Does Daylight Savings Time Have Any Effect On The Supernatural?

Spring Forward Little Bunny Men

US Daylight Saving Time begins the second Sunday in March when time springs forward like a bunny rabbit.

It’s that nauseating time of year once again!  Daylight Savings Time, and its archaic one-hour temporal adjustments. The senseless springing forward of time by an hour just like a sweet soft little bunny rabbit.  This gives us the annual pleasure of losing an hour in Spring. Sorry bunnies! At least in Autumn, we gain an hour when we fall back into a serene stack of iridescent fall foliage with an alluring Autumn Nymph! Really though we should just have it be one time all year round.  Daylight Savings Time, and the inconvenience of adjusting clocks twice a year, really serves no measurable purpose.  Pick a standard time frame and stick with it already! Why Daylight Savings Time Began & Why It Should End?

The Paranormal Effects Of Daylight Savings Time

Autumn Daylight Savings Time ends in the USA on the first Sunday in November. Time falls back an hour.

Autumn Daylight Savings Time ends in the USA on the first Sunday in November. Time falls back an hour.

So the question is does changing the clocks change anything in the world of the paranormal? The answer is, for the most part, no. However, vampires, werewolves, and other creatures repelled by sunlight surely appreciate the extra hour of darkness seen in Spring Daylight Savings! Beyond that, some have wondered if supernatural times such as the Witching Hour (12:00 AM) or Devil’s Hour (3:00 AM) are changed or remain the same.  Amazingly the metaphysical entities and supernatural forces have pretty much adhered to humans setting the time as their higher dimensional lives generally revolve around them.  In reality, most temporal zones with supernatural significance, or not, come from celestial objects such as the Sun, and Moon.

The Supernatural World Adheres To Human Time Measurement

Over the centuries the advent of human-created time measurement devices eventually led to these times not matching up to their celestial counterpart.  Especially with all the time zones on Earth.  The Witching Hour of Midnight is rarely actually halfway between sunset, and sunrise nor perfectly counterbalanced with Solar Noon.  The Devil’s Hour of 3:00 AM was meant to be the counterpart of the death of Jesus Christ which took place at 3:00 PM.  Clearly, our 3:00 AM and 3:00 PM are now quite a bit different than those times from 2000 years ago.  That is a consequence of giving up the sundial, and going with mechanical, and digital clocks.  Of course, that’s not to say various enchanted events and mystical rituals don’t rely on or are benefited from celestial alignments.

It’s Whatever Time Most People Believe It To Be

Ultimately it’s the collective consciousness of humankind that wields power over the Earth whether we know it or not.  As the chief sapient beings Earth has produced we are the shepherds of our home planet. So if most people believe 12:00 AM is when their clocks say it is then that’s when Midnight is, and that’s what the supernatural beings follow.  With all the faults of evil entities, they are at least punctual when it comes to human-created temporal measurements. So don’t hesitate to perform your magical rituals at Midnight, or cower in fear bracing your holy water from 3-4 AM because your clock is always right…unless of course, it’s not actually the correct time everyone else is following.  Then you might have a problem! However, if your belief is strong, and your will unshakable then you may overcome a faulty clock!  {Twitter}

The Urban Legend Of The Lost 2 AM Daylight Savings Hour And The Soul The Devil Claims As It Instantly Becomes 3 AM.

The Current Coordinated Universal Time Is:

Find the correct time in your time zone. Next Daylight Savings is November 7, 2021.

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