December 8, 2022

3 thoughts on “What Is Hydrokinesis?

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  2. Hi Rebecca, I love this subject and have been practicing, was looking to make a drive over to your town, I am a le cordon Bleu graduate and would like to talk to the lady that owns the café, I am an old Alchemist/sorcerer myself. I tried google maps but you all do not exist…can you help me out with some directions?

    1. Since Woodland Springs is a supernatural hot spot the government actively works to hide it from the general populace, and makes sure it’s struck from every map. We also found out in recent years that our website radiates to the Internets of parallel Universes for reasons not fully understood. We directed one of our long term users to our location in Colorado, and they found nothing but empty land. If you were coming from the east then you’d pass through Steamboat Springs, Colorado on US Highway 40. The point at which the Yampa River goes North of 40 is where we are. If you keep going to the point where the river crosses back south of 40 as your pass through Hayden, Colorado you passed us up. If you didn’t see a town then you’re in a parallel Universe.

      1. oh wow…gotcha…thanks,. As soon as I can get a job somewhere there I will definitely seek you all out. If any positions become available please let me know. I love to travel. So Im open to learn and experience new things

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