Is It True At Least One Zombie Is Always Lurking Nearby?

Before you fall into a sweet secure slumber always post a wary eye toward your bedroom window. As the three branches project hypnotic shadows on your walls and ceiling, remember that virtually every community on Earth has at least one Zombie prowling the nefarious night! This is a supernatural statistic formulated by top-flight Zombification professionals. Once the Zombie Virus was released many centuries ago there was no way to put the living dead back in their graves! Despite the best efforts of Zombie Hunters around the world, there’s always one that slips past!🧟‍♂️

Thankfully, most of these lone Walking Dead don’t tend to come into contact with anyone. They’re often lost in forests, deserts, and other rural areas. Some even fall into bodies of water and bob about acting as fish and gator bait. Usually, these zombies are too weak to even catch a small animal. They eventually go dormant as they stand or lie still blending into the landscape unseen. If they manage to venture into urban areas it’s not too uncommon for rats and other vermin swarms to eat them to the point of not being a threat anymore. There is a slim chance of creating animal zombies if the right viral strain happens to be present. The greatest chance of human-zombie to animal transmission is if the animal in question has rabies.

At this moment there could be one zombie within mere miles of your current position. It will stay in the dark shadows during daylight but nighttime could see them on the move sniffing the air for the living! Hopefully, it is dormant and remains so as it rots to the point of not being mobile within 3 years or so. However, if some poor animal or human gets close enough for it to take a bite then it will reanimate. The more live flesh it partakes of, the more powerful it will become, and the longer it will last. The odds of creating new zombies exponentially increase! If you spot a staggering individual with rotting skin crossing the moonlight in front of your bedroom window don’t hesitate to call the nearest Zombie Slayer for assistance!🧟‍♀️

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