What is Blue Monday?

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Lonely person walks alone in a barren icy field as they have an exitensial crisis on Blue Monday. Thankfully a glimmer of Christmas hope appears over the horizon!

In the Northern Hemisphere, the third Monday in January has been designated by some as the most depressing day of the year for a variety of reasons. This is mostly based on an unscientific mathematical algorithm. Firstly, most people seem to hate Mondays because they must return to a job they apparently don’t like. This is why the Monday Morning Blues have existed for ages. Secondly, January is known for its supposedly depressing weather, which usually stands at mostly cloudy, bitterly cold, and seriously snowy. However, there are plenty of people who aren’t emotionally swayed by the state of the weather or lack of sunshine. Then we have those who feel they’ve already given up on their New Year’s Resolutions, along with the stress of debt incurred from buying tons of Christmas gifts [Ad]. On top of that, people are saddened that Christmas itself is over…or is it?🎄

How To Neutralize Blue Monday

Many people believe that the Christmas Season only ends on Groundhog Day or Candlemas. Some say it is the last day to take down holiday decor before feeling the potential wrath of bad luck. Of course, beyond that, we have a handful of lesser-known holidays that eventually link to Easter. Not to mention the well-known ones of Valentine’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day with the hope of Spring just around the corner. For those with the Spirit Of Christmas in their hearts, the happy holidays continue through January. In fact, some even have their Christmas Parties during this month as it’s more convenient for them. As for New Year’s Resolutions, you technically have until March 17th, Saint Patrick’s Day, to get on track. The aura of good luck will propel you forward toward your goals! Lastly, you have a solid six months until Christmas In July to gradually pay down your delightful debt. Set a little aside with each paycheck. Better yet, open a high-yield savings account you contribute to all year and use that to buy your merry gifts. For many depression is simply a state of mind that one can choose to change. Certainly, one could overcome the factors that play into Blue Monday. Look inward and light the flames of your imagination to see you through the dark times.💙

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