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777 Mystic Way small red globe Woodland Springs, Colorado 81777
Mystic Investigations is a paranormal investigations research, and private crime fighting firm located in the mystical town of Woodland Springs, Colorado. Our luxurious 20,000 square foot facility, which we sometimes call “The Mystic Fortress”, is nestled within the full foliage of Mystic Way which is located just off Woodland Springs Street on the outer northern edge of Downtown Woodland Springs. A little way down the street to the north is Old Rural Road which leads to Woodland Farms, home of the Annual Woodland Springs Autumn Harvest Halloween Festival. Mystic Way was named for us by a past Mayor impressed by our tireless volunteer work in the community. Since many supernatural occurrences happen to average people who might not be able to afford our fees, we feel it’s our civic duty to handle such cases free of charge. We’ve never turned down a real metaphysical case for any reason!

Our building is two stories above ground and two stories below. Some of our most supernaturally secret facilities are in the basement, and sub-basement. The roof sports a heliport in the center for when we need to be quickly whisked away to the Woodland Springs Airport or distant parts of Comanche County (The Mysticopter is kept at the Woodland Springs Airport for storage and maintenance. It can arrive at our rooftop within minutes when required.) There’s also a roof top gardens on either side of the roof along with tables to eat. In addition there’s built in high powered binoculars on each side of the building which acts as look out posts.

The second floor is executive offices, executive assistants, and a strategy room. The first floor contains the foyer & reception area along with a conference board room, VIP client lounge, complete kitchen & lunch room, rest rooms, play room for kids, research library, small warehouse storage area in back, and other employee offices. Everyone’s office also contains hidden cots or roll out couches for those hectic times when we must burn the midnight Witching Hour oil strong. There are also escape hatches and hidden passages scattered about to insure rapid evasion from surprise intrusions. Through out the offices there are a plethora of plants and aquariums along with an koi pond water fall atrium garden.

The basement level contains our computer server room, research laboratories, weapons chamber, combat training room, gym, laundry room, movie theater, and more. The sub-basement level holds a temporary cryptid containment area for various paranormal beasts, and other top secret rooms. In addition we have an acre of land out back full of deciduous and conifer trees along with a lush garden, koi pond, water fall, stream, and pebble pathway. It’s often a favorite place for employees to eat lunch. We also have a large greenhouse behind our building in which we grow various mystical herbs, and paranormal plants for protection, and research purposes. During the summer we grow foliage outdoors including our roof garden. The Mystic RV, our mobile command center, is parked in a garage structure beyond a grove of pines in back. There’s also enough room for three cars to park in there which is nice in the winter.

The Mystic Fortress is made of fine marble on the outside with a sturdy concrete and cement structure complete with steel frame. All windows are composed of bullet proof glass containing paranormal properties to filter out the harmful holy rays of the sun for our vampire associate Executive-Vice President Drake Alexander. There are hidden cameras and alarms scattered about as well. The entire fortress is also under the protection of a powerful spell conjured up by our resident witch Vice-President Rebecca Abernathy. The walkways, sidewalks, and parking lot remain snow free in the winter thanks to a geothermal heating system that utilizes the famous Woodland Springs hot springs.

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