February 3, 2023

7 thoughts on “What is A Fairy?

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    1. The author of the Fairy book Brian Froud has secretly stated to members of the real supernatural community that he came across a rare Faeriemancer, supposedly named Frankfurter Finkelstein, while researching his book in the Scottish Galloway Forest Park. The diabolical Faeriemancer was proud to show off his macabre, and blasphemous collection of dead Fairies. Apparently Finkelstein was born with a psychokinetic talent to control, and hypnotize Fairies as opposed to learning the Faeriemancing Magicals Arts. He said he noticed his powers increase when he ate the Fairies alive. However the power was too immense to withstand more than once a week. The Faeriemancer Finkelstein is the most wanted person in the worldwide Faerie Community. Despite the differences between various Fairy Factions they all agree that Finkelstein must die! Finkelstein is a known associate of the Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo, current King Of Hell, and his former apprentice the Sorcerer Brimstone.

  2. What are the powers of Fairy-Human Hybrids? Also assuming that a Fairy-Human Hybrid came across a Faeriemancer, would the Human Half keep them from being able to be hypnotized?

    1. They’d have less energized versions of most, if not all, Fairy powers. They wouldn’t gain wings to fly but their kinship with fairies would allow for the collection of enough fairy dust to fly every so often. Hypnosis depends on the power of the Faeriemancer, and the will of the human half of the Hybrid. Probably a 50% chance.

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