What’s Supernatural About Hallowmas All Saint’s Day?

November 1st gives us the holiday of All Saints Day. It is also known as Hallowmas or All Hallow’s Day. The holiday is a celebration of all the dearly departed humans of holy faith who were elevated to Sainthood status. When humans die they ascend to the higher dimensional afterlife to become angels. Those who are ordained Saints have more power and some would say additional freedoms This includes being able to return to Earth at will while, of course, not making a spectacle of themselves. A lucky few also preside over various holidays and in turn hold the raw power of that Spirit. Saints are chosen by human religious organizations and accepted by a large mass of people. This supernatural status is enforced by the Heavenly hierarchy since human angels far outnumber that of the direct God created angels.

The Cleansing Of Metaphysical Messes

The real purpose of All Saints Day is for not only Saints, but also various angels, to swoop down from Heaven to clean up the many metaphysical messes of Halloween. This is in accordance with The Supernatural Secrecy Pact of 33 AD that attempts to keep the paranormal world a secret from most humans. It also looks to keep supernatural interference in human history to a minimum. On Halloween, a great deal of evil takes place that threatens exposure to the world. Especially in this era of mass media and smartphone cameras. In some cases, time travel is authorized to right various wrongs.

The Balance Between Good And Evil

The secondary purpose of Hallowmas is to balance out the energy of light and darkness. Halloween sends out massive dark energy into the world courtesy of the demon controlled Blood Moon and various practitioners of magic. The Angelic Saintly energies of enchantment radiating forth absorb some of this negative aura. Enough to aid in the ultimate mission of Halloween which is to balance the forces of evil and good in order to keep chaos and stagnation at bay. The final status of this is seen in The Hallowmas Balancing Ceremony held by Halloween Queen Shala on Halloween Island at the Witching Hour on All Souls Day Of The Dead! Witches who practice Enochian Angel Magic also take advantage of this day to create prolific spells that further stoke the forces of righteousness. All Saint’s Day is the best day to commune with your Guardian Angel as well.

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