Cyber Monday Digital Demon Warning

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So maybe you skipped the frightening shopping frenzy of Black Friday to avoid the dangers of being injured by hordes of human shoppers, zombies, vampires, and the Demon God Of Greed Mammon. A lot of bad things can happen in a chaotic crowd! There’s also the potential for demon possession when it comes to those with weak minds. Those suffering from the unfortunate mental condition of greed and a lust for material items they don’t really need. The misguided individuals with such malevolence in their hearts that they are compelled to injure innocent people who get in the way of their supposedly sweet shopping deals.  It seems sitting in the safety of your home and shopping the dynamic deals of Cyber Monday on the internet is the way to go.  Sure it’s a lot safer but there are still risks as you furiously click away adding items to your virtual shopping carts while whipping out your credit card!

Cyber-Demonic Dangers!

The risk of Cyber-Monday includes the aforementioned demonic possession for the simple-minded overwhelmed by a lust for luxury items.  There are indeed Cyber Demons within cyberspace. Those dark spirits who can’t quite make it into our reality completely and end up as paranormal binary data forms on the internet. This makes sense when you consider that everything in our physical reality is ultimately composed of Non-Corporeal Energy which is, in essence, a dynamic form of data. Often they become trapped in the unfamiliar reality.  They are bound by the limits of the world wide web, hardware, and various software platforms. However, they can still be diabolically dangerous! Even more alarming is a new form of magic in which dark practitioners of magic or even demons themselves are writing intricate AI code that they breathe life into. In essence, creating new cyber-demonic life! Their own private minions ready to dominate and corrupt the future virtual reality holographic internet!

Demons Enter The Digital Age

The Demon God Mammon has also been known to possess internet servers so he can make his way to potential victims IP Addresses.  Demons such as Mammon don’t keep it old school and are deep down with the in things to perpetuate their dark diabolical deeds to the modern fullest!  These powerful Cyber Demons get very angry if they can’t possess you.  Possession failure happens more often over the internet than directly in physical reality because the evil entities are more weakened in a digital form.  Although, a burst of demonic rage over their internet inadequacy could equal at the least a bad software virus or at the most a major hardware meltdown as seen in the photo at the top of this page. Certainly being near that explosive event or getting an electrical shock is a very real risk as the forces of darkness expand their virtual reign!

How Do Digital Demons Possess A Human

Demons who merely haunt the web while still existing in the metaphysical world simply use their Cyber form to brainwash your mind. Once weakened enough they will perform a standard direct possession. True Cyber-Demons will sometimes have the assistance of a real-world demon to pass the possession off to. It’s considered a living sacrifice and the Cyber-Demon is rewarded with power and a promise to be released from their computerized prison someday. If it is merely a lone virtual demon then on-screen hypnosis and WiFi connections are their entry into your mind, body, and soul! The high-frequency electromagnetic waves of WiFi act as a conduit for higher dimensional cyber entities to enter your subconscious That is where perplexing possession begins.  The risk of demonic possession is particularly high while sleeping as your subconscious manages your greedy material-possessed thoughts of the day.  Be sure to sleep far away from the WiFi or turn it off. Ethernet connections are best. Certainly use of mobile devices is a risk on this malevolent Monday!

The Fate Of Those Possessed By Physical Form Demons!

The worst thing is to fall under the spell of a demon-like Mammon since he’s one of the few who have an actual physical body! He will possess you and walk your body to his nefarious lair. Then once he has all his victims in one location he will enter into a voracious feeding frenzy to fuel his immortal demonic powers for months to come. He eats every part of a human including their bones! It is considered a demonic sacrifice to himself! This takes place the next day on Terror Tuesday! The victims will die unless an experienced Demon Slayer, Witch, or Exorcist can get to them before Midnight Tuesday. Terror Tuesday is the day many of us in the paranormal community witness the victims we could not save! The aftermath is devastating and disheartening but we must go on fighting against the forces of darkness at all costs! So far nobody has been able to locate Mammon’s temporary lair in time. By the time supernatural investigators find the location, usually an abandoned warehouse, or cave, it’s too late.  He’s already moved on to a new location to set up his next deadly shop of horrors.

How To Repel Cyber-Demons Of Darkness!

Cyber-Monday is the number one day for calamitous Cyber-Entities to rear their blasphemous binary heads forth to plague people with their hellish horror! If you want to avoid the hazards that range from computer issues to being eaten alive then be extra cautious on Cyber Monday.  Just think happy thoughts and realize there’s plenty of trinkets for everyone on the internet.  You’ll get your shopping deal but even if you don’t it’s no big deal. Don’t obsess over material items and keep a cool head along with a calm heart. If you see your computer starting to wig out then immediately shut it down and leave the room because it could be a demon entering your domain!  Blessing the computer with holy water or merely cleaning the screen off with it can help. Placing religious artifacts around your computer can also help. Using a Bible as a mouse pad is a major moral measure of security as you surf the perilous virtual waves of Cyber Monday’s ocean swimming thick with sinister shopping sharks! If all else fails try praying to the holy Cyber-God! Amen!

Interesting Note: Cyber-Genies are usually far less nefarious than their real-life Genie in a bottle counterpart. Their mind is oddly altered in a positive manner by becoming digital. Then there’s the awesome freedom they feel not being confined to a bottle or lamp.  Nor are they bound by the three wishes rule. However, it’s always best to exercise caution if you come across one! They can still get quite vindictive if you offend them.

When a virtual reality holo-net comes into existence before the end of the 21st century we will see a massive new wave of possessions and even souls trapped in cyber-space! Especially when people begin receiving bionic implants that grant direct interfaces to the brain!😈

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Also, Beware of Hackers and their diabolical Ransomware!

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