Mystic Investigations Senior Vice-President Rebecca Abernathy

Code Name: Aqua Avenger

Corporate Titles: Senior Vice-President, CFO (Chief Financial Officer), Chief Practitioner Of Magic, Shareholder 10%

Profession Title: Accountant

Executive Assistant: Lars Larsson

Supernatural ID: Demi-Mermaid and Witch

Areas Of Expertise: Accounting, Finances, Office Management, Paranormal Investigation, Witchcraft, Wicca, Herbal Medicine, Spells, Potions, Curses, Animal Control, and Mermaids (Certified Merologist)

Lineage: Half-Human | Half-Mermaid Witch.

Biography: Her mother is a Mermaid Princess Witch and comes from a long line of Atlantis witches of royal blood.  The lost city of Atlantis does indeed exist beneath the Atlantic Ocean at a hidden location deep below the dark waters.  Her mother, Marina, saved a human fisherman named Duncan Abernathy during a hurricane and fell in love with him.  She would often visit him on his boat, or meet him on the beach during a full moon when mermaids can attain temporary human form.  She was able to walk among humans and see our world which fueled her rebellion against the mermaid way of life.  Finally on the night of a Halloween full moon she came ashore and permanently became human.  Although she still had latent Mermaid DNA which she passed on to Rebecca in which Mermaid powers became active.  Marina is also still a powerful witch who can use magic to achieve a Mermaid tail at will. When she married Duncan she was shunned by most of her family and knew she could never go back to visit Atlantis due to the fact that they might kidnap her.  However on occasion a few trusted members of her family including her mother have visited her on a beach on the night of a full moon.

Rebecca has met them as well yet never visited Atlantis.When Rebecca was born there were some attempts by the royal Atlantean authorities to kidnap the new baby.  To this day Rebecca, and Marina must be wary near oceans.  Especially the Atlantic where she lived in a beach house for a time as a child.  There her dolphin friend Squeakers warned her of an impending kidnapping.  The Abernathy’s then moved away from the Atlantic coast and ended up in Atlantica, California which is on the shore of the Salton Sea in Southern California.  Atlantica is known as a land locked haven for mermaids on the run from the Mermaid populaces of the various oceans.  Beneath the Salton Sea is a rogue civilization of rebel Mermaids who wish to live free of the royal Atlantis oppression.

Although home schooled in the art of Wicca magic by her mother, Rebecca attended the prestigious McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences during her teenage years.  It’s at a hidden location in the Highlands Of Scotland on the shores of the infamous Loch Ness.  It’s there that she honed her exceptional witchcraft skills under the tutelage of the great sorcerer, and school head master Ian McTavish, along with Master Witch Luna Artemis.  This is where she met her best friend Heather who was her roommate as well.

Since using magic to earn a living is rare, and using magic to build wealth leads to bad luck, she attended MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California where she got an Associate Degree in accounting, and business administration. While there she dated a US Marine stationed at nearby Camp Pendleton.  Incidentally her second battle with the paranormal took place here when her boyfriend was abducted by extraterrestrials during a battle with the Marines that the government blocked from media scrutiny.  Rebecca and another powerful witch managed to damage the extraterrestrial craft unbeknown to the Marines.  The vessel and it’s inhabitants are now at a top secret military base at an unknown location.  Rebecca’s boyfriend suffered great trauma from the incident and was eventually institutionalized.  Although she thinks the government did something to silence him because he wanted to go to the media with his story.  He resides in a mental institution to this day.  Since he was pretty much catatonic, Rebecca had to leave him and move on with her life. 

Rebecca’s first real battle against a supernatural entity took place in the small unincorporated community of Orinda Village, CA.  A group of five students at the nearby University Of California – Berkley fancied themselves as Wizards due to their dabbling in the dark arts.  One Friday night on a drunken binge they decided to go on a rampage of mayhem injuring random people and eventually kidnapping two women in the Village Of Orinda.  Rebecca was in Orinda visiting a friends home from Berkley for the weekend when she heard the screams of two women coming from next door.  Rebecca looked out the door and saw the five fiends trying to pull the women into their truck.  Rebecca instructed her friend Judy to dial 911 as she ran out the door to deal with the men.  She commanded them to let the women go and leave.  They laughed at her and two of the men attempted to grab Rebecca.  Instead they were knocked off their feet by the conjuring of her legendary Mystic Sphere, a pink orb of mystical energy that acts as a supernatural shield, and weapon.  The so called Wizards then got serious and focused their attention on her so that the women were free to run away.  For fifteen minutes the epic magical Battle Of Orinda took place.  The bright iridescent sparkling lights of magic volleying about coupled with loud thunderous booms were enough to be seen, and heard for miles around.  Rebecca handily dispatched her adversaries by the time the police arrived.  The County newspaper, Contra Costa Times, dubbed her a hero although it wasn’t picked up by State or national media.  The battle is now regarded as an urban legend but is recorded as fact in the Global Paranormal Archives maintained by Father Time.

Later Rebecca met her boyfriend and Mystic Investigations President, Xavier Remington, at the famous Colorado College Of Paranormal Studies where they both got their degrees in paranormal investigations, and related supernatural studies. Rebecca truly wanted to earn a living in the world of the paranormal, and she discovered that new breeds of supernatural warriors were helping humanity while making money at the same time. Of course her, and the Mystic Investigations team spend a great deal of time doing pro-bono work.

After college Rebecca, Xavier, and his brother Michael got first hand training dealing with the world of the supernatural in the hotbed of paranormal activity that is Woodland Springs, Colorado.  As Paranormal Freelancers they also took paid cases around the United States taking numerous road trips together.  One road trip in particular led to meeting the vampire Drake Alexander in a LA night club.  A future Mystic Investigations associate.  Later they formed Mystic Investigations, and Rebecca decided to permanently live in Woodland Springs which was in need of a permanent paranormal investigations presence. At Mystic Investigations she not only uses her Mermaid, and Witchcraft powers to fight the forces of evil, and protect humanity but also acts as the company accountant, and Chief Financial Officer(CFO).

Powers: As a hereditary witch Rebecca has a natural ability to practice magic, and her powers are greatest when near or in the ocean along with calling upon Sea gods, and goddesses for power.  Although she calls upon a variety of Goddesses, and mystical power sources when casting spells, and mixing magic potions.  She has one active witch power passed down genetically known as the Mystic Sphere.  Our company is named after it.  The Mystic Sphere is a pink energy ball that repels anything outside it and protects anything inside it.  It also gives Rebecca the power of Transvection (Levitation).  She can also perform a Reverse Mystic Sphere which allows the sphere to project from her hands into order to move heavy objects, or even trap enemies within. Due to calling upon Goddesses for Electrokinetic powers so often she can manifest said powers without saying spells out loud but rather a quick supernatural shout out in her mind. This results in electrical energy that looks like tiny lightening bolts coming out of her hands.  She surprised herself when she magically caused the de-transformation of a werewolf while in Amish county.  It’s unclear as to whether the return to a human state was permanent due a torch wielding mob chasing her, and Xavier Remington from the area.  She hasn’t been able to duplicate the de-transmutation of Lycanthropes since then. There’s a small window in which she can use her powers consecutively in a row as it causes a strain on her physically.  Totally drained powers require several hours of deep sleep to recharge.  The only exception is drawing upon an amazing external supernatural power source such as The Heart Of The Mystical Forest.  Her mother recently passed on the family Book Of Shadows, a compilation of centuries worth of witchcraft spells, to Rebecca.Being a Demimermaid gives Rebecca slightly enhanced physical abilities which includes superhuman strength, speed, agility, senses, immunity (never suffered from any human illness), and wound healing.  There’s also superior bodily functions that include being able to hold her breath underwater for up to an hour.  Her Demi-Mermaid lungs aren’t capable of extracting enough oxygen from water to survive for very long so she could theoretically drown.  However it’s more likely she would lie in a perpetual dormant state rather than die if trapped underwater. She has breathed water into her lungs but finds the sensation of breathing a liquid odd.  There’s also a good chance she is immortal since Mermaids live forever.  

She also has empathic Zoopathic powers that are most prevalent in sea life along with feeling the presence of the various Earthly goddesses she calls upon for witchcraft powers.  Her Faunapathic powers allow her to communicate with animals in a limited manner which creates a general calming effect in creatures.  It’s sufficient enough to stop attacking dogs. Her Faunapathy is most advanced in aquatic life where real communication can take place.  Her childhood kinship with Squeakers the dolphin led to real conversations with the intelligent creatures.  Rebecca also has the Mermaid power of Hydrokinesis which allows for a variety of water manipulation powers that are currently limited to projecting, and reshaping water.  She has also spontaneously manifested water with the help of sea gods. The powers are much more honed when actually touching the water in question, and when dealing with sea water. Rebecca works with our telekinetic associate, Julia Hathaway,  to expand her powers to anything that might contain water vapor. She also has Hydrokinetic Sense which allows her to interpret water waves to estimate the size, and composition of distant objects.  Also has shown evidence of minor echolocation sonar which emits ultrasound unheard by humans but there’s never been a need to develop that power along with emitting a high pitched screeching sound that can interfere with people’s hearing, and even break glass.  Rebecca can also speak the Mermaid language which sounds like a series of squeaks, and clicks similar to dolphin language. Despite being half-Mermaid she only manifested a Mermaid tail briefly once when she died, and was resurrected on Easter.

Nerissa is Rebecca’s full Mermaid Cousin who visits every so often.  She was kidnapped by King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo in Summer 2012.  Mystic Investigations literally went to Hell to save her!


Always home schooled by her mother Marina in witchcraft, and the Wicca religion since she could walk.

Generally home schooled until age 7 due to worry of her accidental exposure of witchcraft powers.  Moved to Salton Sea mermaid community, and attended special school of Demi-Mermaids.

Then McTavish instead of high school.

MiraCosta College

Paranormal College

Hobbies: Witchcraft, Mermaid Lore, Aquaculture (Specializing in salt water aquarium fish, and plants), Organic Gardening (Specializing in healing herbs), and Deep Sea Diving (Without scuba gear due to being able to hold her breath a long time along with withstanding high water pressure).  She also loves shopping, and is known for her notorious Black Friday escapades.

Religion: Wicca, Member of the Comanche Coven.

Diet: She can pretty much eat anything she likes without gaining weight or getting sick.  Rebecca is a Vegan who could never bring herself to eat an animal due to her empathic powers allowing her to feel an animals emotions. Rebecca most enjoys a good bowl full of a special type of seaweed grown in a saltwater aquarium.  She also drinks a lot of salt water.  Her favorite is imported seawater from the Atlantic Ocean.  Don’t worry the pollutants don’t affect her.

Residences: Remington Manor

Vehicle: 1999 Metallic Pink Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Description: 5′ 9″, slender build, bosom length auburn hair, dark blue eyes.  Eyes glow blue when utilizing Mermaid powers while eyes glow green when utilizing deep powers of witchcraft.  Although when activating her Mystic Sphere eyes will glow pink for a second.  When utilizing both Mermaid, and Witch powers at once Rebecca’s eyes glow a teal like color.

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