What Is Hydrokinesis?

Hydrokinesis PowersHydrokinesis, aka Aquakinesis, is a paranormal psychokinetic super power that grants one the psychic ability to manipulate water to varying degrees.  More precisely Hydrokineticist’s have the mental capacity to alter water at the molecular level.  They directly bend the sea of H2O molecules in any given body of water to their will.  A certain part of their mind can vibrate at the same frequency as the H2O molecule making pure thought contact with it.  Hydrokinesis is one of the most common PSI powers due to the large amount of water contained in the human body.  As with most PSI powers it originates in a persons DNA.  A specific supernatural DNA that has a vibrational frequency similar to water, and grants them a oneness with this Earthly substance.  All humans possess the wide span of psychic powers in a latent junk DNA form due to their status as Animal-God Hybrids courtesy of their ascended higher dimensional souls. Unfortunately for most humans the manifestation of such powers is too minute to even notice.

Those first manifesting Hydrokinetic powers may sweat profusely, or never sweat at all as they unknowingly manipulate the water within their own body. They will also notice discomfort temperature, and humidity wise due to either repelling, or drawing air moisture to their skin.  Later to the entire room they’re in.  Directing water in it’s gaseous stream, or water vapor, form is the easiest level of Aquakinesis. They will finally witness their power directly when they’re able to cause ripples in bodies of water working toward the goal of liquid water sculpting, and direction to different locations. Levitation of water can lead to more advanced general levitation, and telekinetic powers if their genetics allow for that.  Solid ice manipulation is seen in moderate to advanced users.  The most amazing Aquakinetic artists can actually carve a swan, or any other sculpture from ice via their mind.  Ultimately Hydrokinesis can be a setting stone power to even greater paranormal abilities.

Advanced Hydrokinetic masters will also gain the power to alter the temperature of water by dictating the movement of the H2O molecules.  Speeding them up to create hotter water that boils, and turns to stream.  Slowing down the molecules to cause colder water, and eventually ice. The can eventually lead to Leptokinesis, or Molecukinesis, which is the general manipulation of all molecules whether they’re H2O, or not.

The most advanced Aquakinetic Masters can actually create water out of thin air by willing two atoms of Hydrogen to covalently bond with one atom of Oxygen repeatedly until they have a observable quantity of water.  They can extract said atoms from any source there is.  This is a far greater power than actually extracting water vapor from the air, and surrounding environment to create a concentration of water.  Achievement of such atomic manipulation gives one a stepping stone into the power of Atomkinesis, or the manipulation of general matter itself.  Reaching such a level of power is dependent on the nature of ones supernatural genes, commitment to their craft, time spent practicing, access to top flight mentors, and any possible magic in play.

Clearly those with high level Hydrokinetic powers can go beyond pure sources of water, and may include anything with water in it.  This includes the human body which is at least 50% or more water.  A master of water manipulation could easily injure, or kill someone by boiling the water in a persons body, or freezing it!  Some also affect ever larger portions of the environment around them until they can actually manipulate the weather, aka Atmokinesis, or Meteorokinesis.  Even with a minor ability the Butterfly Effect could eventually lead to the formation of a thunderstorm, tornado, or even a hurricane.

Those with Aquakinetic abilities may be able to taste a sample of water, and tell you where Mermaid Princessit came from along with what else might be in it.  Some can even have psychic abilities, and manifest visions of anyone who came in contact with said water.  It’s not unheard of for groups of Hydrokineticist’s to keep in contact with each other by using the Earth’s bodies of water as a communications conduit.  Someone on the east coast of the US dips their hand in the Atlantic Ocean while someone in the UK does the same.  Instantly they are in telepathic communication with each other! Those with this aspect of the Aquakinetic ability are some of the rare humans who make contact with Mermaids in the sea.  They may even be invited for a beach meeting with a Mermaid, or a coveted invite to Atlantis.  There are even rumors of special humans being transformed into Mermaids!

The one supernatural species on Earth born with Hydrokinetic powers are Mermaids, and Merman.  Naturally spending their entire life under water makes them completely in tune with H2O, and masters of the water manipulation craft.  There’s also the power boost of magic when one calls upon the Sea Gods, and Goddesses.  Mermaids are powerful creatures but without natural Hydrokinesis they would not be able to withstand immense deep sea pressures 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  Newborn Mermaid babies give off a natural automatic Hydrokinetic aura that acts as a shield to neutralize deadly water pressure.

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