Flower Moon Werewolf Warning

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🌕The Full Flower Moon of May finds its enchanted energies under the control of various Flower Deities. Despite this Werewolves are still demonic entities whose diabolical DNA is activated by lunar energy. The mad monsters of the night will still be a danger! However, the Lycanthrope will be quite calm if flowers are nearby. Especially if they enter a field of wildflowers. Some Flower Fairies and Nymphs will sweetly stalk Werewolves and slowly enchant them to do their bidding. This includes helping them with their flower maintenance duties. They may even compel Werewolves to save people in trouble. An enchanted wolf will actually have visible flowers and foliage appearing to grow from their frightening fur. An example is seen in the image above. If you spot one you have nothing to fear and you should thank the deity whether you can see them or not.🐺

Paranormal Protection From The Wayward Werewolf

Wayward Werewolf wades through a field of flowers under the May Flower Moon. A UFO hovers in the distance contemplating if it will abduct the monster.

🌺All standard Werewolf Repellents will work exceptionally well under this Moon with the addition of flowers and related fragrances. Wearing floral scents and foliage will grant further paranormal protection courtesy of the Flower Deities who control this lunar cycle. If you find yourself in danger from a wayward Werewolf you may pray to a Flower Goddess, Nymph, or Fairy to save you if all else fails! The various prayers and summoning spells are most effective when blooming flowers are afoot. The best chance of survival is to call upon Flower Fairies who are often invisibly fluttering about caring for their colorful flora. Here is a simple incantation that will cause Fairies to swarm about causing Werewolf confusion so you may escape the scary scene:🧚

🌼Fairies of flowering joy,
Come forth to quell my fear,
I implore you to be my decoy,
A wayward Werewolf is near!🌹

Be on alert from dusk to dawn until the Moon is below 80% Full! Stay safe and surround yourself with protective flowers throughout the month of May.🌸

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