🐺 Wolf Moon Werewolf Warning

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A Wolf Moon Werewolf Warning is in effect until midnight on January 31st! The metaphysical energy of this moon is ripe with Native American wolf spirits. Unfortunately, it mingles with the demonic DNA of Werewolves. This compels them to herd wild wolves under their control. Together, they viciously hunt down humans and anything else that moves! The enchanted energies of wolf and werewolf become one, creating a psychic feedback loop of perplexing paranormal aggression that is off the charts. Be aware that the wolves will have temporarily enhanced abilities and be able to move fast enough to keep up with their Alpha Werewolf. This means that even if you live in an area free of wolves, they could still storm your community well out of their normal territory!

There’s a reason they call this the second-most dangerous moon of the year, with the Halloween Blood Moon being the worst! Thankfully, Werewolf Repellents will work exceptionally well, but you’ll still have to contend with the wolf pack! When hit with a repellent such as silver or holy water, there is a period of time during which the wild wolves will become confused as they momentarily lose psychic contact with their Alpha Werewolf. That is when you run as fast as your feet will carry you! We advise staying indoors from dusk to dawn until the end of January! Good luck, and may God have mercy on your soul if you fall prey to the malevolent monsters of the wayward Wolf Moon!🐺

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