Privacy Policy

MysticInvestigations.Com only sees personal individual information when people volunteerily submit their emails addresses, and optionally names, for those subscribing to our blogs for the purposes of receiving new post notifcations. That is the sole purpose of that information. The data is not used for marketing, or any other purpose.  In addition it’s never shared with anyone else.


MysticInvestigations.Com doesn’t personally utilize tracking Cookies for any purpose. However various services from our hosting provider, such as website visitor statistics, may utilize cookies to gain a general picture of visitor traffic to our site. In addition third party advertisers, such as Google (Privacy Policy), may place, and read cookies on your internet browser.  Various tracking tools, like Google Analytics, utilize cookies in order to track website visitors, and their habits. You can opt out of Google Analytics, or learn more about Google Analytics Privacy Policy Here. Consult your web browser’s help information on how to disable, or delete cookies if you would rather not have them used.

Please be sure to check out our Disclaimer Notice, Copyright Notice, And Reporting Spam & Copyright Violations Form.

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