What Paranormal Power Does Holy Water Have?

Holy Water is a common religious artifact utilized in the art of soul cleansing, possible healing powers along with blessing people or objects. It is even more known for repelling and even destroying supernatural beings of a demonic nature. Water itself is the Universal conduit for cleansing, power, and communication so it stands to reason it is the perfect portable substance in the fight against the denizens of darkness. The blessing of any water by a Priest, or equivalent, of any religion whose motives are good will create holy water. This blessing in the name of the God(s) or Goddesses(s) the Priest worships imbues the water with magical protective and repellent properties.  In that way it’s a spell. This is most certainly the case when it applies to religions such as Wicca.

The paranormal properties of these wondrous waters may be used in the battle against a variety of dark beings. Although, they are deemed most effective against those with demonic DNA or a demonic spirit dwelling within. This is due to the fact that demons are the source of unholy metaphysical energy and anything holy can act as an anti-power against them to some extent. Certainly these blasphemous beings were the first ones to taint Mother Nature’s originally pure holy waters. Past enchanted energies often become trapped in certain bodies of water in what are considered holy lands. Especially places where holy blood was spilled. Blessing such waters can provide an extra kick to ones holy water!

The Paranormal Power Of Blessed Waters

Water may not hold the same supernatural sway as a cross, crucifix, or even a Bible but it does have the ability to be sprayed, and launched forth drench monsters, objects, or a large expansive area. This is a necessity when dealing with haunted houses, demon possessed humans, vicious Vampires and ferocious Werewolves!  This paranormal power isn’t always necessarily rendered from the God(s) or Goddesses(s) in question. It’s heavily based on the number of people who believe in the religion. This is why Christian, Catholic in particular, generally supplies the most powerful Holy Water due to so many believing in the religion. It’s also no coincidence they’re the heaviest into demon exorcism. The human collective consciousness is one of the most powerful magical forces in all the Universe. Despite that a powerful Priest with complete belief in their ability to bless, and wield holy water is needed. Otherwise the water will have very little effect on evil entities!

Various holy places, such as The Vatican, have natural holy water. Any precipitation, or standing water on the premises is considered holy. Although when touched by unblessed hands or feet it will lose its power before recharging. Saint Nicholas’s North Pole City and any water blessed by the Demi-Angel is the most potent on the planet! If you can manage to find an Angel to bless your water then you got some nuclear level supernatural weaponry at your disposal! Technically, if the hidden Garden Of Eden could be found, then it would contain the holiest water on Earth. This location is Goddess Gaia Mother Earth’s most sacred location blessed directly by her along with connecting to the paranormal Paradise Plane. In addition it’s said that the dew of a rainbow is holy because the water is running though its blessed light full of good luck. This even more true when a Leprechauns pot of gold is at the end, a Unicorn is riding the rainbow or Rainbow deities are afoot.

Does Holy Water Have An Expiration Date?

If holy water is kept supernaturally sealed then it will last for all eternity. However if the container it is housed in isn’t air tight, or is opened for occasional use, then it will eventually run out of supernatural steam. This will also eventually occur after the priest, or other holy individual, who blessed it dies. The blessing utilizes their soul as a conduit between the holy spirits of Gods and the human collective consciousness. Once their soul is no longer on Earth the holy connection is broken and the water will deteriorate to neutral status within days or weeks at the most. Always be aware of the living status of the one who creates your holy water if the bottle has been opened! Otherwise the holy water will continue to endure if the seal is perpetually maintained.

The Ancient Holy Waters Of Enydro Agate

Enhydro Agate is a stone or crystal with ancient waters trapped within. This pristine water is over millions of years old! It is considered naturally holy and blessed by Goddess Gaia Mother Earth herself. It has a direct spiritual connection with her spirit that is the soul of this Earth. The stone and its waters can provide you with great wisdom, strength and inner peace! It’s wondrous waters beckon back to a time before any evil touched our sainted Earth. Blessing the stone or its waters would actually make it less holy as it lies in consecrated perfection.

The crystal itself can be used to repel any number of evil entities and has been known to be used in protection spells. If the rock is broken to access the water then it must be used within minutes as its holy state will degrade quickly. In fact, it will be useless within an hour or two! If utilized instantly it is said the holy water can instantly disintegrate virtually any dark supernatural being instantly! This includes Demi-Demons, First Generation Vampires, Werewolves and other denizens of darkness. It’s unknown to what extent it could harm a biological form demon. However, it’s a fair bet they will head for the unholy hills of hell!

What Is Unholy Water?

The opposite of Holy Water is Unholy Water. These are dark waters of damnation tainted by evil entities. The blasphemous water is blessed by dark priests or various practitioners of magic who practice black magic. The blessing is generally in the name of the Devil, another Demon, or an Underworld God. These wayward waters can sometimes undue blessings and actually repel some paranormal beings of the light. Unholy Water may even make some people sick both physically and mentally! Certainly on a spiritual level as it taints ones very soul while sapping ones metaphysical energy away. Such paranormal power is seen if one is tricked into drinking the vile substance. The most potent Unholy Water will appear black, glowing violet or disturbingly surreal in some way. Sometimes this has to be hidden through Glamour Spells so it looks like normal water. Top flight Unholy Water can actually act as a flame and light a candle!

Thankfully, outside of ingestion the dark waters are far less effective than holy water since so few humans believe in the dark cults of the sinister shadows. Although enough believe the Devil is a dangerous force so this imbues the water with certain powers under the right circumstances! Often dark covens or groups of perplexing priests will bless the water unholy together rather than the usual one priest of Holy Water. Sometimes they bathe in it for dark baptismal’s as they mix the water with the blood of innocent sacrifices! It’s even said vampires will gladly drink it if no blood is available! Even without the benefit of the mass human collective consciousness believing in a given dark deity there is still the potential for great danger in these seriously infested waters. The ones blessing it along with the dark energy channeled from the demon or deity can make a world of difference! The deadliest of dark waters would come from a Dark God, Demon or Demi-Demon, like the Anti-Claus, directly blessing the unholy liquid!😈

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