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Mystic Investigations Team Member Profile: Robert Edmunds

Code Name: Ghost Buster
Corporate Title: CIO (Chief Investigations Officer), Chief Phantasmologist, Shareholder 2%
Profession Title: Phantasmologist, Paranormal Investigator
Supernatural ID: Human
Areas Of Expertise: Our resident ghost hunter is trained in paranormal investigations with a knowledge of parapsychology including his specialty in phantasmology or the study of supernatural apparitions which includes ghosts and poltergeists. .
Biography: Rob got involved with ghost hunting after his sister was abducted by a poltergeist which is an extremely rare occurrence.   Rob was 10 and his sister was 4.  Both of them, and their parents, went to a haunted house for some Halloween fun.  It was open 24 hours on Halloween.  Little did they, or the local VFW running the house, know that the building really was haunted. They had the misfortune of being in the house at Midnight on Halloween hoping for some good clean scary fun.  What they got was a night of horrors. Rob's family along with other guests, and several costumed employees were trapped in the house until dawn as the angry centuries old poltergeist materialized and turned the house into a maze of terrors.  Rob's sister, the youngest child in the house, was of the ultimate allure to the demonic entity due to her innocence.  She was lured to a magical mirror by an image of a lovable live action teddy bear and Rob witnessed two gruesome hands exit the mirror and pull his sister inside in a flash of sinister green light.  She was never seen again despite Priests and exorcists visiting the house.  Even various paranormal investigators, and ghost busters were unable to locate his sister or the long gone Poltergeist.

Rob himself read every book he could on non-corporeal entities and he would revisit the house trying to lure the poltergeist out.  However for whatever reason the haunting never re-appeared.  Eventually the house was torn down.  Rob still has hope that he will find his sister someday.  He feels she must still be alive in some higher dimension for if the poltergeist wanted her dead, he would have just done it in the house rather than kidnapping her.

Rob saved the mirror before the haunted house was demolished.  It is locked in a sub-basement vault at Mystic Investigations. However there's nothing abnormal about it nor does it give off any energy of any sort. Our psychic Julia Hathaway gets no abnormal vibes from it.  Our resident witch Rebecca Abernathy thinks the only way to activate the mirror is to say the right spell.  If that ever happens then we could enter, and see where it takes us.

Magical mirrors can be portholes to another mirror down the hall, to the other side of the Earth, to another planet, Universe, or dimension. Rob's sister could be anywhere. Rob says," I feel the demonic entity tried to take her to the Underworld or even Hell. However I prayed the magic of her innocence would reject her from Hell, and maybe she escaped. and made it to Heaven."

Age: 29
Vehicle: 2005 Tan Chevy Cavalier

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