Saintly Spring Moon Werewolf Warning

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The usual Snow or Ice Moon of February has been canceled within the world of the supernatural. This month’s Moon will be known as The Saintly Spring Moon. This is only one of a handful of times in paranormal history that February has produced a Spring Moon. Many areas are experiencing an ultra-early Spring with the warmest winter temperatures seen in a long time! Saint Valentine, Saint Patrick, and Saint Egbert, aka The Easter Bunny, have joined together into a titanic trinity. Together they have allied with the Spring deities of Earth to take command of this lunar cycle. Although the Angels of Heaven generally consider the gods and goddesses of Earth to be their enemies, The Saints have been far more open to working with them against the demonic forces of darkness.🌕

The Trinity Of Seasonal Saints

With Easter falling early within Saint Patrick’s Season there was a paranormal power boost in their collective Holiday Spirits that allowed them to metaphysically manifest within the Valentine’s Season. The Saintly Trinity decided to send an olive branch forth to Spring deities to bring about an early end to winter as a gift to humankind. These deities introduced a supernatural surge since the Spring Equinox falls perfectly balanced in between Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter. Naturally, Jack Frost and various other Winter Gods and Goddesses are none too pleased. However, various Kings and Queens of the Earthly Gods have assured Jack and the other Winter “Powers That Be” their time to shine will come to pass in future years. In other words, the Winter from Hell lies ahead in the coming decade!❄️

Less Horror Under This Holy Moon

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This Moon is considered holy but not at the 100% level seen in December’s Holy Yule Moon. Such a Moon gifts us with many Werewolves not transforming while the rest become fluffy white wolf pups of delightful docility. This Spring Moon will still present us with ferocious Werewolves since it takes a lot to override the demonic DNA that lies within these monsters. DNA directly linked to the demons of Hell! Of course, most of the month those genes lie dormant and the humans infected with the Lycanthrope Virus are generally good people. Under this Moon, a small percentage of older Werewolves won’t transform or will have control over their transformations with greater ease. The rest will manifest over the various nights the Moon is above 80% of Full. Thankfully, they will be far less monstrous and won’t actively hunt down humans. They will mostly seek small animals who cross their path. Keep your pets indoors or make sure they’re blessed in the name of The Saints. That being said, if a Werewolf is provoked or startled by a human you can expect the usual blood-thirsty response! In general, there will be greater activity in areas where winter weather is taking place.🐺

Paranormal Protection When Faced With Fantastical Frights

All Werewolf Repellents will work beyond well. You also have the option of adding Valentines, Saint Patrick, Easter, and Spring artifacts and imagery to your monster arsenal. When facing a Werewolf threat or any other sinister supernatural activity your calls for help to the Trinity Of Saints or Spring Nature Deities will take top priority! You can go out at night and feel supernaturally secure if you were to simply wear a heart, shamrock, and Easter Bunny pin[ads] on your jacket. Photons of light bouncing off these holiday icons hit the evil eyes of Werewolves causing a pain that sends them yelping into the nefarious dark shadows!❤️🍀🐰

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