What Are Holiday Spirits?

Most people only hear about the Spirit Of Christmas, and think it merely means a positive state of mind. However, it is in fact an enchanted entity that every holiday has. A sub-consciousness like Spirit courtesy of the Human Collective Consciousness which is a Spirit all its own. These Spirits are not conscious self-aware beings and only act as conduits for specific types of metaphysical energy that interact with other non-aware Spirits, humans, and supernatural beings around the world. Although, there is speculation that there may be a point in the future where a powerful enough spirit could attain an independent conscious state.

It turns out that both the forces of good and evil saw the potential of power in the Human Collective Consciousness even back in ancient times. The HCC is a spiritual network of everyone’s minds inadvertently neural networking at a deep sub-conscious level. Something that occurs among common biological species and even at a deeper level with all life on Earth via the grand Goddess Gaia Mother Earth. Holiday celebrations were a great way to get everyone into a common frame of positive feelings to bolster their collective minds into a energized spirit that in turn further put them in said holidays spirit. The most powerful of Spirits depend on a holiday leader channeling and concentrating enchanted energies into the Spirit and its global metaphysical distribution. Naturally, The Spirit Of Christmas is not only the most powerful due to the holidays mass popularity but also because of its Demi-Angel leader Santa Claus.

These Holiday Spirits energize the human spirit and work toward bringing peace to humankind. In addition, various supernatural beings and Practitioners Of Magic tap into this paranormal power to battle the forces of darkness. However, the forces of evil attempt to warp the power in their favor to fight back. Unfortunately, for them it is difficult to get a full fledged evil holiday going. The closest they come is Halloween because it is a holiday of balance between the light and the dark. The appearance of darkness sewn merrily into frightful fun. Otherwise they simply twist their misguided minds into low level Anti-Holidays like the Anti-Claus and his Dark Christmas.

It’s the Holiday Spirits that favor the side of goodness that keep the full brunt of evil entities at bay on Earth. Especially since they have all manner of demonic support as opposed to Angels who have a general non-intervention policy when it comes to human affairs. In the greater Universe it seems there is a balance between good and evil that is essential to the survival of our reality. Apparently too much paradise can be just as bad as too much hell. Who knew?!?

So remember that holidays aren’t just for fun, treats, and gifts. The excitement you feel in celebrating holidays fuels their Spirits which in turn fuels your soul. This makes you feel even more happy and at peace! This is even more so if you go out of your way to spread good holiday cheer to as large a number of people as possible. The Karma of your alluring actions will come back to you every time!

An Partial List Of Holiday Spirits In Order Of Strength

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