February 3, 2023

5 thoughts on “What Is A Demi-Mermaid?

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  2. Some information above were mentioned before,but now that everything is finally pieced together in one place, THANK YOU SO MUCH,REBECCA!

    Though,I wonder if it is possible to write something about the FOLKS of ALEXANDRIA’S GENESIS?

    For some reason,I feel like I really need to know something about these people?

  3. If a human who was a descentent of a mermaid, could they activate their genes so they would only transform half way to become a demi-mermaid or merman?

  4. I’m gonna reword my Broken English. Is it possible to magically halt the process of transforming into a merfolk, thereby becoming a Demi-Mermaid or merman?

    1. They would still be Mermaids since their DNA wouldn’t change. It’s hard to say if halting their return to the sea transformation would simply make them freaks? Their legs might have already begun to fuse into fins. They would neither be able to walk on land nor swim in the sea!

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