon brother Claude Claus. Claude officially became the Anti-Claus when he murdered Old Saint Nick, and the last of his Angelic DNA degraded to that of Demonic on December 6th. If not for this ill-fated dark path we would probably have twin Santa Claus’s today. One at the North Pole and another at the South Pole!

The Resurrection Of Saint Nicholas As Santa Claus The Father Of Christmas

This apparent tragedy was prophesied to lead Santa to his destiny as the ultimate force of righteousness on Earth! Saint Nicholas was resurrected by his Archangel Father Sarandiel by the authority of Heaven. He returned to Earth with his complete compliment of Angelic powers. He would become known as the Father Of Christmas. The most powerful supernatural being on this planet! Even though he has the power to revert his biological form to a younger-looking status he chooses to appear in the image of his seventy-something self. An act of humility to remain humble, pay homage to his humanity, and project a fatherly image to all with love in their hearts!  Of course, he’s an extremely healthy, and gleeful glowing-looking senior citizen with a massively muscular physique!

Destiny Made Santa Claus A Demi-Angel Rather Than A Nephilim

The vast majority of the time a human procreating with an Angel is considered blasphemy, and the child is a Nephilim marked for termination.  Usually, this is warranted since Nephilim have a nasty habit of turning out evil. Although there is occasionally a good one such as the infamous Paul Bunyan.  They say poor old Paul is still on the run from Heaven while constantly being courted by Hell to join their dark cause. We hope that the Archangels see their own light and grant Big Bunyan a pardon while blessing him as a Demi-Angel! Once in a blue moon, Heaven does bless Angel-Human unions, and the child is then declared a holy sainted Demi-Angel like Saint Nicholas. Unfortunately, they must continually prove their worth to Heaven and earn their right to retain their immortal Angelic powers. Three days each year Santa Claus must pay tribute to his human half, and be completely free of Heavenly powers.

The Demi-Angel Trials Of Saint Nicholas

The annual Trials Of Saint Nicholas falling in December is probably the worst time of year to require his attention be diverted on things other than Christmas preparations! Although in a way that is a part of the trial of being human. Human life involves plenty of inconveniences and the stress of trying to complete everything they need to do on a daily basis. Thankfully Mrs. Claus, the Chief Elf, adopted Human Elf Son Sandy, his biological son Nick, Jr. take over managing the ramp-up to Christmas. During his three days as a mortal human, he is quite vulnerable to potential attack and is not allowed to seek refuge in his mystical North Pole City. Nor is Santa allowed to contact his magical Christmas associates or anyone with higher dimensional-based paranormal powers.  He is usually at risk from the Anti-Claus but in his human state the monstrous Krampus is also a threat!  Even the lowly gnome Grinch could cause the weakened Santa harm! You can also throw in some temptations from the Devil himself!

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Leaving North Pole City

In the late afternoon of December 5th Santa dons his old religious Saint Nicholas Bishop wardrobe. He then holds a special holy service at Saint Nicholas Church in North Pole City.  Following this, the Elves organize an early dinner in his honor. He then bids Mrs.Claus, and his kids, Nick Jr & Mary, farewell along with his Elves, and Reindeer as well.  This is a journey he must make without them as a yearly rite of passage to continue enjoying his immortal powers with Heaven’s blessing. If he fails he could revert to a Nephilim form or simply become a 70 something human left to live out the rest of his mortal life with no memory of who he was! Santa has prepared a Living Will if God forbid he becomes a mortal with no memory of the supernatural world. He assigns various people to take over elements of Christmas with his son Nick eventually becoming the new Santa Claus. We pray that this great humanitarian and force of hope never fades away into mundane obscurity!

The Saint Nicholas Day Gift Deliveries And The Last Supper

Saint Nicholas takes his giant magical gift satchel, and mounts his white Angelic horse, named Snowflake, to begin making St. Nick Day deliveries. Once Santa leaves North Pole City he is gradually stripped of his holy powers. This means only Snowflake can find, and navigate Angelic portals to get to homes around the world at light speed. Saint Nick leaves coins and treats in stockings and/or shoes for those who have been good.  The ultra exceptional sainted souls get a holy diamond!  The ones he rates the purest and selfless receive the honor of having him as a dinner guest for a Midnight Saint Nicks meal.  After all, once he turns human he gets very hungry! Whatever time zone that he’s in is where his three-day test of worthiness begins. The first breaking of bread within the Witching Hour is when the last ounce of his superpowers subside!

The Quintessential Coal In The Stocking

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A unique facet of Saint Nicholas Day is the fact that it’s the only time Santa leaves a gift of disapproval to those who he finds not to be so nice. Those found to be less than stellar get a lump of coal in their stockings as a warning to shape up before Christmas so they can get some sweet gifts! Yes, there’s still time to get on the Nice List…barely!  On the other hand, those who get gifts could very well become full of themselves and put their Christmas in jeopardy with an arrogant attitude. Especially if they gloat in front of those who got coal thereby causing them to swim in even more shame. In the past, Santa did leave coal to exceptionally naughty boys, girls, and adults on Christmas but as the population grew he needed to focus on building The Spirit Of Christmas. The non-sapient Spirit is fueled by the revelry of selfless gift-giving and the happiness of children who possess the magic of innocence.  Spending any energy on the negative does not aid in this mission. Simply not getting a gift from Santa is enough for people to know they need to become better people in life!

Saint Nicholas Reunited With An Old Partner

Saint Nicholas doesn’t make his deliveries alone.  Although his trial is a singular journey he is allowed to name a champion to protect him as his powers drain amid St. Nick Day deliveries. He always chooses his friend from the early pre-North Pole days named Zwarte Piet who Santa calls Peter.  Santa met Peter while making his first Christmas deliveries in Spain. They quickly developed a friendship over their common interest in Christmas. Peter promptly became Santa’s, right-hand man. However, he was simply a human with no special powers so he eventually died of old age. Peter now resides in Heaven as an outspoken supporter when Santa does something controversial that the Archangel hierarchy questions. Each year he is resurrected for one day to aid Santa, and have his back if attacked in human form. Zwarte Piet also attends dinner as an angelic spirit at North Pole City on Christmas.

Peter aids Saint Nicholas where needed while providing moral support for the impending test of Demi-Angel status. He is in charge of distributing the coal to those with less than pure intentions. Unfortunately, Zwarte Piet doesn’t have any special powers in his resurrected human form.  However, if things get bad he can revert to ghost status and the limited powers that come with it. This is a last resort since he prefers to enjoy his one day a year on Earth as a human. He is also aware of the Heavenly edict that Santa preserve his mortality with no supernatural help if possible.

The Controversy Of Zwarte Piet

Zwarte Piet has recently become a controversial figure due to racist portrayals utilizing blackface aka the use of black makeup on non-black performers. Peter is a Moor descended from Africans. Plausibly finding Africans to portray him would be a more reasonable option. Even better just ignore skin color and have anyone portray him. It’s no different than people of all races acting as Santa Claus. All with the Spirit Of Christmas in their hearts have a right to partake of the seasonal magic and act out Christmas characters for everyone’s joy!

Santa’s Memory Is Wiped For His Tremendous Trials

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At the first light of dawn on Saint Nicholas Day Santa attends a different church service each year before embarking on his perilous journey as a true human.  Even as he makes his Saint Nick’s Day deliveries his memories of being Santa Claus fades away. Only memories of being Nicholas of Myra are left once in church. After the church service, Peter and Snowflake The Horse bid him farewell as Santa embarks on his true trial of immortal Demi-Angel worthiness.  For three days, and nights he will be sent out into the human world to live as a mere mortal. Santa’s Father the Archangel Sarandiel teleports him to a random location with absolutely no memory of who he was.  Santa ends up wearing whatever clothing is appropriate to his location. There are various obstacles and challenges that will be placed before him to deal with. It’s during this time he is at his most vulnerable to attack by paranormal beings of darkness! Thankfully his identity is magically cloaked!

A New Identity And Life For Saint Nicholas

Generally, Saint Nick’s trials involve him helping out someone in need even amid his own amnesia. Other times a false identity complete with manufactured memories are implanted to make him believe he is someone else. In quite a few cases memories and physical records must be paranormally planted to support his new alter ego.  A number of times he’s been a Priest, a volunteer worker, and even a police officer. The Archangels of Heaven love coming up with new scenarios every year! In the end, he must save the person or group of people in a selfless manner. Naturally, the Archangels could simply put Santa into a deep sleep and have this all take place in his mind. However, it must be real life with true consequences for all concerned!

The Return To Sainthood And Angelic Superpowers!

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On December 9th at Midnight his memories of being Nicholas Of Myra begin gradually returning.  As the first light of holy dawn manifests his memories of being Santa Claus return.  However, his immortal Angel powers are not back yet!  The Archangel Sarandiel appears to inform Santa if he passed his annual test of Demi-Angel fitness.  If he passes then his spirit briefly enters Heaven to commune with Angels & Saints while his body lies dormant.  Thankfully his powers are restored so if anyone tries to attack him they will most likely fail. Upon returning to his body he is promptly teleported back to North Pole City to resume his Christmas production preparations.  If he were to ever fail his test of immortality then Santa would remain a powerless mortal for one year.  At the end of that year, his life would be judged, and he could possibly return to his Demi-Angel life.  Three failures in a lifetime would equal permanent mortal status, complete memory wipes, and banishment from North Pole City!

The End Of Christmas?

That could very well spell the end of Christmas forever!  Since Saint Nick’s power is the heart of the Christmas Spirit, and the fuel of North Pole City, it would eventually fade away forcing the Elves, Enchanted Reindeer, and all inhabitants to leave as Mother Earth’s Arctic elements reclaim it! We regret to inform you that Santa actually failed his thirteenth trial hundreds of years ago no thanks to the Anti-Claus tricking him!  So there are two more left! In his defense, there was deep dark luck and malevolent magics involved! We have faith Santa won’t ever fail the test ever again!  Especially since the Devil seriously messed with him in 2013, and he passed!

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Pray For Santa Claus’s Safety And Victory!

We wish Saint Nicholas good luck as a human this week!  His human status officially begins at Midnight December 6th.  If he lives to see Midnight December 9th, while passing his Heavenly trials, then he will renew his immortality and Earthly Angelic powers as Santa Claus for another year.  If however, some nefarious entity manages to take him out then he must ascend to Heaven as a full Angel, and give up life on Earth! Christmas would be in deep jeopardy considering that the Spirit Of Christmas, the mystical nature of North Pole City, and most of the supernatural beings that reside within are linked to Santa’s Earthly presence.

Still, there is faith that Mrs. Holly Claus, Santa’s son Nick, Jr, or even his younger daughter Mary, could be up for the task to take over the title of Christmas King or Queen.  Perhaps Saint Nicholas could somehow get Archangel permission to send his spirit forth to keep Christmas alive! If by some chance you run across Santa Claus in danger then it’s your duty to protect him with your life! Despite his human status those with the Christmas Spirit in their hearts will feel it is him. Many others will feel there is something special about him. If you get a unique warm fatherly feeling for white-bearded gentlemen then he could very well be Santa! Pray for him, and the continuation of Christmas this year!🎅

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Past Saint Nicholas Trials

343 AD: The First Trial. Santa’s Death & Resurrection.

This is the first trial. Nicholas chose to turn the other cheek and be meek in response to his evil twin brother Claus violently attacking him in a jealous rage! The future Santa Claus passed this trial through his death without any knowledge he would be resurrected. His faith in all that is holy and righteous saw him through his original trial.

355 AD: The Thirteenth Trial. The First And Only Failure.

This is the dreaded thirteenth trial Saint Nicholas failed! Its details are mostly sealed thus far! A Dark Underworld God in league with the Devil and allied with the Anti-Claus were determined to take down Santa. They even employed a Clurichaun(Evil Leprechaun) to bring blasphemous bad luck into the magical mix that included a seriously sinister sorcerer! The Anti-Claus was quite ingenious in his deviousness as he appeared to be on a righteous mission that required Santa’s help. In the end, it was all a deception as Father Christmas was tricked into inadvertently performing an evil act! Upon failing this trial he was stripped of all his powers until the next year’s Saint Nicholas Trials! However, his complete memory returned.

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Thankfully, this was centuries before Christmas came into its complete own. Christianity was just recently accepted by the mainstream at this time. Santa’s gift deliveries were far more localized and were by land-based horse and sleigh. In addition, he had no Elves and was making the gifts himself. Naturally, without powers, he faced a perilous journey to his home base in a secluded section of eastern Greece. North Pole City didn’t exist until 1210. Not to mention the difficulty in continuing his mass toy production with no special powers. Santa has said it was the most physically difficult year of his life! Thankfully he passed The Fourteenth Trial in 356 and his powers were restored in time for Christmas!


On December 9th Santa Claus returned safety to North Pole City triumphant in his three-day Saint Nicholas Day Trials. He has returned to complete Angelic strength and is pushing full steam ahead with Christmas preparations! During his purposely induced state of amnesia and loss of his superpowers, he aided downtrodden elderly individuals in a corrupt nursing home wrought with abuses. This even included embezzlement by upper management who gave residents far less care than they paid for! Santa himself was checked in as a resident by the city as he was found homeless with no past memories. The dark-minded attendants discovered that even a mortal Father Christmas could not be bullied nor have his spirit crushed! He still has his immense intelligence, sense of justice, and muscular physique!

Old Saint Nick lifted all the elderly residents out of fear and depression. He even made some of the misguided caretakers see the light of righteousness amid the error of their ways. Corrupt caretakers and Administrators who continued down their perplexing path of darkness were doled out a special brand of Claus justice! He made the old folks believe in the Spirit Of Christmas again before his memory and powers returned. Santa later dispatched a traveling Elf to watch over the nursing home for several weeks to ensure all remains well!🎄

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Santa Claus got a job as a mall Santa without even knowing he really was Santa! He spreads Christmas cheer to all the shop owners and mall workers just going through the motions. On top of that depression was running rampant as a mega-corporation had plans to buy the mall and demolish it! In the end, he saves the mall from closure by exposing a blackmail scheme.


Santa runs into his evil twin the Anti-Claus aka Claude Claus. For the first time ever the Dark Claus has been placed in a trial of his own. Apparently, the Devil feels he has underperformed lately and decided to wipe the Dark Claus’s memory clean for the same three days as Santa. By cosmic coincidence, they become intertwined in a misadventure as long-lost brothers. For a time they were working together for justice but little by little Claude started drifting away to the dark side. Unfortunately, the Anti-Claus’s true evil nature came shining through in an effort to destroy a village of downtrodden people in Africa. Despite Santa stopping his nefarious plans, the Anti-Claus passed his trials as far as Satan was concerned. Had he failed by remaining good then the Devil would have made him human by stripping his demonic DNA away! In effect denying him the ability of his demon side to ascend to that of angelic. He would be a human forever!

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Nefarious forces drive a toy shop owner into the hospital with a heart attack under the stress of his failed operation. Their goal is to acquire the shop he refused to sell as there is something valuable hidden within. Santa takes over and inexplicably makes a small store successful while bringing hope to the community. The dark forces fail as Santa thwarts their evil efforts!


Santa found himself in prison as a convicted murderer who was simply named Nicholas. Of course, this was all orchestrated by the Archangels and Santa is innocent. The point was to get him into a particular prison of a supermax sort wrought with abuses that consisted of a corrupt prison guard hierarchy and their gang of prisoner lackeys tormenting all others. There was even a gladiatorial-style illegal fight club for wealthy elites to bet on. A member of the dark supernatural community was in the crowd and recognized Claus. He negotiated to purchase him after he contacted his Illuminati connections who in turn contacted The Anti-Claus. At the end of the fight, Santa managed to expose the prison corruption to the proper people. However, the dark cabal led by the Anti-Claus arrived ready to take the helpless human Nicholas into custody. Thankfully, it was the stroke of Midnight on December 9th and he vanished in a blinding bright Angelic light whisked away back to the safety of North Pole City!


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We learned this year that some of the trials take place in the past via time travel. They are a natural part of the timeline that already exists via Archangel management and the cooperation of Father Time.  They serve to not only provide unique circumstances but also hide Santa from the forces of darkness. 2022 was a close call as you’ve read above. It’s not surprising that they chose a temporal trial this year.  These time travel trials are also used to increase the time frame past the official three days he is meant to remain in his powerless state. Some trials simply can’t be completed within the time allotted.

For this trial, Santa was purposely allowed to keep some of his memories shrouded in a vague haze. Just enough for him to believe he’s Santa without any real proof. He awakens in a New York City alley in 1945 on Thanksgiving Day. Saint Nicholas ends up replacing a reprehensible drunken Santa at a department store. Unfortunately, his positive actions lead to him being committed to a mental institution due to his adamant claims he is Santa Claus. At some point, there is a low-key court hearing and he is let free. Ultimately he helps a great many people and instills The Spirit Of Christmas in those who had never before had it flowing through their hearts. We now know this was the inspiration for the movie 1947 Miracle On 34th Street!

The trial lasted from Thanksgiving through Christmas. As the Santa Claus of 1945 was making his gift deliveries he sensed his sainted soul below and landed to see if it was his time-traveling self or possibly his twin brother The Anti-Claus finally redeemed in the Lord’s light. However, by the time he landed our Santa Claus was already transported back to the present with his full memories and powers restored at the Witching Hour of December 9th.⛄️

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