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Mystic Investigations Team Member Profile: Julia Hathaway

Code Name: Ghost Whisperer
Corporate Title: Associate Vice-President, Human Resources Officer, Chief Parapsychologist, 3% Shareholder.
Profession Title: Parapsychologist 
Supernatural ID: Human Psychic with paranormal
Areas Of Expertise: Parapsychology, Paranormal communications, the afterlife, and psychic abilities. 
Lineage: Human  
Biography: Mother became a psychic after she was struck by lightening while pregnant with Julia.  Somehow this mystic strike of lightening imbued Julia with even more powers which are displayed below.  Powers that she tried to hide as a child except when assisting her mother in contacting the dead as a professional medium which was her after school job.  Speaking to the dead and communicating with ghosts was her first introduction with the supernatural.  She had no idea other beings existed until one fateful night..

Julia came off as being weird sometimes and a group of mean girls would torment her in high school.  One night at a slumber party the impressionable teenage girls invited a handsome stranger into their house.  They had assumed the handsome young man was in college and knew kids at the school because he was always hanging around after dark school sporting events.  He seemed to have mental control over the girls and began seducing them all at once.  All the sudden his eyes glowed and he sprouted fangs.  He was in fact a vampire, and he bit into one of the girls as the others screamed in terror.  He had them locked in a room and there was no escape as the blood sucker set his sights on all of them.  Luckily Julia had been jealous and had been peeping in the window at the slumber party.  She couldn't believe her eyes as she realized that vampires were real.  She bravely summoned her telekinetic powers and blasted the glass from the window and then tossed the vampire against the wall.  He got up quickly and growled at her while trying to hypnotize her.  To bad for him her mind could not be controlled.  She continued to use her powers to keep him at bay while the girls climbed out the window.  Since she was young and her powers weren't at full strength she tired quickly and the vampire got hold of her.

As he was about to sink his teeth into her she got a vision of the future where she knew a vampire named Drake Alexander, Senior Vice-President at Mystic Investigations.  She then called out to him telepathically. Drake himself got a vision years before about a teenage girl being attacked by a young looking vampire.  A vampire regrettably created by Enheduanna, Drake's vampire mother.  She sent out an order to all her vampire creations to eradicate the wretched vampire known as Damon.  He was known to be reckless in his blood lust filled mass serial killings that only served to bring attention to vampires and would have eventually exposed them to the world.  Drake kicked open the door to the room at the last possible second saving Julia from death.  Drake snapped Damon's neck instantly, and then plunged his hand through his chest and snatched out his heart.  Then Damon and his heart burst into pure black unholy flames.  Drake kept in touch every so often after that.  From that point on Julia became good friends with the mean girls.

She spent most of her time communicating with the dead on behalf of living relatives along with helping lost souls move on from their ghost form.  Julia even dealt with a few poltergeists as well.  However every so often she'd run across a vampire, werewolf, or some form of evil paranormal beast saving someone thanks to her precognitive visions

Julia has a special room, complete with crystal ball, just off the lobby at Mystic Investigations headquarters where she offers psychic services.

Powers: Various psychic powers to varying degrees including Mediumship, Extrasensory Perception, Precognition, telekinesis, and limited Astral Projection ability while in a deep REM dream state.  Limited levitation powers by utilizing telekinesis on herself.  Offers services such as psychic readings, astrology, tarot cards, Chakra toning, and aligning, energy balancing, palm, and crystal readings, and teaching meditation.
Age: 33
Vehicle: 2007 Red Chevy Corvette Convertible

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