Mystic Investigations President Xavier Remington

Code Name: Commander

Corporate Titles: President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chairman Of The Board, Chief Creative Officer (CCO), Social Media Director, 25% Shareholder (Holds Proxy For Michael Remington’s 25%) |50% Total|

Profession Title: President (Linkedin) (Business Card)

Executive Assistant: Mrs. Jackie Quindt

Supernatural ID: Human

Areas Of Expertise: Paranormal Investigations, General Private Investigations, Investigative Journalism, Kung Fu (black belt), Ninjutsu, martial arts weaponry, conspiracy theories, creative writing (Poetry) and the world of the supernatural. Also web design and development along with social media and corporate management. Xavier writes most of the articles and stories on the Mystic Investigations website. He has a pilots license for small jets and helicopters.

Lineage: Human

Biography: Xavier was born on March 17 at exactly 7:07 AM. He grew up on the enchanting isle of Washington Island, WI with four other siblings including two brothers and two sisters. It’s there that he first stumbled upon the world of the paranormal as a small child. He was saved from drowning in Lake Michigan by a rare Great Lakes mermaid during a violent storm that threw him from his parents boat. He had repressed his memories of the incident until Psychic Julia Hathaway brought them to the surface. Washington Island had some paranormal activity, including ghosts, and various creatures of the night, but he usually dismissed it with some logical explanation as most people do.

As a teenager he became an independent investigative journalist and savvy sleuth who de-cloaked clandestine conspiracies and exposed them to the harsh light of day on his website, email newsletter, and even in the high school newspaper. Along the way he stumbled head first into the world of the paranormal along with the secret supernatural battles between the forces of light and darkness. After being hired by various people, including some wealthy individuals, he saw the potential for profits that would facilitate a pro-bono crime fighting operation. So he furthered his on the job self-taught training by attending the famous Colorado College Of Paranormal Studies. There he got his degree in Paranormal Investigations and met his girlfriend Rebecca Abernathy who happens to be a Demi-Mermaid Witch!

After a number of wealthy clients hired him he realized he needed to form a business and hire employees. A number of cases were in the mystical town of Woodland Springs which is one the top centers of paranormal activity on Earth. He decided this was the best place to headquarter his new business which he decided to call Mystic Investigations. Named after Rebecca’s active Wicca power known as the Mystic Sphere. There he marshaled investors in his company and hired the top flight staff he now has. The top investor was current Executive Vice-President and Vampire Drake Alexander. Visit Our Blog For More Stories About Xavier Remington And The Mystic Investigations Team.

Powers: Random bouts of super human strength. Unexplainable rapid healing of wounds. Never been sick a day in his life! He’s able to handle Borrowed Magic every so often. However there is no viable evidence of Superhumanity.

Residence: He lives in Remington Manor which is on Enchantment Lane in Woodland Springs, CO.

Vehicle: Black 2004 Lamborghini Murcielago

Visit Our Blog For More Stories About Xavier Remington And The Mystic Investigations Team.

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