What Is A Demi-Mermaid?

Are Human-Mermaid Hybrids Real?
Demi-MermaidDemi-Mermaids, and Demi-Mermen, are rare but very real supernatural beings.  For the sake of consistency we’ll refer to both male, and female of the species as Mermaids.  Demi-Mermaids are Human-Mermaid Hybrids that are the product of a union between a Human, and Mermaid in human form.  When in human form Mermaids are 100% compatible with humans when it comes to mating.  The only reason Demi-Mermaids are rare is due to the fact that the odds are astronomical that a human, and mermaid would ever even meet.  Despite the odds Mystic Investigations is lucky enough to have our own Demi-Mermaid on staff in the form of me, Vice-President Rebecca Abernathy.  The information in this article comes from myself, and comparisons with others of my kind listed in the secret supernatural archives from around the world.  That being said I’m also a natural born witch but I will keep those details out of this article.  However since I’m of Mermaid lineage I seem to perform my best magic when calling upon Sea Gods, and Goddesses.

Since Mermaids are Immortal creatures it’s safe to say I’m immortal as well.  After all there’s no number between the average United States human
female lifespan of 81.2, and infinity. Of course the jury is out as to whether Immortals are only eternal at the cellular level, or will their atomic, and sub-atomic structures eventually decay after billions, or trillions of years?  As a Demi-Mermaid I’m am very beautiful, and beyond beguiling if I do say so myself. 🙂  I have auburn hair with most of us having hair in the red, or blond range.  Without trying I’m often able to bend people to my will, and when I really try there is some manner of light hypnotic power.  My Emphathic ability to sense people’s emotional states aids in this task.  Unfortunately it’s nothing on the scale of vampires compelling people. However I do possess such powers when it comes to ocean animals, and some other animals.  With most animals I can at least have a calming effect.  This is known as Faunapathy, or Zoopathy. When it comes to sea life I can directly communicate with them telepathically having simple conversations. In some cases I can vocally communicate with some mammals such as Dolphins.  When it comes to Dolphins I can duplicate their clicks, and whistles to the letter! In fact this is very close to the language of the Mermaid people.  I can also screech loudly to the point of shattering glass!  Most Mermaids have a pet Dolphin in Atlantis, and other undersea Mermaid strongholds. Regrettably the Mermaid royalty of these civilizations don’t approve of human-mermaid unions, and actively seek to take hybrids like me into custody!

Like Dolphins I have minor echolocation abilities that allow me to navigate dark spaces.  I also possess enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses.  Demi-Mermaids have superior immune systems, and almost virtually never get sick.  Certainly they cannot contract any human disease.  Rapid wound healing takes place as well especially when salt water is applied to the injury. In addition not to be too graphic but the only time I need a toilet is if I drink too much liquid.  Otherwise my body operates at 100% digestive efficiency free of waste products!  I also have no monthly ovulation cycle which brings into question whether or not I can have kids. There’s actually no record of a Demi-Mermaid giving birth.  Cryptozoologists aren’t sure why that is but it could be somewhat related to the fact that most human Immortal’s can’t have kids.

Human-Mermaid Hybrids have naturally advanced swimming, and diving skills.  Most of my kind have been known to hold their breath underwater for up to 2
hours.  Our lungs have a very minor ability to extract oxygen from water but not enough to utilize while physically active.  Still the process itself results in Demi-Mermaid blood being violet in color. We can breath water into our lungs without drowning for the same amount of time we can hold our breath. After that we go into a dormant coma like state until removed from the water.  Drowning is simply impossible for a Demi-Mermaid!  I only briefly took what appeared to be complete mermaid form once in my life when I died due to a witchcraft power overload, and was resurrected.  Otherwise I can’t will myself to grow a mermaid tail. I remain in a human form in salt water.  Although ancient texts suggest ingestion of the Mermaid parents blood would cause a temporary Mermaid form to occur. Thus far I’ve never attempted such a thing as it’s kind of disgusting!  Of course our resident Vampire Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander has ingested Mermaid blood in his distant past, and took Merman form to visit Atlantis!

As a DemiMermaid I also possess the power of  Hydrokinesis, or water manipulation
abilities.  So far I have mastered projecting, and reshaping water.  It’s much more prolific if I can touch the water in question but telepathically I can bend water to my will as well.  Various supernatural sources show that I should eventually be able to control water temperature causing it to freeze or boil. Thus far that ability is very minor. I still need to put an ice cube in my beverage.  Someday I should be able to control water vapor in the air creating clouds, and rain along with manipulating any clouds present in the sky.  Mermaid-Human hybrids usually have Hydrokinetic Sense which allows them to interpret water waves for the purpose of estimating the size, and composition of distant objects.  For instance if I was blindfolded in a swimming pool, and you place a rubber ducky in the water at the other end the minute waves sent forth would tell me what it is. When utilizing Hydrokinetic powers my eyes glow blue.

I love a variety of human food but I seem to prefer salty things the most. I’ve been known to put sea salt on sweets such as ice cream. I even drink salt water, and feel like fresh water doesn’t quench my thirst. I also have daily cravings for fresh macro-algae, especially Seaweed, and other marine vegetation I grow in my salt water aquarium.

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  2. Some information above were mentioned before,but now that everything is finally pieced together in one place, THANK YOU SO MUCH,REBECCA!

    Though,I wonder if it is possible to write something about the FOLKS of ALEXANDRIA’S GENESIS?

    For some reason,I feel like I really need to know something about these people?

  3. If a human who was a descentent of a mermaid, could they activate their genes so they would only transform half way to become a demi-mermaid or merman?

  4. I’m gonna reword my Broken English. Is it possible to magically halt the process of transforming into a merfolk, thereby becoming a Demi-Mermaid or merman?

    • They would still be Mermaids since their DNA wouldn’t change. It’s hard to say if halting their return to the sea transformation would simply make them freaks? Their legs might have already begun to fuse into fins. They would neither be able to walk on land nor swim in the sea!

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