What Are Demi-Zombies?

Are Zombie-Human Hybrids Real?

Demi-Zombie’s are real supernatural beings! They are beyond rare Zombie-Human Hybrids born of unique circumstances. Demi-Zombie’s are more or less outwardly indistinguishable from humans. They have subtle gray eyes that may appear to be light blue from a distance. Their hair is gray to white in color. These Hybrids are always in good physical shape. There are only a handful of ancient anecdotes in the records kept by various secret supernatural societies telling the tales of the Demi-Zombie.

Three Known Demi-Zombies

Currently, there are only three verified Human-Zombie Hybrids existing on Earth. A supernatural criminal named Hans Blix resides in Norway when he’s not globetrotting with the forces of darkness. Then we have a female from China named Daiyu Zhang who went into hiding after the Chinese government tried to capture her for research purposes. Finally, we have Mystic Investigations resident Cryptozoologist Dr. Ashley Abercrombie who clearly fights for the forces of righteousness! It’s plausible there are more who simply are keeping a low profile.

How Are Demi-Zombies Born?

Zombie-Human Hybrids are so rare due to the astronomical odds in the placement and timing needed to create them. It requires a man to acquire the Zombie Virus and then impregnate a woman while within the short asymptomatic stage. This can vary greatly depending on the person and the Zombie Viral strain. Naturally, the supernatural virus needs to be at the point where DNA is first altered so those Zombified genes are passed on to the conceived baby. At the same time, the father needs to still be living rather than living dead. Clearly with his faculties about him so he’s not a mindless meat-eating machine! It’s an extremely tight window of opportunity.

Only A Human Can Carry A Demi-Zombie Baby To Term

Obviously, a woman who gets infected can’t pull this off as the conception would fail once she turned into a Zombie. A pregnancy simply can’t occur in the Walking Dead body. Thankfully, the human mother who carries the Demi-Zombie to term doesn’t acquire the Zombie Virus. Nor does she suffer from any ill effects. In fact, the mainstream medical establishment would assume it was a perfectly healthy pregnancy. The mother temporarily carries some Demi-Zombie antibodies and enzymes making breast milk the ideal fuel. The child tends to wean on to meat rather quickly while rejecting other foods.

What Are The Supernatural Traits Of A Demi-Zombie?

Demi-Zombies have superhuman strength, speed, agility, and senses (especially smell) to varying degrees. This is courtesy of the supernatural zombie being in balance with the human half thereby creating a superhuman. The Zombie Virus is mostly dormant in these beings but there is still a remote chance of passing it on through the exchange of bodily fluids. Some say the cure for the Zombie Virus lies in the locked secrets of the blood and DNA of the Demi-Zombie.

Playing Dead Like A Dog

These Hybrids also have the ability to self-resurrect from virtually any type of death except incineration and beheading. They can also “play dead” for a short period of time by halting their heartbeat and respiration. They could easily be declared clinically dead by any competent medical professional. It is unknown if Demi-Zombies are immortal. It’s plausible they live much longer than humans but eventually age into a zombie state rotting to death. There is also no data on their ability to procreate.

The Intelligent Carnivore

Interestingly enough, these Hybrids are usually very intelligent despite the Zombies reputation as a mindless cannibal. These paranormal powers are further enhanced by eating meat. Raw being the preferred fuel for these natural-born Carnivores. It is especially essential for their notoriously slow wound healing. In times of anger, stress, and other heightened emotional states they begin to feel the urge to eat other humans. They can deal with this through meditation or hypnosis to quell urges. If they give in to these emotions they can go “Full Zombie” and temporarily appear to be a member of the living dead.

When A Demi-Zombie Goes Full Zombie!

When a Walking Dead Hybrid loses it their human mind shuts off. They become a violent animal rabid for fresh human flesh! Their gray eyes often turn silver to the point of eerily reflecting any environmental light. Any hair dye wears away quickly to reveal gray to white hair. Going cannibal causes them to stay in the zombie state with the possibility of never snapping out of it if they continue to eat humans. Research is inconclusive but it’s thought at some point this leads to full zombiehood as necrosis sets in. This signals their inevitable death within a handful of years! If they don’t consume human flesh then they snap out of full zombie mode within seconds or minutes at the most. Within Zombie mode they can actively pass on the Zombie Virus to others thus creating new Living Dead. They are also susceptible to known Zombie Repellents more so than they are in their more human-like state.

Supernatural Stories Featuring Our Resident Demi-Zombie Ashley Abercrombie

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    • Ancient records mentioning others of my kind indicate they ate human flesh as a means to prevent aging, heal faster, and increase their strength. However it fuels further violent cannibalistic urges, and lowers intelligence along with human emotion. I simply refuse to do that because the negatives far outweigh the benefits for me personally.

  2. Can’t Ashley use “mind over matter” to fully control her zombie virus? Since she’s immortal by default, she only need to counter the aging-process and healing factor…

    • Unfortunately I don’t have such amazing mind over matter abilities. Rebecca Abernathy’s magic aids in healing when I need it. I’m confident the aging process will be managed through magic, and/or technology. We’ve had a few powerful psychics, including our own Julia Hathaway, getting visions of our entire team existing at least 1000 years from now traveling about the galaxies fighting supernatural crime!

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