The Origins, History & Powers Of The Sirens Of The Sea

The Merfolk commonly known as Mermaids or Mermen, are supernatural mammals who appear human from the waist up and fish like from the waist down. The fish half can vary in color among Mermaids, and can include crimson, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The upper echelon royal Mermaids have a metallic gold looking color. Royals beneath them will be blue or violet in color. Mermaids could be classified as superhuman mammals since their fish half is genetically similar to a dolphin but there are other components to their unique paranormal biological as well. Incidentally mermaids have the closest kinship with dolphins who they keep as beloved family pets. Mermaids live primarily under the surface of the sea able to breathe oxygen from the water through their special lungs. They can talk underwater although they more than often speak telepathically with each other.

Mermaids are immortal creatures whose sustenance comes from a mystical form of shimmering sea kelp although they do consume other plant life and fish as well. It’s not uncommon for mermaids to hunt sharks for feasts of celebration. These superhuman aquatic entities evolved from an ancestor common to humans but with latent dolphin like DNA that was supernaturally activated by an ancient wizard on the lost continent of Atlantis formally located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This DNA is rumored to be alien in nature from a long gone under sea civilization on the planet Gliese 581d some 20 light years away. It was thought that a crew of these aliens were on there way to Earth to explore when their civilization was destroyed. Once here there weren’t enough of them to properly propagate their species so they mixed their DNA with a group of humans that became the Atlanteans. It’s also been said all of this occurred with the blessing of the Sea Gods, and Goddesses who had a hand in creating Mermaids as well.

The Island continent of Atlantis not only developed fabulous technology, possibly originating from Gliese 581g alien technology, far in advance of its time but was also in touch with the supernatural world. A wizard named Mermis foretold the end of Atlantis but few heeded his warnings. His most loyal of followers choose to have their fish-like genes activated and imbued with supernatural powers via the help of other worldly forces. When Atlantis sank into the North Atlantic Ocean around 9400 BC, the mermaids were the only ones to survive with Mermis being their King after he underwent his own transformation. They rebuilt Atlantis as a magnificent mystical mermaid metropolis deep beneath the ocean where most of the mermaids live today.

There are other populations in the South Atlantic, South Pacific and Indian oceans as well. The main difference between the various populations is their allegiance to Sea Gods. Atlantis has always had allegiance to the Greek God of the sea Poseidon and his wife Goddess Amphitrite. The South Atlantic populace called, Neptunus, left Atlantis a long time ago because they believed in the superiority of the roman God Neptune. The Indian Ocean mermaids were originally Atlantean explorers and eventually decided to form their own civilization called Mystic Seas. There’s also an island nearby called Mystic Springs where Mermaids live in permanent human form. That area of the ocean floor was teaming with mystical sea life and is the antipode of Woodland Springs, Colorado (a town teaming with paranormal activity). They are allied with the Hindu sea God Varuna.

The South Pacific Ocean populace was sanctioned by Atlantis to claim the Pacific in their name but they instead set up their own independent city called Pacifica. They worship the Polynesian Sea God Tangaroa. There is also rumored to be a small civilization in the Mediterranean Sea called Oceanus which is rumored to be the original under sea base of the Gliese 581d mermaid aliens. That would in fact make it the oldest mermaid civilization on Earth. Oceanus was the Greek God of all oceans even before Poseidon. The knowledge of Oceanus may in fact have been brought here by the aliens who worshiped him as well. This would make him not simply an Earthly God but a Galactic God who presides over the oceans of many worlds and cultures throughout the Galaxy.

Mermaids immortal powers include super strength. They have been known to wrestle with ferocious sharks although their telepathic connections with sea creatures makes this unnecessary. They do, however, refrain from using such mental powers when going on a ritualistic hunt for sharks with tridents. They can super speed swim through the ocean at up to 66 mph which is almost as fast as the Sailfish. They also have hypnotic abilities that allows them to lull some humans into a submissive state. They are not invulnerable to injury but can withstand a lot of damage and will rapidly heal. There is not enough data to determine power stats of a mermaid who takes human form. Although it’s known they have slightly enhanced supernatural abilities.

Unfortunately, they cannot procreate in their natural fish like state as they have no genitals. They must mate by leaving the sea together. Since their sex drive is very low this doesn’t happen often so the mermaid population has stayed relatively small despite their immortality. This has the added advantage of lessening the risk of their detection by the human world. If you ever happen upon a deserted beach on a full moon and catch a couple having sex they just might be a couple of mermaids. Also mermaids can mate with humans and procreate although this is a frowned upon as taboo in the mermaid community. The offspring of a human impregnated mermaid will be born mermaid but have the ability to leave the sea and transform human legs at will. The offspring of a mermaid impregnated human would be born human but have the ability to take mermaid form at will once they enter sea water.

A mermaids tail transforms into human legs, feet, genitals, etc when they leave the sea and bask in the light of the full moon at the stroke of midnight. It must be a complete 100% full moon with no cloud obstruction. At the stroke of midnight on the night of the new moon they will revert back. During that time if their legs come in contact with sea water then they will revert back temporarily until their tail is completely dry again. They may return to human form on the next full moon. Legend also has it that they can stay in human form permanently if the full moon falls on Halloween. Although they will loose their immortality and mystical powers becoming a full human with slightly enhanced physical abilities and senses. However it is said that magic can reverse their human form permanently or temporarily. Those who become human and procreate with a human create a human who can only transform into a mermaid through magic.

Mystic Investigations very own Rebecca Abernathy is half Mermaid, and comes from a long line of Mermaid Witches, and Princesses. Her mother is a Mermaid princess witch who married a human, and is currently hiding out from the disapproving Mermaid royals of Atlantis.

The Ancient Ruins Of Old Atlantis Somewhere Near The Great Mermaid City Of New Atlantis Which is Usually Just Called Atlantis.

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