Is Goddess Gaia Mother Earth Real?

Yes, the Earth is indeed a Goddess named Gaia who is also known as Mother Earth or Mother Nature. We live upon her body which is the planet herself. When the Omniverse God created Earth and other complex life-bearing planets in our Universe, he was surprised to find that a soul spontaneously manifested most of the time. This normally occurs once the planet was teeming with life and everything begins working in a clockwork symbiotic manner. Plausibly something like a metaphysical neural net forms from the billions of conscious lifeforms on any given planet. In turn, the entire planet and all life upon it become the newly formed God or Goddesses physical body. Naturally, as a God they can direct their consciousness into any form they like or even possess a person or animal! Whether to communicate with their worshipers or merely survey the Earth from a grounded viewpoint. This can include a self-imposed memory wipe for a pre-determined amount of time so they can truly live the life of any given plant, animal, or human.🌎

The Deadly Disruption Of Earth Gaining A Soul!

Although Earth was home to a handful of Primordial Nature Deities, such as the Winter God Jack Frost, there was no overall entity that encompassed the entire planet. After over 4 billion years of our planet existing without a spirit, Mother Earth was finally born 252.28 million years ago as a sapient consciousness. She became the very soul of Earth itself. Unfortunately Gaia’s birth, and initial self-awareness, inadvertently caused the greatest mass extinction Earth has ever seen. The Great Dying, or Permian–Triassic Extinction Event caused up to 96% of marine species and 70% of terrestrial species to become extinct! This deeply disrupted the evolutionary path planned by God. Evolution being a pre-programmed metaphysical software of sorts on the hardware of the Earth within God’s non-corporeal consciousness matrix. Thankfully these creatures still exist in the locked 3-D space-time bubbles of the past and in an afterlife all their own! There’s also the fact that this planned program took place in its entirety in some other Parallel Universe.

The Goddess Of Earth Turns Out To Be The Daughter Of The Greater God!

God realized that the soul of the Earth was intertwined in its destiny so he re-programmed it to fit Gaia into the equation. Later on, with his blessing, Gaia adjusted things to compensate for an ever-growing populace of Nature Gods and Goddesses. Coincidentally he discovered Gaia’s soul frequency-matched one of his Daughters. Being the Goddess of Earth was one of many lives she would lead in the same way we exist in a multitude of Parallel Universes. He then asked his daughter in Heaven about this and she remembered being Earth’s spirit in our reality. One of the nearly infinite lives she’s lived in various lower dimensions. Here in her Earthly form, she has no knowledge of her life as God’s daughter nor access to her 10th dimension power base. However, he did inform her of this and that her destiny was to live out a life here.

The Forms Of Gaia

Goddess Gaia was originally born in this reality as a four-dimensional spirit with Earth as her 3-D body. However, over the many millennia of her existence, she ascended to a five-dimensional form and gained shared awareness with her other Earth selves in countless Parallel Universes. This gave Gaia additional knowledge of multiple future Earth’s. Plausibly someday she may ascend to the 6th dimension and become one with her counterparts in Parallel Multiverses. It’s also interesting that she was able to extend her sub-consciousness back in time to the first formation of Earth. This so she could observe things without changing the timeline. Not even the Primordial Gods could sense her presence. Billions of years down the line she witnessed her own birth!

The Devil Attempts To Corrupt Mother Nature

Beyond the disruption Gaia’s birth caused, the Devil would hijack the evolution program to create monstrous dinosaurs and a race of sentient humanoid dinosaurs. The sinister Satan tried to bring Gaia into his web of dark deception but she would have no part in his intricate mind games. His end game was to completely own the Earth thereby prematurely winning The War Of Armageddon in advance. Despite being more powerful than her at the time he could not capture Mother Earth for she was the very planet itself. If he had won it is doubtful her Father would have interfered as he has a policy of neutrality for the purposes of playing out a plethora of life experiences. Mother Nature’s power would later surpass the Arch-Demon Devils abilities when she became a five-dimensional entity with powerful alliances that include the God of the Milky Way Galaxy. Despite this, the Emperor Of Hell Devil and later The King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo would try to seduce her multiple times in order to control Earth’s future and birth the most powerful version of the Anti-Christ possible!🌏

The Power Of Mother Earth

Goddess Gaia is generally a peaceful Mother of love. Despite this, you can see her anger and frustration in earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and other violent natural phenomena. Those not caused by other nature deities. This increases with each passing year as humankind, and also sinister supernatural beings, continue to destroy her holy vessel on which we all live. Her Father has bound her to a mostly non-interference directive when it comes to human affairs. However, she does neutralize just enough various negative effects to prevent the death of Earth. Mass deforestation, pollution, and the premature extinction of animal species continues courtesy of human destruction. A price initially paid on every planet that evolves a sapient species of intelligent life!

Mother Nature Is Weakening Under The Strain Of Human Civilization

Despite her righteous rage she has never been more weakened between the devastation of her surface and the lack of worship among humans. The Earthly Nature Gods and Goddesses gain more power when human souls worship them, or even just believe in them. This belief gives them access to the enchanted metaphysical and non-corporeal energy that human souls can provide. Unfortunately, in modern times we have the lowest belief level for the nature deities since monotheism, and even atheism have become king. Thankfully Mother Earth is a primordial Goddess who has existed long before there were humans to worship her. Even if it won’t send her into a dormant state like other Gods it would help as the planet become ever more ravaged by human civilization! You can help her by simply believing she is real! Your thoughts convey the power of your soul to her!

Goddess Gaia Will Never Die Even If Earth Is Destroyed!

Gaia will never die even if the very Earth itself is destroyed!  If the planet were annihilated it’s possible she could resurrect her planetary body.  She could also possess another planet or simply move into the Heavenly dimension above to take her place as one of God’s daughters. In the end, though it’s unlikely she would allow her Afterlife plane of reality, The Paradise Plane, to perish for it’s anchored to the physical Earth. The Paradise Plane is a hauntingly beautiful haven slightly out of phase with our reality. It’s a fantasy realm for the spirits of all dead and extinct animal species. It is also the world of numerous nature deities under the guidance of Goddess Gaia. These even include former human witches. She utilized time travel to ensure all the species that died before her existence live on forever!  It’s plausible as a disembodied Goddess she could phase her metaphysical energy into a solid metaphysical matter form creating a new Super-Earth.  A planet of pure solid light energy where the immortal spirits of all life could continue onward for eternity in paradise. May everyone have an Enchanted Earth Day every day of the year!🌍 [Twitter] [#EarthDay]

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37 thoughts on “Is Goddess Gaia Mother Earth Real?

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  2. Hello Xavier. 🙂 Good morning! I’m having my coffee. Just got a new coffee maker, “The Bunn” It is the best coffee ever! Sitting her on my laptop reading your new articles. Yes I strongly believe that the Devil has been trying to trick Gaia. He may have succeeded. Or she might have just volunteered to be reborn as a human. If she’s that old and she witnessed humans falling in and out of love etc. Perhaps she was tired of being alone herself and dived straight into humanity for more fun. 😉 “Only a theory” Then she probably has amnesia and the Devil thought’ Oh’ Hey now, I can control her.. and cause natural disasters through her power. (Giving her nightmares, night after night..) She awakes to strong winds and has to calm her self down or her house is about to get blown away! As she lays in her bed staring up to her ceiling somehow she calms the wind and it was as if it were never there. I strongly believe Gaia is now in our world as a human being or hybrid. She has to be very careful about what she thinks. Even the slightest thought of a tremour will reek complete Havok upon humans and life on this planet.

    I believe the devil and demons want her to think she’s no one and that she has no power. He’s even told her that she’s his daughter. My question is, why would the gods or goddesses allow this to happen? Perhaps because they also want to control this planet and souls within it. In other words they’ve tried hard to debunk her. And love is her greatest down fall of all. Gaia wants life to flourish in peace and harmony. She don’t want destruction or anymore mind games from the Devil or gods. Just saying! Have a great week Xavier, The week has gone by so fast! I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend. 😉 I liked this and I do agree with you about the Devil creating those creatures. Gaia didn’t like it! Obviously she’s good and wants good creatures to walk upon her.

    • It’s possible for her take a human form, and still have her soul be intermixed with the planet. Just as humans exist here in biological form while our souls exist in Heaven at this moment outside of time. Since her soul, and her human form are in the same time she probably can only be conscious in one at a time. I can’t see how she’d make her power base vulnerable unless she thought she could exist in two forms at once with complete consciousness. It could be she never attempted to translate herself into a biological form, and she acquired amnesia. I wonder if she grew a new body for herself or possessed a current human?

      Many Gods, and Goddesses have never liked the fact that one Goddess rules over the entire planet. I’m sure they’d like to fill the void, and take over. If so they’ll be competing with the Devil, and his demonic minions.

    • We’re all headed to the cafeteria to have lunch. We might eat on our roof top garden since it’s such a nice warm sunny day. The colors of autumn are flourishing all around us, and the view from our roof is spectacular. Certainly Drake will be joining us since he bagged a Gnome this week, and has a fresh supply of it’s blood. Sometimes he does tricks for us like jumping off the roof. One time we had a Christmas party, and he did this whole gag where he went up to the roof, and pretended to be suicidal. It might not sound funny but he’s such a good actor he made it beyond hilarious. He ended up jumping off the roof, and landed face first into the parking lot. Once on the ground he flailed around, and did an over dramatic death scene. 🙂

      • I can’t believe Drake jumped from the roof onto that Fedex truck while screaming,”Fedex This!”. It was hilarious how the guy stops the truck, and gets out to see what was going on but Drake was hugging the roof out of his view. Then as the truck speeds away Drake stands up, and waves to us just before hopping off in front of the truck. The Fedex guy nearly had a heart attack when he hit Drake head on. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even finish my lunch. 🙂

  3. Hello Rebecca & Xavier. 🙂 I’m sorry for the late response, My entire block lost internet. Soon after I submitted my response it was gone. So strange. I love Drake’s sens of humor. 😉 I would of loved to have seen that. I wonder what a real gnome looks like? I’ve yet to see one. Are they cruel little creatures? My grandmother would make them for her garden in her ceramics class. They always portray a cute chubby lil guy. 😉 ohh well.

    As for Gaia,.. pretty freaky stuff. If it’s true then she’s in trouble as well. Getting attacked .. perhaps she’s stuck here now? I don’t have the answers. Why I come here. 🙂 Thank you for this article. Very good. I hope you all had a wonderful lunch. Sounds so beautiful. I ended up going to the Country cottage so I would have internet to call my internet provider to find out why I lost it. They said somehow the ling got cut again! But only in my block. I think that is just strange. Have a great night you two. I’ll be sending the three of you energy. Since I feel pretty energetic. 😉

    -P.S.. Drake you must do that again! Please!!! When we ever meet in person I would love to see that side of you. lol

  4. lol sorry for the very late response to this discussion. How did I ever miss it? I’ve been lost in my jacuzzi of course!!! LOL hahaha giggling. Drake you can jump right into my jacuzzi or I’ll jump into that hot spring in Mystical forest! 😉 If you need a distraction I would love to be it. You guys make me laugh. Either way.. I am here. Xavier & Rebecca have a sensual night full of passion. Drake.. I’m thinking about you. 🙂 Well if Gaia is a human .. I would have to agree with you. She needs to return soon before all hell breaks lose. But I’m sure she would like one more knight of serious passion before she return’s. 😉 lol

    • I had a dream this morning you had arrived in Woodland Springs, and I was surprised when you were at Remington Manor in the hot tub with Xavier, and Rebecca. Naturally Xavier worries about contaminating his pristine waters with clothing dyes so there’s a nudity only rule. So I undress, and just as I’m about to step in Rebecca grabs my leg causing me to fall into the water right on top of you. Then Rebecca hopped onto Xavier’s lap, and the pool party really fired up with a passion. 😉

  5. lol .. “Wouldn’t that be something?” 😉 I also enter my jacuzzi nude. Same rule applies. lol 🙂 I’m very picky about the water being clean and keeping all the right Ph levels. I could see Rebecca doing that.. lol hahaha You all have a great week. Stay sweet!

    • Yes she can be quite mischievous in a sensual manner. Just remember her teasing of Father Tom. She, and some of the others went to his church a few weeks ago, and she was at it again from what I heard. She was wearing a sheer white dress with nothing on underneath. Then after the service she “accidentally” runs into Tom, and they both fall into the baptism pool which is actually just a Jacuzzi full of holy water. Apparently as they got out he had this shocked look on his face when he was able to see all of her through her wet dress. Xavier was laughing so hard he had to go into the confessional. I’m surprised he invites us to his church all the time when things like this go on every time. 🙂

  6. Oh my god that’s soo hilarious. 😉 Rebecca you remind me of the side I won’t let out! Perhaps I have much to learn from you! 😉 Oh I’m sure Father Tom wants you back! Even if he won’t say it out loud. lol

    Last night I got a little zealous with my camera. 😉 umm I told Drake. So there’s a bit of a wild side to me as well. Perhaps when I get there it will come out some more? hahaha’.. Rebecca never change!! I’ll send you three energy tonight at 12am.. in 1 hour. Drake if u wanna send some back! Please n thank you! lol 🙂 night..

    • Goddess help me I love to tease Father Tom. His vow of celibacy is a man made rule of the Catholic Church. Other than the exorcisms, and battles against demons I like to put a little more excitement in his life. 😉

      Yes we have as much fun as we can amid the horrors of battling dangerous demonic forces of evil. I’m sure that side would come out once you’ve been among us.

      I felt the energy just as I was facing a Warlock at the local Taco Bell. They’re open until 2:00 AM, and I had an urge to run for the border. Xavier was out on Luminary Lake with Drake, and Hunter catching Luminary Lake Trout, a glowing paranormal cousin of regular Lake Trout. They glow all the colors of the rainbow, and are quite tasty. So I hop in Xavier’s Lamborghini, and blast down to the border to ring the bell. As I place my order the guy behind the counter looks scared. So scared that his pants were wet. He kept averting his eyes to the right as I asked him where the rest of the employees were. He refused to reply. I hopped over the counter as he screamed,”Stop Lady!” I get in the back, and see one guy, and a woman in Taco Bell garb tied up. A sinister 6’4″ tall guy wearing a black robe with Satanic symbols emerges, and says,”You will make a fine addition to my Dark Lords sacrifices” I then replied,”No you’ll make a fine addition to my Goddesses sacrifices!” He bellowed,”Witch!” as I rang forth the cry of “MYSTIC SPHERE!” My pink energy orb surrounded me while he exclaimed that I would now bear the brunt of his Dark Lords unholy powers. He quickly shaped a plasma ball of dark energy which appear deep violet with swirling crimson shades. He launched it at me causing my shield to waver. Clearly he was an extremely powerful master of the dark arts who kept bombarding me with destructive plasma balls. I then implored,”Fulgora I call unto thee for the power of lethiferous lights to lay waste to this wicked Warlock!” At that moment the Goddess Fulgora heard my pleas, and bolts of light blue electricity sprung forth from my fingers hitting the big bastard causing him to fly into boxes of taco shells. He wickedly wailed,”Your weak Goddess is no match for my dark devil of destruction bitch!” His eyes glowed red, and crimson energy shot my Sphere cutting into it like a laser. At the same time the lightening bolts were being stopped by an invisible shield that would glow green when hit with my power. He got up, and slowly walked toward me with his red eye beams as he formed a new plasma ball. I thought to myself,”Oh crap is this how it ends? At a Taco Bell. Why couldn’t I just have made my own tacos?”

      My Mystic Sphere began to dissipate, and my lightening stopped as I felt horribly weak. Suddenly I felt a jolt of massive energy which turned out to be yours. I reanimated my pink energy shield, and was able to make tiny spheres in my hand. He threw a plasma ball but it bounced off the sphere, and I launched a pink mini sphere at him. It engulfed him like bubble gum as I directed it to lift him in the air. He was trapped, and extremely angered calling me all manner of nasty expletives. I replied,”Yeah that’s right bastard! Witch trumps Warlock! Where’s your Dark Master now? Say you ever been in outer space?” He stopped yelling, and gave me a look of terror because he apparently knew what was coming next. I screamed,”Hecate hear me! Launch this loser to lunar heights!” The Warlock blasted through the ceiling screaming like a baby, and I never saw him again. He’s probably lying dead on the surface of the Moon. Perhaps astronauts will find him someday. The guy behind the counter let me get my own tacos free of charge while he untied the other employees. As I left I advised them that they would end up in the loony bin if they told anyone what really happened. Thanks for the energy in the nick of time Angela!

      • I’ll get the Holy Water! Looks like I’ll be paying Father Tom a surprise visit tonight. Oh whatever shall I do to him tonight? 😉

        Also if anyone is wondering why we at Mystic Investigations talk to each other on here sometimes it’s because we’ve linked out inter office instant messaging system into our website. However we usually go to the persons office, pick up the phone, or even send an email memo.

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  8. Oh I never knew their would be vampires like you and chemical, cheap vampires like them anyway thanks for checking out my comments and always it takes a real vampire to feel other’s stingy points for real. Thanks and listen to your heart for it can get you to fill yourfate of it will get you killed for real and making you regret about joining mystic investigations yourself but the chance of that would only be 75% but don’t worry those 25% would become a whole 10% (seriously I’m joking) but I hope you have a good day

  9. The rain in.Washington is poring hard and I’m thinking that the Stroms on the east coast is Gaia’s rage or the. Illuminati or any opinions?! Come on people we can’t talk about the supernatural all the time in this site, but if one of you guys believe in my opinion about this website please comment right away.. my inner self will jump if you guys respond

    • Actually we used to go weeks without replying to anyone. There’s still people from months ago we’ve never gotten to. Lately we’ve been replying quicker. We’re very busy battling the nefarious forces of doom, and have had very little sleep so yeah we’re not going to answer much. Sorry!

  10. I’m very sad for the people who were in the path of Hurricane Sandy. 🙁 I have friends and family living in NY as well. I still have not heard a word from them on facebook. I know they are without power. SO I’m trying hard not to think the worse.

  11. Oy vet I would plotz 2x if you parodied Azumanga Daioh

    Rebecca Abernathy:
    I can’t believe Drake jumped from the roof onto that Fedex truck while screaming,”Fedex This!”.It was hilarious how the guy stops the truck, and gets out to see what was going on but Drake was hugging the roof out of his view.Then as the truck speeds away Drake stands up, and waves to us just before hopping off in front of the truck.The Fedex guy nearly had a heart attack when he hit Drake head on.I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even finish my lunch.

  12. I usually don’t care much for deities, but Mother Goddess I have tremendous respect for, and seeing her withering away strikes anger inside me. I’d do anything to help Mother Goddess. 🙂

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