The Supernatural Story Of Easter

The Enchanted Easter Bunny And Demigod Jesus Christ

The sensational supernatural story of Easter begins with the Demigod Jesus Christ. It is a celebration of his resurrection after being crucified by the Romans in about 30 AD. As the son of the Omniverse God, he possessed Omnikinetic powers or the full range of psychokinetic powers available in this particular reality. However, they were watered down somewhat as he chose to be born in biological form to experience what it was to live as a superhuman. In other lives within this Multiverse, he has chosen to live as an ordinary human without any knowledge of his holy heritage. Despite his limited powers in our world, he still should have had no issue overpowering the Romans when they captured him. Certainly, the secret supernatural record shows that the Demigod Christ actively battled the forces of darkness by night while preaching the word of God by day. There is evidence he was a prolific exorcist of demons and slayer of vampires!

The Mysterious Temporary Downfall Of Jesus Christ?

In reality, he didn’t choose to die for humankind’s sins as that makes no sense. So-called sin is a subjective natural state of any given culture among the wide expanses of Parallel Universes, Multiverses, and beyond! Even good and evil appear to meld into a balanced intertwined state at the Macroverse level of reality. An extensive set of experiences and knowledge is necessary for humankind’s eventual ascension to Angelhood and eventually Godhood. It is most humans destiny to become Omniverse Gods in the grander Macroverse. Therefore, the Omniverse Lord sees us as future equals and any moral judgment levied against us merely slows our ascension to said higher planes of existence in Heaven and beyond!

That being said, ancient evidence indicates an unknown individual from outside the Omniverse colluded with the Romans. Plausibly a rival Omniverse God who managed to stealthy enter another of his own kind in order to humiliate God’s son. The filthy fiend was able to dampen Jesus’s powers so he couldn’t fight off the Romans. Although unexpected the Omniverse Lord allowed his firstborn Son to be captured and crucified. All for the purpose of knowing true human suffering amid knowing ultimate power was just out of his grasp. It was a part of Jesus Christ’s worthiness trials to prove he was fit for Omniversal rule in the distant future. A time when the Omniverse Lord himself would ascend to even higher planes of existence leaving his body the 12-D Omniverse behind. God also didn’t want too many people realizing that someone had infiltrated his mind aka the Omniverse itself. Archangel’s independently attempted to capture the perpetrator but failed!

The Time Traveling Easter Bunny

Before Jesus faced the hellish horror of the crucifixion there are ancient witnesses that made some astounding claims within secret records from that time period. They saw a 6-foot-tall anthropomorphic humanoid rabbit suddenly appear out of a bright flash of light from a hole in the ground. Presumably a temporal portal from the future based on what we now know. He forcibly shot colored eggs at the Roman soldiers in an attempt to free Jesus. Both Jesus and the Roman soldiers were shocked by this seriously surreal sight. However, the Omniverse invader shot the rabbit with a beam of white light and he immediately reverted to normal rabbit form before wildly hopping away. This fluffy little bunny was later seen at the crucifixion before he sneaked into Jesus Christ’s tomb. Three days later Jesus self-resurrected when his Omnikinetic powers returned through a supernatural healing process.

Apparently, the bunny was lying on Christ’s chest and this gave the furry fella resurrection powers as well. Jesus was even spotted carrying the rabbit out of the tomb as he rose forth to Heaven. The rabbit was none other than the Easter Bunny on a mission to save Jesus. It seems the time travel was granted as a wish from the Spring Goddess of Ostara imploring Goddess Gaia. The Easter Bunny was in Heaven briefly to celebrate his Sainthood which technically hadn’t happened yet. He was even given the option to remain in Heaven as an Angel but he wanted to return to his own time to continue the Easter cause in the form he was given. The Noble Bunny was sent back to the future and the rest is history!

The History Of The Easter Bunny: From Human To Furry Saint

Saint Egbert was born in 639 AD with a disturbingly bright future ahead of him. His fate would find him the victim of a dark curse through which he would end up leading a charmed life. His destiny was to become the Leader of Easter we know as The Easter Bunny! As a Christian monk in England, Ebert channeled the power of God to battle the forces of darkness for the entire 90 years of his human life. He was responsible for finally establishing Easter as a strong hallowed holiday that could be used to marshal metaphysical energies in the fight against entities of evil endangering humankind. Like other Saints who eventually become holiday leaders, he saw past prejudicial Pagan labels and communed with nature deities including the Spring Goddess Ostara. This only added to his repertoire of paranormal powers!

One day he met his match as he came up against the Demi-Demon Anti-Claus, who is Santa Claus’s evil twin brother. Not only did you incur the wrath of the Dark Claus but also his notoriously powerful coven of dark witches. It seems Egbert had meddled in their nefarious plans one too many times and for that, he would pay dearly. Since Egbert had friends in high places he could not be easily killed. Instead, the Anti-Claus and his wayward witches deeply cursed him to be a rabbit that could be more easily eradicated. Or so they thought. They cackled with diabolical glee as he hopped away. They were certain he’d be eaten by wolves that were teeming in the forest he ran into! Naturally, they could have hunted him down right then and there but they wanted him to suffer for a time. To feel the terror of suddenly being in a small defenseless animal body alone within the wilderness.

As a common rabbit, Egbert was helpless to access his magical abilities. However, the Goddess Ostara has faunapathic powers and was able to communicate with Ebert and protect him. She contacted Santa Claus and together they attempted to reverse the Werehare Curse placed upon his sainted soul. Unfortunately, the power of the Curse is a fundamental ability everyone possesses to some level. Raw magic forged from the iron will of sapient minds! In this case, we have the Demi-Demon Claus, 13 ultra-powerful dark witches, and the Devil they worship creating one hell of a curse! Santa, a powerful Demi-Angel, even asked the Archangels of Heaven to help a loyal holy servant. They chose to continue their usual non-intervention policy to allow various scenarios to play out in the grander scheme of things. It’s safe to say The Easter Bunny was simply meant to exist. Eventually, he embraced being a bunny and forged a path of righteousness through The Spirit Of Easter that granted him extraordinary powers!🐇

The World’s Only Werehare!

The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus at the hidden Easter Village on the outskirts of Easter City in Germany.

Santa broke out the Enochian Angel magic with some good witches of his own. Ostara called upon Goddess Gaia Mother Earth and together they managed to turn Egbert into the world’s first and only Werehare. He could transform at will into various bunny forms that included the 6-foot tall humanoid rabbit form. However certain mystical circumstances could force transformations. Only the Spirit Of Christmas allows the Easter Bunny to become a human again for 24 hours on Christmas Day. Within the magical mix, he was also granted immortality. The Easter Bunny had the option to just simply die and go to Heaven. Thankfully, he chose to fight the eternal fight against evil and eventually lead the Easter holiday once he became a Saint.

He then found out he could be human for another day due to his Sainthood status. That day is April 24th as that was his official day of human death in 729. The Spirit Of Easter could grant him human form but he refuses to take away from the holy season to set an example for all. To alter his form to this extent weakens the Easter Spirit as he is the conduit for it. That being said if Easter falls on April 24 then he can revert to human form without weakening the holiday but he’s usually too busy with egg deliveries and festivities to shapeshift.

The Spirit Of Easter

Just like The Spirit Of Christmas and other Holiday Spirits, The Spirit Of Easter is a non-sentient entity culled from the human collective consciousness that sends forth enchanted energies bringing peace and joy to all who are open to it. The power of Easter is marshaled from the magical innocence of children energized with excitement over the Easter celebrations of coloring eggs, hunting them down, and getting candy treats. This magic is channeled through the Easter Bunny and his Egg Crystal. Somewhat like the Christmas Crystal. His power base is the enchanted Easter City, formerly known as the village of Easterville, hidden in the Black Forest of Germany. He employs various easter emissaries in the form of mystical baby chicks and bunnies in his Easter quest. They are magically born creatures with a higher level of intelligence and everlasting innocence. The sainted city has direct access to Mother Earth’s Paradise Plane and Santa Claus’s North Pole City. The city is often teeming with children from the supernatural world along with various nature deities. Particularly those related to Spring. Entire families grace the festive streets during the Easter Season.

What Does The Easter Bunny Do?

Easter Bunny With Egg Of Solid Gold Or One Containing Superpowers!

For a great deal of the year, The Easter Bunny continues to embolden The Easter Spirit while taking on blasphemous beasts that plague humankind! On Easter Eve into the dark hours of Easter morning, the Bunny along with his chick and bunny helpers hop into mystical bunny holes that are like wormholes to places all over the planet. It allows him to travel anywhere on Earth in a flash! It’s said these bunny holes are courtesy of Mother Earth. This is how they are able to hide their colored eggs and treats for little boys and girls to find. His colored eggs are often hollow and contain candy or small toy gifts within. A rare few even contain gold while even fewer have paranormal powers! Those eggs are usually gold.

This along with parents hiding their own eggs and encouraging Easter festivities bolsters the Easter Spirit around the world! Another service the Easter Bunny performs is the resurrection of one lucky person. Generally, someone in the secret supernatural community who died while battling the forces of paranormal darkness. To do more than one resurrection per year would greatly weaken him and Easter in general. So celebrate Easter to the fullest and fuel the Sainted Spirit for the benefit of all! Happy Easter To All And To All An Eggy Night!🐰 | Shop For Easter[Ad]

The Easter Bunny’s Weakness

It’s said that Mother Nature graces herself with the means for everyone to attain the peak of power and the bowels of weakness. These objects can be anything that is a part of the Earth. They don’t discriminate between good and evil thus proclaiming Goddess Gaia’s neutrality and need for a balance between light and darkness.  For the Easter Bunny, the only known weakness is the element Thorium. Especially when blessed unholy by a dark priest. For some reason, Thorium only affects the Bunny when it comes to supernatural beings. It’s thought in reality it only causes weakness and death in Werehares. Although we can’t say for sure with the Bunny being the world’s only known Werehare. All we know is that a Thorium bullet is the Easter Bunny’s greatest fear!🥚

The Construction Of Easter City

The Easter Bunny in humanoid form wearing a snazzy new suit within his sainted city!

On Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024, The Easter Bunny and his Helpers completed construction of the enchanted Easter City. The old Easterville Village remains on the outskirts of the city with everything in the Easter Capital under a powerful cloaking spell similar to Santa’s North Pole City. However, due to its new larger size and placement within the limited Black Forest, it was phased slightly out of our reality within Goddess Gaia’s Paradise Plane. The larger city is the physical manifestation of the enchanted expansion of the Easter Spirit.

The Easter Bunny’s Meadow

The Enchanted Everlasting Spring Meadow is the Easter Bunny’s favorite place to meditate and commune with Mother Nature. Generally, he stays in his complete rabbit form rather than the humanoid bunny body when he does this. He often lets the inner bunny take over as his human side takes a back seat. This relaxation and renewal process is essential to his well-being while maintaining harmony with nature. Then it’s back to the business of bolstering the Easter Spirit and battling the forces of supernatural darkness!🐇

The Voice Of The Easter Bunny

The actual voice of Saint Egbert The Easter Bunny was recorded when he was at North Pole City.

Times When The Easter Bunny Can Temporarily Transform Into A Human

3 times a year the Easter Bunny can revert to his original human form. Although it’s his 33-year-old version rather than the 90-year-old human he died as. This return to human form is in direct defiance of the Curse cast upon him by the forces of darkness!

  • He could do so on Easter via the raw power of the holidays Spirit. However, he’s usually too busy to do so and he also doesn’t want to take away power from said Spirit.
  • Despite the above condition he does become briefly human when the Demigod Jesus visits him as the Holy Lord’s grace powers the transformation.
  • His Human Birthday On April 24th.
  • Christmas Day for 24 hours via The Spirit Of Christmas and Saint Nicholas.

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