The little people of Ireland known as Leprechauns are the premier purveyors of good luck on Earth! They evolved enchantingly from the Elf line of nature deities that served as the ground workers of the Gods. It’s said their evolution involves supernatural genetic mixing with Fairies who dabbled in Luck Manipulation. In ancient times they became shoemakers to aid humankind during the era when shoes were expensive and difficult to make. It’s said they earned quite a bit of their infamous gold from this endeavor. However, much of that work was charitable in order to aid humans. The bulk of their glorious gold came from mining in Ireland at the Luck Chakra of Goddess Gaia Mother Earth. Eventually, they saw a dire need to harness The Spirit Of Good Luck on our Earth. The pots of gold they hide at the end of rainbows are the conduit for said luck. In later centuries Saint Patrick, the patron angel saint of Ireland, stepped in to take charge and aid Leprechauns in spreading fantastic fortune around the world.🍀

By Xavier Remington

End Of The Rainbow Leprechauns Gold Mug [Ad]

End Of The Rainbow Leprechauns Gold Mug