The Mystical Forest

The Mystical Forest is a large densely wooded area teaming with supernatural activity. It’s made up of mostly coniferous evergreen trees although there are sizable groves of deciduous trees in certain areas of the forest. It is home to various forces of good and evil. The Comanche Indians considered it a sacred place for centuries and a small tribe of Comanche still lives there hidden from the world since the 1800’s. It is home to the legendary Griggs Mansion and our very own Drake Alexander. The Dark Church Of Evil also resides within the Mystical Forest within an area that is perpetually Autumn all year round. The very church where we confronted a coven of dark witches on Halloween 2010. At the very center of the forest, a mystical energy force called The Mystical Heart. Although it is interesting that it’s impossible to actually get to the center of the forest as calculated on a map even using GPS. The GPS mysteriously slips over the area that should be the center of the forest. The magical energy is thought to power the mystical nature of the forest.

The Supernatural Forest

Some areas of the forest remain summer like in the dead of winter supposedly due to the hot springs. The densest of these areas is at the center of the forest growing around The Mystical Heart where at least one Sasquatch has been spotted. One small area is perpetually in a winter state for unknown reasons and it is believed that an Abominable Snowman aka Yeti and perhaps some banished North Pole Elves live there. Always below freezing with no foliage growth except for evergreens. Another recently discovered area is perpetually spring with many flowering trees. People who have roamed off the roads and marked paths have been known to disappear and never be seen again.

The Mystical Heart Of The Fantastical Forest

There have been rumors that a rare few over the centuries have found the Mystical Heart. The only known case is when our very own white witch Rebecca Abernathy magically located it in order to gain immense powers after Mystic Investigations team members, including Xavier Remington, were kidnapped by extraterrestrials. She temporarily had enough mystical powers to take on an entire flying saucer full of aliens, and even fly to the Moon, and back. Unfortunately, the power eventually overwhelmed her, and she died. Thankfully she was resurrected shortly thereafter. Afterward, she couldn’t locate the Heart Of The Mystical Forest again.

The forest is home to Waverly’s Winter Wonderland Cafe run by a Warlock Elf in the Woods Of Everlasting Winter.

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