Independence Night Monsters Attack!

Mystic Boat on Luminary Lake during the Fourth Of July Fireworks show in Woodland Springs Colorado.

Unfortunately Evil never sleeps! Despite the Mystic Investigations Team having both July 3rd and July 4th off, we remain on alert! This is the case with every holiday. During times like Independence Day, the Human Collective Consciousness is far more active than usual. It creates a Holiday Spirit. The most famous of which is The Spirit Of Christmas. The metaphysical energy from this paranormal phenomenon is siphoned by an armada of supernatural creatures. Sometimes entities of evil partake of this free energy along with taking advantage of the chaotic crowds garnered by various holidays. These gargantuan gatherings of humans not only provide plentiful prey but also clandestine cover amid the mass movement and loud noise.

In my capacity as Mystic Investigations President, I lead a dynamic team of supernatural specialists who often plan to attend various events together. Not only due to our camaraderie but also for the purpose of protecting vulnerable crowds from any potential paranormal perplexities. We’ve all grown accustomed to relaxing and having fun while simultaneously remaining in a healthy mode of observant alert. We’re always ready to pounce on the forces of darkness at a moment’s notice!

Illumination Fades Into Darkness

The stars begin to appear over the sunset skies of Luminary Lake. A shooting star can be seen in the distance ready for a wish to be made!

The serene sunset saturated the darkening skies over Luminary Lake with red, orange, gold, and violet colors. The vibrant hues reflected off the placid waters creating a deceptive mirror. Beneath the beauty of the surface, there are sometimes sinister supernatural organisms lurking in wait for their next meal! That’s why we had our Mystic Boat out watching the wayward waters. It was manned by our Security Chief Ex-Navy Seal Hunter Jackson. With him was Elizabeth Weatherly who is one of our paranormal investigators. Ironically, she was saved from the 1912 Titanic Disaster through time travel to our future. She faced her fear of the water and now takes every opportunity to volunteer for boat duty when it arises. The rest of our team found our places at different positions among the citizens of Woodland Springs attending the shoreside Fourth Of July fireworks show. Everyone was on the lookout for nocturnal monsters who prey on vulnerable humans amid the chaotic cover of crowded loud events. First and foremost, Vampires!

Our righteous Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander is the best at detecting evil entities due to being a powerful 5th Generation Vampire. Despite most of his kind turning to the dark side because of their demonic DNA, Drake has always followed the path of light leading to knowledge and wisdom. Second, only to him is our Demi-Mermaid Witch and Senior VP Rebecca Abernathy whose keen senses allow her to detect the sinister sanguine suckers as well. Our telekinetic psychic Vice-President Julia Hathaway can sometimes sense the dark demonic minds of the average vampire. Other members of our team have their own ways of spotting vexing vamps. If all else fails hopefully a blood-curdling scream for help does the trick. Unfortunately, vampires love hypnotizing and lulling victims into quiet submission while sucking the very life out of them! You may have very well been mere feet away from a vampire at your own local Independence Day events! That amorous couple ignoring the fireworks show could have very well been someone in silent distress as they were victimized by a paranormal parasite!

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The Fantastic Fireworks Commence

For the first time ever our community launched a choreographed lit drone show before the actual fireworks. Of course, the spectacular sunset was the ultimate pre-show courtesy of Mother Nature. Not long after the first blasts of explosive luminosity hit the freshly darkened skies we heard that tell-tale scream of terror. We all ran to a young woman who was being accosted by a deranged man behind some bushes. It turned out to be a…Zombie! Indeed, it was that one random zombie every community has staggering about.

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A Zombie Lurks Afoot!

Often, they are mistaken for drunks in the darkness. Clearly, the booming blasts attracted the walking dead to the human-laden area. We wrestled the blasphemous beast to the ground with the aid of our Demi-Zombie Cryptozoologist Dr. Ashley Abercrombie. She diligently checked the woman for any bites that would spread the Zombie Virus. Thankfully, the woman had none and Drake hypnotized her to forget the traumatizing experience. After she walked away, we dragged the grunting zombie into the woods and dispatched him with extreme prejudice!

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We buried him in separate pieces to prevent any possible reanimation. We quickly realized this guy was the Vietnam Vet who went missing from his grave on All Souls Day Of The Dead 2022. The news reported it as a despicable grave robbery. Our investigation revealed something zombified his corpse and he rose from his grave never to be seen again until now. On Day Of The Dead, the veil between life and death is seriously thin from Halloween. Then the enchanted energies of All Saints Day angels descending to our reality inadvertently provide metaphysical fuel for fantastic frights! Most likely this soldier had unfinished business that wasn’t traumatic enough to form a ghost upon his death. However, on that day his Heavenly will was strong enough to cross over and re-enter his body.

Plausibly he was a Zombie Ghost, aka sapient zombie, long enough to accomplish his Earthly mission. Once completed his consciousness returned to Heaven leaving the standard soulless zombie to roam about aimlessly. Upon further investigation, we believe the zombie was the cause of his sister’s abusive husband disappearing mysteriously around that time. Several domestic abuse police reports were filed but the wife refused to follow through with pressing charges. We saved a piece of the Vietnam Vet’s corpse to place in his grave later on out of respect for his service to our country along with eradicating the horrifying husband. Now he can truly rest in peace with no chance of returning to our plane of living existence!

Vampire Infiltration

A female Vampire preys upon a crowd of innocent humans enjoying a Fourth Of July fireworks show!

Once the spectacular sparkling show hit its stride Julia had a vision of trouble in the woods and she ran to the scene without informing any of us. This is often the case if she is by herself since the psychic visions can be very vivid and focused. I was near the back edge of the crowd when I noticed a woman hugging a man from behind. I thought they were a happy couple until I saw her cover his mouth and pull his head back. Then she tilted her head into his neck. As I got closer I could see blood dripping down the man’s neck. At that moment the female shot her head around to reveal bloody fangs and glowing crimson eyes. I whipped out my holy water squirt gun and shot her multiple times. She screamed out in agony as wisps of grey vapor rose from her burning skin. The strikingly beautiful vampiress shrieked away into the woods while the man passed out from blood loss and fell to the ground.

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I immediately contacted the team on our personal communication devices. I saw Drake and Rebecca speed into the dark forest after the vampiress. Ashley arrived with a medical kit and some people started to notice the collapsed man. I said he had passed out from low blood sugar and fallen on some broken glass cutting his neck. Ashley bandaged the man’s neck as he started to wake up. He muttered, “Where is that lovely Goddess?” He was clearly delusional within the vampire’s thrall. It usually lasts for a few hours after a vampire hypnotizes a human. Ashley and Ghost Buster Rob Edmunds took the man to the hospital in the Mystic Van. They would utilize our friend Sheriff Blake Maverick to cover up the incident. The man got a blood transfusion and made a full recovery. Although he keeps showing up at our offices inquiring about the “Goddess”. We always tell him it was a delusion caused by the PCP someone slipped in his drink. In fact, that is the story the Sheriff told the man. He even got a lab worker at the hospital to verify it. A lot of supernatural things are explained away with drugs or insanity.

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Regretfully, the vampire got away as she was far faster than both Drake and Rebecca! However, in the distance ahead of them they could hear her yell, “You’ll pay dearly for this very soon!” Drake caught her scent and said she was beyond ancient and therefore very powerful. Plausibly a 2nd generation vampire as opposed to Drake’s 5th generation status. Incidentally, the infamous Dracula is a 2nd Generation Vamp. Many centuries ago Drake spent some hellish years in Dracula’s custody and was helpless to resist his hypnosis thus causing him to perform immoral acts! It was during Drake’s notorious high-seas pirate days. Had they attempted to capture the female vampire things could have turned frighteningly fatal for the duo!

Normally, I’d say the vampiress would never return now knowing there are paranormal professionals in this area. There’s a whole world of helpless victims out there and most vampires go for the easy quality blood fix. Unfortunately, when a powerful vampire makes a threat we take it seriously! If she was second generation then she’s a royal vampire with powerful connections. Interestingly enough, Normal holy water would probably only annoy such an ancient vampire but I used the water of melted North Pole City snow blessed by Saint Nicholas himself. Plus I added the potent anti-vampire herb vervain along with colloidal silver[Ad]. There’s no such thing as paranoid paranormal overkill in the battle against supernatural darkness!

Julia The Vampire Slayer

Vampiress stalks a camping couple in the forest ready to load up on energy sustaining blood!

Julia Hathaway made it to a clearing in the forest where a couple was camping. They were lying together in the dark enjoying the stars and the larger fireworks they could see being a distance from the lake. Julia hid in wait as this was where her vision led her. The couple began getting amorous when the female vampire shot out of nowhere. She whispered to herself, “I need my sweet blood to heal from this infernal holy water!” The vampire eyed the couple with lust and then announced herself to the shocked duo. “I’ll be joining you this evening for dinner!” The man replied, “Ah what?” That’s when she extended her fangs and growled with eyes glowing a raging red!

The vexing vampire lunged at the terrified screaming couple but Julia directed her telekinetic powers at the vampire sending her flying through a tree trunk. As the tree fell over hitting the ground Julia told the couple to run away. They bolted and the amused vampire got up and sarcastically said, “Oh you have powers! How special for you and me!” Julia replied, “Why is it special for…” Before she could finish her sentence the vampire shot at her beyond super fast! The ferocious female bit into Julia’s neck drinking her power-rich blood. In doing so It would give the vampire her powers for several hours. All vamps can acquire the temporary talents of any entity if they simply consume their blood. Even human talents such as playing a musical instrument, knowing multiple languages, or being good at sports.

Unfortunately for the foolish vampire, Julia had a vampire killing stake hidden in her hand the entire time. A very special one designed by a top-flight vampire slayer who owed Mystic Investigations a favor. It was composed of hickory wood from a tree struck by the very lightning of the King God Zeus. Infused within the wood are slivers of silver and gold given by a Lucky Leprechaun. The super stake has also been blessed in holy water by Saint Nicholas himself! Santa Claus even went so far as to donate some drops of his Angelic blood to coat the stake with. Angel blood is beyond blessed and toxic to vampires. The stake was designed to destroy First Generation Vampires and even seriously slow down Demi-Demons!

At the second before the vampires reached Julia she had raised the stake in her hand. The vampire ran right into it! In fact, it pierced her dark heart and she lit ablaze in violet unholy fire. Her ear-piercing shriek shattered a glass jar at the campsite. Julia pushed the flaming vampire away burning her hands as she stop, dropped, and rolled to put out the fire that spread to her clothing. The vampire once again made a threat within her final agonizing scream, “You’ll all pay dearly!” She burst into unholy gray ash that wafted through the air and eventually settled upon the ground. We’re still taking that threat seriously even if it appears she’ll never exist in physical form upon this sainted Earth ever again! Julia lost her communications device and naturally, her smartphone couldn’t get a signal so she headed further into the woods that were a part of The Mystical Forest. She planned to locate the holy healing wellspring in an area frequented by Nymphs and Fairies. Indeed she healed her burns and returned to Mystic Investigations Headquarters later that night. The next day we collected as much of the vampire ash as we could since it can be used in various mystical spells and potions.

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A Wayward Werewolf Wanders

An Independence Day Werewolf is ready to pounce on prey as the skies are lit ablaze with a kaleidoscope of colors!

The night before was the 100% Full Moon which resulted in the capture and containment of three Werewolves. Generally, after that first night, we have exponentially fewer issues each successive night until the Moon is below 80% of Full. Younger Werewolves can transform near the 80% range. The older they get the more resistant to the Moon’s metaphysical energy they become. On July 4th the Moon was at 92% of Full and we did get a report of a werewolf sighting on the other side of town. We didn’t expect any issues at Independence Day events since Werewolves are one of the few sinister supernaturals that avoid crowds and noise in general. The fireworks would easily scare any wayward wolves away yelping into the darkness. Interestingly enough our Research Assistant Seth Morgan was caged up in our sub-basement at Mystic Investigations Headquarters since he was infected by the Lycanthrope Virus years ago.

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We were suddenly engaged with a group of crazy little Gnomes cackling among the crowd looking for kids to eat! It’s how they stay immortal. Usually, they would steer clear from crowds but their eyes were glowing a sinister green. This indicated they were under the control of a magician or even a Clurichaun, aka dark Leprechaun. We had our hands full and our bionic boy wonder Zack Powers said he could handle the Werewolf on his own. So we let him zip off at super cyborg speed to find the beast. His super senses allowed him to locate the werewolf quickly. The huge hairy horror was about to eat two poodles in a backyard as a woman screamed in fear on her porch holding a baseball bat. Zack sped in appearing as a blur tackling the alarming abomination! They wrestled on the ground as the woman ushered her small dogs indoors and called the police. The werewolf bit Zack’s arms and legs piercing flesh but not the metallic limbs beneath. The flesh healed quickly courtesy of billions of nanobots repairing cells rapidly. Zack was careful to protect his vulnerable face and neck.

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He finally kicked the ferocious animal into some bushes before pulling out a large gun from his backpack. He shot it at the werewolf now charging at him. Within a few seconds, the werewolf was struggling under a metal net made of holy blessed silver infused with Wolfsbane. The metal itself was also electromagnetically enchanted by Rebecca’s magic. The more the Werewolf struggled the more it would get zapped by the electrified net. Zack then pulled out a squirt gun loaded with holy water and wolfsbane to further weaken the monstrous menace. He was proud of taking down a werewolf on his own and proclaimed out loud, “Zack Powers! Werewolf Hunter extraordinaire!” He then smiled at the woman who was staring out the window in disbelief as she was still on the phone with 911. The Cyborg Powers then waved goodbye and sped away dragging the netted Werewolf with him just as police lights could be seen pulling in the driveway. The beast was locked in a cage next to Seth Morgan in our Sub-Basement at Mystic Investigations Headquarters.

A Lake Monster Emerges From The Deep Dark Depths

A reptilian humanoid lake monster lurks at a boat dock on Luminary Lake under the skies lit with fireworks on Independence Day!

A decent-sized group of people were swimming in the warm waters of Luminary Lake as they enjoyed the starbursting skyscape above. At some point, people were being pulled underwater and pleas for help could barely be heard over the fireworks. Hunter Jackson was in the Mystic Boat when he noticed the commotion in the water and headed over. That’s when some guy bellowed, “Holy crap! It’s a monster!” Everyone was swimming crazily toward the shore as Hunter shined a spotlight in the water and spotted the green reptilian humanoid. It hissed at him and Elizabeth. Hunter grabbed his spear gun and shot at the creature but it only grazed its arm causing some green blood to flow into the water.

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The reptile man launched himself into the boat making an otherworldly hissing and guttural growling sound. He tackled Hunter as Elizabeth got out a dart gun and tried to aim it at the right target. The reptile monster and Hunter were engaged in a violent struggle on the boat deck. Elizabeth shot the tranquilizer dart but it hit Hunter! She then yelled, “I’m sorry Hunter!” He knew he had seconds before he passed out so he finally got his arm free and took out his trusty Navy Seal knife. He shanked the green slimy monster a few times but it wasn’t slowing it down much. The tussling twosome knocked Elizabeth off her feet and she hit her head on the edge of the boat. She was knocked out cold and Hunter was starting to pass out as well. All hope was lost until the Demi-Mermaid Rebecca leaped from the water and engaged the blasphemous beast of the black lagoon!

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Despite being a petite woman she was far stronger than Hunter and began aggressively punching the creature in the face! It seemed to only get angrier as its hissing and growling added an ear-shattering screech to the ominous orchestra. Drake had chased the Gnomes into the woods so I was the only one left to swim out to try and help. Rebecca tried to use her magic as she struggled with abomination but there just wasn’t an opportunity to concentrate. She did try to use her natural Mermaid power of hydrokinesis to draw all the water from the monster but he appeared to neutralize said power.

The Tragic Sinking Of The Mystic Boat!

The reptilian humanoid was beginning to overpower Rebecca with his mouth wide open ready to take a big bite! As I approached the boat with a taser ready to go she screamed, “Mystic Sphere” to activate her natural active witchcraft power she was born with. A translucent pink energy sphere formed around her and the monster since he was in such close proximity. She willed the supernatural sphere upward with her and the abomination inside. Then she slammed it back down into the Mystic Boat in a panic without thinking it through. It hit the deck with such a titanic force that it cracked the boat in half and it began to sink like the Titanic. As it slowly sunk someone with a recorder-style flute started playing the theme to Titanic that sounded like this. As the super-charged boat went under the surface he started laughing maniacally. It appeared to be a Clurichaun. So it seems a dark Leprechaun was behind the Gnomes, Elizabeth shooting Hunter, our boat sinking, and who knows what else? I got to Elizabeth and Hunter before they went underwater. Luckily, Elizabeth and Hunter had their lifevests on so I could easily pull them to shore. Later that night Elizabeth displayed dismay over being involved in another boating accident!

As the fireworks finale bellowed beautifully across the starry skies Rebecca continued battling the reptile monster within her normally protective sphere. It was several feet above the water so I couldn’t do anything to help her. She looked angrily at the Clurchaun on shore who was still laughing beyond loudly. So loudly you could easily hear him over the fireworks! She then shot her sphere right at the micro menace and allowed him to phase within her enchanted energy orb. She was now trapped inside with both creatures. However, she quickly backed off as far as she could since she sensed the problem would take care of itself.  The reptile turned wide-eyed staring down the evil Leprechaun. The Clurichaun tried to use his mind control power on the lake monster but he intensely attacked the purveyor of bad luck. That’s when Rebecca shot the sphere up into the stratosphere at an insane speed! She strained with all her might to get it up to 40 miles high into the mesosphere before she abruptly deactivated her power and everyone within dropped from the sky!

High Altitude Battle Of The Titans!

The Mystic Sphere powered by the good witch Rebecca Abernathy flies up over the clouds into the Mesosphere!

The slimy beast and the dark Leprechaun were too busy fighting to even notice at first. The -225 degree Fahrenheit temperature and the beyond-thin air did finally get their attention as they released each other. The cold-blooded reptile chock full of water froze into an ice cube within seconds. The naughty Leprechaun started to create a dark rainbow to transport himself to safety. That was when Rebecca utilized what little air she had held to call upon Thor the god of thunder to grant her temporary Electrokinetic powers. She then shot lightning bolts from her hands and blasted the reptile into pieces while ripping through the Leprechaun who was only starting to freeze. The little bastard blasted into gold and green glitter! Rebecca quickly reformed her Mystic Sphere as she shivered and gasped for air while sending it down quickly. Just as the fireworks ended it crashed into the lake creating a huge wave that hit the audience while simultaneously creating an amazing aura of pink sparkling light all over the lake. Everyone screamed out in joy and clapped like crazy. Some guy who had a few too many yelled, “Son of a bitch! That’s what I’m talking about! Oh yeah, baby!”

The metaphysical energy dissipating from the supernatural sphere jolted Hunter and Elizabeth causing them to wake up. I helped them out of the lake before diving down to look for Rebecca. I was down several feet when I saw Rebecca swimming toward me. She had a Mermaid fin instead of legs. This only happens briefly on rare occasions beyond her control. Often when she was close to death or actually died but resurrected by some mystical means. Apparently, in this case, she had been near death but the massive enchanted energy surge activated some manner of self-resurrection mechanism that exists within her Atlantean kind. She clearly couldn’t surface with the large crowd watching so she simply swam to our house which is on the opposing shore of the lake. After being on dry land all night her tail disappeared at the break of dawn.

After Drake took down the Gnomes he came running out of the woods. He greeted us at the lake shore as the crowd started to dissipate. Drake and all of us were saddened by the tragic loss of our beautiful boat but material items can be replaced. Fortunately, everyone was alive and safe. Drake said it took him so long to get back because he was attacked by a random tree monster. Literally, a giant tree was actually a monster. Drake turned it into kindling for many a bonfire. More than likely the tree monster was a product of some wayward witch. We later realized that the dark Leprechaun was the little bastard we exposed in Ireland years ago. He was posing as a righteous Leprechaun to infiltrate the strongest source of good luck on Earth. The sacred place where Leprechauns live when they’re not traveling about the world spreading fantastic fortune to those worthy of it. As for the reptilian lake monster, we have no clue where the hell he came from! Plausibly he was an escaped lab experiment.

Everyone, except Rebecca, returned to headquarters for a quick debrief and then we headed home for a well-deserved rest. Some of us thought Elizabeth should get checked out at the hospital after hitting her head and passing out. However, Dr. Abercrombie said she was perfectly fine. Julia sensed the energy from the exploded Mystic Sphere healed her. After we all left would you believe I hit a werewolf on the way home? I threw the son of the bitch in my trunk and took him back to Mystic Investigations In a cage next to the other Werewolf and Seth Morgan. All three growled and howled at each other all night until morning. Once transformed back into human form they all faced each other with no clothes on. They were all beyond embarrassed and the other two appeared very confused and scared. Especially the one I threw in the trunk. She turned out to be a female! Thankfully we do provide robes just outside the cages within reach of a human arm. The two strangers were unaware they were werewolves. This is often the case since those who know what they are will responsibly restrain themselves on the Full Moon. Happy Independence Day To All And To All A Bright Night Of Sparkling Light!

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Fantastic Fireworks Show

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