March 27, 2023

6 thoughts on “What Are Demi-Zombies?

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    1. Ancient records mentioning others of my kind indicate they ate human flesh as a means to prevent aging, heal faster, and increase their strength. However it fuels further violent cannibalistic urges, and lowers intelligence along with human emotion. I simply refuse to do that because the negatives far outweigh the benefits for me personally.

  2. Can’t Ashley use “mind over matter” to fully control her zombie virus? Since she’s immortal by default, she only need to counter the aging-process and healing factor…

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have such amazing mind over matter abilities. Rebecca Abernathy’s magic aids in healing when I need it. I’m confident the aging process will be managed through magic, and/or technology. We’ve had a few powerful psychics, including our own Julia Hathaway, getting visions of our entire team existing at least 1000 years from now traveling about the galaxies fighting supernatural crime!

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